Sharing Quilt Projects #16

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It is almost Christmas and I hope all of you have finished up your quilt projects! I am going to finish up the 2021 Quilt calendar for you next. Now lets see what everyone has been working on.

My Quilt Projects

I haven’t been working on much as we are trying to get things done in our new house. I did take some time to pull out some of my teal batik scraps and make some string blocks. I have a new table runner I’m working on.

String blocks

If you have old telephone books, hang on to them as they are great to use for the back of your string blocks. I have made quite a few different quilt projects using them including this red string table runner.

teal quilt fabric strings

Mariner’s Compass

I also received my new AccuQuilt Mariner’s Compass die, boy was that fast! I’m going to wait until after Christmas to use it…..I can’t wait! Right now AccuQuilt has all of their cutting machines and dies on sale! This is a great time to buy.

Mariners Compass die

Quilt Projects shared with me

I always love seeing what is made with my tutorials and patterns! I’m a little behind since I was sick but I think you’ll enjoy seeing all of these. If I didn’t show yours, I am so sorry and will try and get them in my next sharing post.


Linnea made this precious Stacks quilt for her soon to be great-nephew and the colors match his room. She said she really enjoyed making the quilt, a great way to use up scraps, and will definitely make it again.

Stacks quilt

Christmas Tree Table Runner

Sue from New Zealand shared this beautiful placemat that she made for her Quilting Guild challenge using my Christmas Tree table runner tutorial. She added extra sashing to make it wide enough.

Christmas tree placemat

Christmas Truck Table Runner

I have been blown away by all of the neat projects made with my Christmas Truck Table Runner! Becky said this was her first real quilt project, wow! She hand-stitched the binding on. This will be for her daughter-in-law.

Christmas Truck Table Runner

Helena shared this photo of her table runner, if you look closely you can see that she embroidered their family name and trucking on the truck! What a neat idea. I bought a little truck also!

Red Truck table runner

Peg also shared a photo of her Christmas Truck table runner, she added some details to the trucks and used the green Christmas tree fabric for the backing.

Christmas Truck

Rail Fence Table Runner

Deb is a nurse and has been busy for months. She finally had time to make a table runner for Christmas after seeing one on Pinterest that she liked. Isn’t it beautiful! This is a rail fence block and I have a tutorial for a Three by Three quilt block that could be used. It would be fun to make a tutorial for the table runner, let me know if any of you are interested in it.

Christmas Rail Fence table runner

Christmas Logs

Betty shared several quilt projects with me and one of them was Christmas Logs! Isn’t it beautiful and perfect for Christmas.

Christmas Logs

7 Square Table Runner

Sue made not one but three 7 Square table runners!

Sue Table runners


Take a look at this beautiful Scattered quilt that Kathy made for her granddaughter. She always works with her assistant Maddie!

Scattered quilt

Diamond Maze

Norma shared this precious Diamond Maze quilt that she made for her granddaughter, love the colors!

Fabric Baskets

Patricia was working on some fabric baskets and shared them with me. She still has to add the buttons to them but they look great!

Fabric baskets

Midnight Glow

Sarah shared her beautiful Midnight Glow quilt. She said she made it for herself for her birthday! Perfect!

Midnight Glow quilt

Sharing pets

Mr. Mickey has adjusted well to the move and also the three cats that are outside all of the time. I am feeding them as the previous owners did. I am sure they also let them in the house as two times different cats have jumped in front of Mr. Mickey and came in.

Mr. Mickey’s pillow

I have never seen a dog that loves sleeping with his head on a pillow! I actually have two brown Musical pillows which are his favorites.

Mr. Mickey with his pillow

I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful quilt projects and if you have made something with my tutorials and patterns, I would love to see it!

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  1. I enjoy all your posts, but have really enjoyed them recently, since my husband and I have been quarantined with the COVID. When you are feeling badly and have no where to go, no one to talk to and don’t feel like sewing (never thought that could happen) it’s nice to read and see your pictures. It’s like hearing from an old friend! Keep those needles sewing!!

  2. Was just reviewing something (and forgot now why I came to this date – but saw the trucks again and thought OH MY what a great tree skirt!!!!! Several different colors, maybe a few trees and quilted so it looks like drifts of snow – so now I’m going back over this to see why I picked this date? When I saw Mr. M. my brain turned to mush and that’s was the end of logical thinking! So cute!

  3. Hi Connie, Jan. 11th and I finally got all of my Christmas decor packed up!
    I am itching to quilt again. I am very interested in the Rail Fence table
    runner. Count me in! Thank you.

  4. Hello, Connie!!! I love sooo many of your quilts and tablerunners!!! I’m curious about the blue batik tablerunner under your new Acccu-Cut GO dies! It’s like a Pineapple block! Sooo pretty from what I can see of it!!! Is it one of your patterns? I couldn’t find it… Care to share? I’d appreciate it!!, You’re THE BEST!!!

  5. Connie – count me in for the fence runner table runner tutorial 😉
    Happy to hear you had a great Christmas with family especially the grands!

  6. I would be interested in a tutorial for the rail fence table runner. have made two of your table runners and tutorials are easy to follow. thank you for your patterns and blog.

  7. Looking at all of those great shares I want to race down and SEW. But today was cookies, tomorrow is prep and then Christmas. I challenged myself to chisel down the stash and not buy any fabric this year. And with a week to go I MIGHT make it. (Don’t count the several boxes of fabric donated to me.) Still trying to get your Fiesta Pattern out and going. WITH ALL NEW FABRIC! Thanks for all the sharing!

      1. Hi Connie: Do you think Joan ment 2020 or 2021? Ha ha. I do not sew and make quilts like I used to but find it hard not to buy beautiful fabric and colours. It is better then going into a candy store. If anyone does not buy fabric in 2021. Please let me know your secret. Thanks
        I am looking for a round table runner for a 70 inch round table. Can any one help.
        Shirley in Canada

        1. I’m off to a great start Shirley! Just placed an order for a charm pack and jelly roll of some new fabrics I just have to have! LOL You could take any square quilt pattern, add borders and then cut into a circle. Look under my quilt project tutorials for the placemats and center piece I made when we had a round table.

          1. Thanks Connie. I have oval placemats. Need a round piece for in the centre of the table. I will
            work on it.
            Everyone has done a lovely job on all their projects. Way to go girls/guys.
            Take acare and stay safe.

  8. Great collection of Photos! Every piece is the reflection of someone who shares their creativity and quite frankly I need a spark…or two. Thank you all. Merry Christmas.

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