Sharing Quilt Projects #21

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It is time for another Sharing quilt projects post and this one is #21. Whenever you make something using one of my tutorials or patterns I would love to see a photo of it and then share it with others. This is always so inspiring to me and others!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We don’t have any big plans for celebrating, no green beer or corn beef this year again. I do have a St. Patrick’s Day table topper that has always been popular and would be great to make now and have for next year.

My Quilt Projects

I recently made some Shoo Fly and Nine Patch quilt blocks that I am putting together for a new quilt project that I’ll be sharing in my next post.

Shoo Fly

I have directions to make the Shoo Fly and Nine Patch quilt blocks in this post.

Quilt blocks
Shoo Fly and 9 Patch blocks

I am also working on something for Easter! If you remember, I have all kinds of quilt blocks and quilt projects hanging on my design walls to inspire and motivate me to finish them.

I had fabrics pulled out, boxes of projects, and even the Shoo Fly quilt project I am working on. I don’t know about you, but I love having several things going at the same time.

Quilt Projects in my studio
Working on quilt projects

Rabbit Applique

I cut squares from those teal batiks for this rabbit applique I am working on. If you noticed the giant teal block on the right wall in the last photo….this will go on it.

Rabbit patchwork
Rabbit Patchwork

Quilt Projects Shared With Me

It is always so much fun to see all of the beautiful quilt projects that you are making! I have all kinds of beautiful quilt projects to share with you this time!


Deb sent me this photo of her awesome Scattered quilt. Look at the beautiful fabrics that she used! This has to be my favorite pattern!

Scattered quilt
Scattered quilt

Shoo Fly

Jeanne actually sent me a photo of this table runner she was making and inspired me to also make something with the Shoo Fly and 9 Patch quilt blocks as they are always fun to make. Jeanne’s choice of black for the binding was perfect. Beautiful!

Shoo Fly table runner
Shoo Fly Table Runner

Piano Keys Table Runner

Look at the beautiful table runner that Diane made with my Piano Keys pattern. The addition of the cute kitties and hearts is wonderful!

Piano Keys by Diane

Fabric Baskets

Lynda made quilted baskets for her great-nieces in cute Disney fabrics. She also made each girl a tote bag and lavender sachets. Look at the cute buttons on the baskets!

Fabric Baskets
Fabric Baskets

3 x 3 Table Topper

Maurya made this beautiful 3 x 3 table topper with batik fabrics.

Maurya wall hanging
3 x 3 table topper

Two Color table topper

Maurya also made this one using my Two Color table topper tutorial and two of the same batiks. Beautiful!

Maurya's table toppers

Petunia Strings Quilt

Joy shared her beautiful quilt made using my Petunia Strings quilt tutorial. It looks perfect!

Petunia Strings quilt
Petunia Strings quilt

Midnight Glow

Midnight Glow continues to be very popular and I have several of them to share with you!

Here is Mary’s Midnight Glow quilt. What a perfect scrappy quilt!

Midnight Glow made by Mary
Mary’s Midnight Glow

Pammie also made the Midnight Glow quilt and added a nice large border. This is something I like to do also.

Midnight Glow by Pammie
Midnight Glow by Pammie

Here is Donna’s Midnight Glow made with a select number of colors. This is a quilt that can be made with a variety of fabrics.

Midnight Glow by Donna
Midnight Glow by Donna

Scrappy 9 Patch Irish Chain Table Runner

Karen finished a neat table runner using my Scrappy 9 Patch Irish Chain table runner tutorial.

Scrappy 9 Patch Irish Chain runner
Scrappy 9 Patch Irish Chain runner

Hidden Wells Block

Norma shared her neat Hidden Wells quilt block and it looks to me like she used batiks. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves using them!

Hidden Wells quilt block by Norma

Dark Blue Rail Fence Table Runner

Miriam made another Dark Blue Rail Fence Table Runner. I really like the addition of the light fabrics.

Dark Blue Rail Fence runner
Rail Fence Table Runner

Christmas Tree Mug Rugs

Stacia made not one but four of these cute Christmas Tree mug rugs. Wouldn’t these look neat in a rustic cabin setting!

Tree placemats by Stacia
Christmas Tree mug rugs

Sharing Pets

I always love to see photos of your pets! Just email them to me.


Joan sent me this cute photo of Indie not being happy about the snow being removed. Looks like this spot of snow is staying!

Indie in the snow
Indie the dog


Okay, this really isn’t a pet, Lori sent me this cute photo of a squirrel getting into her bird feeders. I happen to love squirrels and birds.

Squirrel on bird feeders
Squirrel on bird feeders

Mickey and Stranger

Mr. Mickey hasn’t figured out why the neighbor’s cat called Stranger is always trying to keep him from going into the house. She is almost as big as Mr. Mickey and is a sweetheart. He took a running leap and made it past her once again.

Cat batting at the dog
Cat batting at the dog

Birds at Feeders

We put up some bird feeders by the living room windows so we can get a little closer to the birds. We had another snowstorm the other day and the birds kept eating the whole time it snowed. I went out and took down one feeder and placed it under the deck for them.

Birds at feeder during snowstorm
Birds feeding

Mr. Mickey

Mr. Mickey has decided the Daisy pillow is his! Doesn’t he look sweet with his paws on it.

Mickey the dog on his pillow
Dog with paws on pillow

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Robyn Lidstone says:

    There is no snow where I live in Petrie, Queensland, Australia, so I love these pics with Mr Mickey and his friends in the snow.

  2. Rose M Post says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Thank you for sharing all you wonderful pictures. Love seeing the birds, Mr. Mickey and of course the bratty squirrel.. It is amazing what squirrels will do to get food.

    So what did you do with the quilted rabbit? I would love to see how that turns out.

  3. So much info! Such great pictures! Mr. M. is the STAR! He can have any pillow he wants. Finishing 2 quilts for dog rescue auction then absolutely!!!!! Midnight Glow is next – hauling out the precious pieces of batik, maybe actually pop for new yardage for the black. Seeing how beautiful everyone made theirs – I want one too! Indie says Thank you for taking her side in the snow issue – but no shortage of snow here in northern Ill. It just keeps coming. Thanks!!!

  4. Gwynette in NWArkansas says:

    Connie, I always love your quilt photos and ideas. It’s a pleasure to see what other quilters are doing and get ideas from you and them. I think Stranger may have his bluff in on Mr. Mickey!! I’m having knee replacement surgery in two weeks and my husband laughed when I told him he could set my Bernina on the breakfast bar and I could stand and stitch there!! I may be a little ambitious now…we will see how it goes! Happy spring to you!!

  5. Andrea Ahlin says:

    Hi Connie,
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos from other quilters. It’s always nice to see someone else’s work for inspiration. Hey, what kind of dog is Mr. Mickey? He’s so cute.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  6. Jeanne Reinisch says:

    Glad I inspired you! I like your colors! I may break down and cut my batik stash into something…I’ve had it for too many years to remember.
    And Joy’s Petunia Strings is lovely along with all the rest.

  7. Je parle français ,j’adore ce que vous faite Merci!!!!

  8. Mr. Mickey is so cute on that daisy pillow! I do believe he has claimed it for his own!! Cute pictures. I would take the snow over the tornadoes and hail we are expecting today. Happy St. Patty’s Day, Connie!

  9. Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful quilts. I also want you to know how much I love your posts about Mr. Mickey, your bird feeding, etc. I look forward to your emails. They make such a positive difference to those of us stuck at home alone during the pandemic. Thank you!