Sharing Quilt Projects #17

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It is time for this Sharing quilt projects #17 post, it is always fun to show what I’m working on right now and of course what others have made with my tutorials and patterns.

I even have a couple of new photos of our friendly opossum to share with you!

My Quilt Projects

I have finished up the Batik Scrap Squares lap quilt and hope to get the pattern for it written as soon as possible.

When I am quilting a lap quilt or larger one, I always put a table behind my sewing machine cabinet to support the weight of the quilt. This makes a big difference as having your quilt hang down will make it difficult to quilt.

The tables I like to use are bi-fold 4 foot white plastic tables. The height is adjustable and I actually was using 2 of them in my upstairs quilt room at the other house for my cutting table. I have had them for several years and they don’t take up a lot of room when you aren’t using them.

Quilting a lap quilt

String Block Table Runner

Remember the string blocks that I shared earlier, I am making them into a table runner and adding a strip border from the leftover scraps. I am happy to say that my teal string scraps all got used.

I pieced the blocks using paper at the backing for the string blocks but for the border I just took my scraps and sewed them into 6½-inch strings.

Once I used all of my teal batik scraps, I trimmed them and then cut the pieces in half so I can use them for a 3-inch border.

Teal string blocks for runner

Ironing Table Recovered and Raised

I decided it was time to recover my ironing table. Builder Bob cut a plywood board that I could cover with batting a long time ago. In fact, over the years he has made several quilt ironing boards for me. While doing that, I raised it.

Design wall in quilt studio

Mesh Shelves

A lot of people asking about my mesh shelves. Here are some Elfa Mesh shelves that are similar. I bought mine from Ikea several years ago and I can’t find them on their website anymore.

Quilt Projects Shared with me

I always love seeing what is made with my tutorials and patterns! I’m a little behind since I was sick but I think you’ll enjoy seeing all of these. If I didn’t show yours, I am so sorry and will try and get them in my next sharing post.

River Squares

Sharon shared this photo of her River Squares quilt made with quilt scraps of her mother’s fabrics.

River Squares quilt by Sharon

Twisting Heart

Penny made this neat Twisting Heart wall hanging, isn’t the background neat! If you like this, you should look at my Worldly Lil Twister quilt tutorial.

Twisting Heart

Hidden Wells

Janet picked bright and colorful fabrics for her wall hanging made with the Hidden Wells tutorial. Notice how she also used all of the fabrics in her binding!

Hidden Wells wall hanging

Midnight Glow

Terry shared her neat Midnight Glow wall hanging. What fun backing fabric!

Midnight Glow wall hanging by Terry

Christmas Tree Table Runner

Cheryl made this beautiful Christmas Tree table runner. I really like the fabrics and colors she used.

Cheryl made the Christmas Tree runner

Michelle used the Christmas Tree table runner tutorial but added her own twist to it. What a great idea to add the word Joy and make a pillow!

Pillow using the Christmas tree table runner tutorial

Vintage Red Truck

Mary made this cute wall hanging using the Christmas Truck tutorial. Isn’t it neat the way she quilted it!

Vintage Red Truck by Mary

Lisa made the neat Christmas Truck table runner with a quilt fabric that has a border that works perfectly with it. I really like the black fabric with snowflakes!

Christmas Truck table runner

Sharing Pets

Mr. Mickey didn’t get included in the photos this week. I have been spending so much time watching the birds, cats, and opossum that I don’t have any new ones of him. Sorry Mr. Mickey!

Dog Jackets

Miriam shared these cute photos of the dog jacks she has made from sweatshirts! Aren’t they adorable! That is one cute dog!

Miriam made dog coats from sweatshirts


We have a regular visitor! I’m going to name this little opossum Oppie. It should really be Oppie 2 as about twelve years ago we lived in the country and I had another opossum that I fed eggs to one winter. We had a cat then and they would sit on the deck together. He even came in the doggie door to the garage.

This little guy prefers cat food and didn’t touch the egg I put out for him. Sorry for the blur, this was through the door, when I opened it he took off.

opossum eating out of cat bowl

Oppie has been showing up every evening for some chow and water. I should have had water out sooner for the animals. This is looking down from the bedroom window. I missed getting a photo of two cats and Oppie eating together.

Opossum eating


I counted over 30 Cardinals the other day! It is so much fun to watch the birds. They really love the black sunflowers so the last time we went to the store we bought a twenty-pound bag. Hope it lasts for a while!


I hope you have enjoyed this Sharing quilt projects #17 post, I know I have fun writing it! Have a great day.

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  1. Connie, I just started reading your blog. I don’t know what took me so long to find you. That’s a ton of snow you got. Hope the next load wasn’t as much. I love the red truck. Makes me want to start on the next Christmas gift list. Thanks for the freebies you’ve been sending. Looking forward to trying out some things of yours when I get my pile of current stuff finished.

    1. I’m so glad you found my site Janet, be sure and sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date.

  2. Connie, I’m so far behind reading your blog posts. I seem to have just been in a “funk” the last few weeks, not sewing at all or doing anything else. I’m up early today, though and admiring your cute Oppie. Sounds like the “word” is getting out in the neighborhood and you will be restocking sunflower seeds and whatever cats and possums prefer. lol

  3. Connie dear I am enjoying not only your projects but also the projects completed by your followers. Each one is beautiful. Donna of BrynwoodNeedleworks has opossums and shares lots of good facts about them. Happy quilting…

  4. I look forward to your ‘projects’ post. So much going on and beautiful fabrics to see…and love the animals!

  5. Loved this post. I think you’re starting to revive after that covid sickness.
    Thank you for all this sharing.

  6. Joan Sheppard says:

    Everyone has been really busy! So cute! and love all the fur and feathered friends. We will get back in the swing when the boys go back to school next week, still doing e-learning after the Holiday. Love having them around so much though. Thanks for sharing!

  7. It’s always so much fun to see the work of others using your patterns. Love the sweatshirts for the dogs too. You are really getting some excitement with the new wildlife in the country. I wish we had some of your cardinals. The red against the snow is striking. We had a possum slowly walk across the street in front of out car very early this morning. They surely take their time!

  8. Hi Connie! Great post — love the quilty eye candy, everyone’s project are beautiful – I may have to make the Joy pillow for myself. Glad I stopped in today to see the update to your string table runner– I started one and was trying to decide how to border it and seeing your piano border got my creative juices flowing!

  9. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    I love how wild animals seem to come into your care!! Pelly and now Oppie! Opossums are great at controlling small insects/pests in your garden (including ticks), mice, rats, and snakes! I’ll look forward to seeing more pictures of Oppie!! Thanks for the quilty eye candy too!

  10. A big HELLO from Seattle. Really enjoy your site. Love your quilts and table runners, your dogs, your photos, your moves, your stories, your inspiration, and your tutorials and helpful hints. Thank you so much.
    Today, my attention was caught by Miriam’s doggie jackets that she made from sweatshirts. I, too, like Karen would love to make these for my dogs. Hope she would share the pattern with you and us.

  11. Karen Poole says:

    I really love the doggie jackets from sweatshirts. Is that a tutorial that you have, or maybe the person that made them would share her tutorials? I have three little fur babies and would love to make some!

  12. Glenda B. says:

    Greetings from Vancouver Island. 🇨🇦 What a lovely gallery of quilts. Mary’s Christmas tree pillow with Joy was just delightful and I loved the way Michelle quilted her truck quilt, it looks like it’s snowing! Really enjoyed the wildlife photos.
    Thanks Connie for brightening my day with your postings.