Sharing Quilt Projects #19

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It is time for Sharing Quilt Projects #19 as I have several things I’m working on and have also received photos of some beautiful things I want to share.

We are having very cold weather here in Iowa and more snow is expected. I have been putting out extra bird seed and have gone through almost 30 pounds of black sunflower seed in a week.

Two of the stray cats show up every morning and night for food and more importantly water. I feel so sorry for them.

I put a tote out, turned it on its side, and even made a little roof to keep it dry. I filled it with straw and could see that they were using it. Now that the weather has turned so cold, I cut a large piece of polar fleece and put it in the bin. They are using it! I’ll be sure and take it out if it gets wet.

My Quilt Projects

Many times when I get quilting I work on several projects at once or I finish one and can’t wait to work on another. Are you that way?

Moon Glow Placemats

I gave you a peek at the Moon Glow table runner I was making and I ended up having 4 orphan blocks leftover that I made into placemats. I plan on writing up a tutorial for the table runner and the placemats.

Moon Glow quilt blocks

Stained Glass Quilt

I was amazed at how many of you wanted me to write a tutorial about a stained glass quilt project. I finished a small one and have a page of notes of things to change before I share the tutorial.

Working on stained glass quilt project

T86 Campark Trail Camera

We have so much fun watching the birds and other animals. Somehow while I was on YouTube, I had a couple of videos pop up on trail cameras. I probably spent two or three hours learning about them and then bought the T86 Campark trail camera. The picture quality is awesome!

I got it all set up last night, it even has a WiFi connection so I can check on my phone to see if any animals or birds are on it. Right now it is too cold to leave it out but I may have to try it out for a little bit today.

T86 Campark Trail Camera


Several weeks ago I talked about organizing my scraps and mentioned that I have been using the SewPad cushion while I sew and I think it has really helped me be able to sit at my sewing machine for a longer period of time. It gives better support for my back and hips.

Anyway, the company reached out to me and if you use the coupon code SEWCOMFY at checkout you’ll get free priority shipping. This is a great deal as the cushion weighs a lot. Sorry, this is only good for orders in the U.S. states.

Quilt Projects shared with me

It is always so much fun to see all of the beautiful quilt projects that you are making! f I didn’t show yours, I am so sorry and will try and get them in my next sharing post.

Dark Blue Rail Fence Table Runner

Miriam shared these photos of her beautiful table runner made with the Dark Blue Rail Fence tutorial. Her quilting was done by stitching in the ditch and instead of adding binding, she did a pillowcase type backing. Her vase matches perfectly!

Fabric Baskets

Susan helped her little granddaughter make this beautiful fabric basket made with the Fabric Basket tutorial. It was supposed to hold Valentine Cards but is a little too small but perfect for other things.

Quilted basket made by grandaughter

Fabric baskets must be popular as Sherry also made one! Can you see the birds on the fabric? This is a gift for a friend. She left the corner pockets for pens and scissors.

Trinket Basket

Sherry also made this precious little trinket basket and sent it to me for Valentine’s Day! I thought it looked sweet with my plant in it.

She also suggested I write a tutorial and share it with all of you, thank you Sherry and I will!

Valentine trinket basket from Sherry

Sharing Pets


Karen shared this sweet photo of her dog Morrie. She said normally Morrie won’t pose but this is the perfect picture! Morrie is a rescued dog.

Morrie a rescued dog

Valentine Baskets

After seeing the different fabric baskets, I went through a couple of totes yesterday looking for my baskets. What else I found is a whole other blog post! Anyway, here are a couple of my fabric baskets that should be out for Valentine’s Day.

Fabric Baskets for Valentine's Day

Great deals for you!

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Hi Connie, I just adore these little baskets 🙂 I was heading to the city last weekend for my nieces baby shower (her third baby – a boy), she already has two little girls 🙂 I had gifts for the baby & wanted to take something for the girls. So, I made them each one of these gorgeous little baskets, a tote bag (filled with books pencils etc) & three little lavender sachets each, filled with beautiful fresh lavender from from my garden.
    They LOVED each little item & the little baskets were put to good use right away with lots of bit n pieces & a dolls bed for her little Elsa doll 🙂 Thanks you for sharing for tutorials & inspiring me with gift ideas. I love them. x
    Warm regards,

  2. So many great ideas! The trinket box is great. We use them for the “one day” holidays like St. Pat’s. My husband also did expos and had candy at his booth to entice customers. Or use them outside where dropping a glass bowl would be bad in the grass, and they fold up and store easily. Even used them for dog food a couple times when traveling. Love the camera! Maybe I can get pics of those pesky rabbits that taunt my dog! She’s loving the snow and has to be dragged into the house. Working on a 1/2 square triangle quilt right now – completely ignoring the 4 quilt tops that need to be finished. New is always more fun then the old! Please give Morrie an extra cookie for being so adorable! So sorry to hear about the loss of Allie’s dogs.

  3. I love that trinket basket with the plant in it. What a neat idea, I never thought of that.

  4. Julia Shaull says:

    I know how to make a pillowcase but don’t know how to finish a table runner with
    it. Can you explain or show pictures of it? Thanks, Julia

    1. Hello Julia Miriam here.
      Complete your quilt top, press, cut your backing fabric to the same size as the top.
      Place right sides together, sew all the way around leaving a 4” to 6” gap. Snip corners to remove excess for a neat turning.
      Turn right side out through the gap. Press all the edges, whip stitch by hand to close the opening. Top stitch all around.

  5. Wow to the BLUEtiful table runner with the blue vase. Seeing people’s finished projects is fun…including my own. Thank you Connie. You are saving so many little cold creatures so Blessings to You Nd Builder Bob. We have warm temps and no rain. I will try to send you Sunshine!

  6. Allie Pisacrita says:

    Helps to receive your posts. I am getting more interested in quilting. Can’t seem to consistently cut my blocks. Prefer paper piecing. Had to have 2 of my dogs put down yesterday. Am very sad about that