Sharing Quilt Projects #24

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I have no idea why I haven’t done a Sharing Quilt Projects post in so long! I have all kinds of photos of quilt projects that many of you have sent me and also your pets. For some reason, I only have dogs to share in this post but I would love to see your other pets!

My Quilting

I’m getting back into the swing of things after our move. I even finished 3 different quilts last week and I’ll be sharing one of them soon. It feels good to get quilting again! Mr. Mickey is sitting on the pieces leftover from trimming the finished quilt. The backing fabric actually belonged to my mom from when she did craft shows so it is an oldie!

Mickey the dog and quilt scraps

Our new deck!

Bob has turned into Builder Bob again and is building us a new deck! It is 16′ x 16′ and will be perfect! The steps were put on today and now it is time to start on the handrails. Our last deck was composite but we decided to go back to wood. One of the reasons was cost.

I have no idea what I’m doing but I look happy! We have to keep Mr. Mickey on a leash as he doesn’t seem to realize how far off the ground we are.

New deck and me on it

Quilt Projects Shared With Me

It is always so much fun to see all of the beautiful quilt projects that you are making! I have all kinds of beautiful quilt projects to share with you this time and I’m sure you’ll find something you can’t wait to make!

Box Quilt Block Pillow

Pillows are always a fun quilt project to make! Deb shared her beautiful piece which will be a Box quilt block pillow and then she used the leftover pieces to make a precious trinket box!

Box Block for pillow and trinket box

River Scraps

Sharon shared the beautiful baby quilt that she made for her 3-year-old grandson. She also put flannel on the back which makes a soft quilt. The River Scraps quilt is a great way to use up your scraps.

River Scraps quilt

Mini Disappearing 9-Patch

Karla made this neat mini disappearing 9-patch using my easy quilt tutorial, I really like the colors and see having this out for the Christmas holidays too!

Disappearing 9-patch mini

QAYG Placemats

Julia made a set of beautiful quilt-as-you-go (QAYG) placemats. They are always fun to make!

Quilt as you go placemats by Julia


I always enjoy seeing someone make my Scattered quilt. Ruth did something really neat! I’ll let her tell you what she did.

I made it using many different fabrics of our collage alma mater( Michigan State).  I thought it would make  a great quilt for a guy and did it for my husband for Christmas. I know nearly every school has fabric with their colors, mascots ,etc and thought someone else might like this idea.

Scattered quilt with Michigan State fabrics
Close up of fabrics used in Scattered quilt.

Rainbow Rail Fence

Carrie created this beautiful quilt using a panel and my Rainbow Rail Fence quilt block. She made this for a customer and added some sashing to get all the blocks to fit around the center!

Rail Fence quilt blocks around a quilt panel

Sharing Pets

I love seeing photos of other quilter’s pets!

Miss Buffington

Jeanette sent this sweet photo of Miss Buffington who is 15 years old. She has a heart murmur but fortunately doesn’t have to take meds for it.

Miss Buffingon


Carol-Anne sent a photo of Ghost, what a perfect name! It is cold in Australia now so he likes to sit by the heater.

Ghost sitting by the heater


Deuce is Diana’s sweet little companion, he likes to lay by her when she quilts and follows her everywhere.

little dog on the floor


Chris lives in South Australia with sweet little Milo who is 15 years old! He always goes on holiday with her. Lucky dog!

Milo the dog

Thank you everyone for sharing your quilt projects made with my tutorials and patterns and also sharing your pets! I’ll have more to share soon!

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Happy Birthday Connie. I wish you many more. Enjoy the Lobster. I love seeing pics with Rusty.

  2. Hello Connie ,love seeing all the great patterns, And hearing about your little sweet dog she’s so cute,Hope she is doing better,Like your sewing room and new deckand looking at all the things you make. all them so nice, havea great day . charles zook (mary zook) Iam on my husband email.

  3. Hello Connie ,Just love seeing how your doing with your little puppy, She is so cute and seems to be your baby, Sure hope she is doing okay,Enjoy reading about your new house and love the sewing room and i look at all your patterns Been embroidery lately and want to get ack to making table runners have a nice day. charles zook( wife mary zook) i have your email in my husbands email.Keep up the nice things you do.

  4. Looking good with the deck and you do look Happy and that is wonderful.
    Glad everything is going well. Love You Barb😊♥️

  5. Mary Jane says:

    So glad Mr. Mickey is feeling better!
    Also, I was so pleased to see one of your great projects using Michigan State University fabric. It brought back so many memories of the years my hubby and I spent as undergraduate and graduate students there in the 1960s. How long ago was that?! I also love seeing the progress on your new home. I know you will enjoy it for years to come.

  6. Love the sharing! My daughter went to Mich. also! And the Rainbow and the River quilts are so colorful and all are so beautifully done! Thanks for bringing the Community of Quilters together! And the PUPPERS – our faithful helpers!

  7. Hey, Connie . . . love the picture of you kicking up your heels (so to speak!)!! You do indeed look happy, and I’m glad your new surroundings are agreeing with you! Builder Bob is no doubt a blessing in your life, and the new deck will be great! Also thankful to hear Mr. Mickey is doing better. Appreciate the pictures of others’ handiwork and pets ~ fun to see and inspiring! Enjoy a blessed day!!