Sharing Quilt Projects #15

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This is the last day of November and many of you have been making beautiful quilt projects that are perfect to display at Christmas! I get so tickled when you send me a photo of something you have made with my tutorials and patterns!

My Quilt Projects

My quilt projects are still on the back burner as we are in the middle of our move to the new house. We are getting closer! We had the entire house painted and the work should finish today.

Last week the painting in basement was finished so we spent all weekend moving quilting goodies into my studio. Thank goodness for my daughter and two granddaughters! I have no idea how many times we went up and down the steps but with them helping it was wonderful.

Builder Bob kept saying we should have the movers move my stuff but do I really want them to see just how much “stuff” I have?? Also, they can’t move us until next week and I am getting anxious to do some quilting.

There weren’t any cold air ducts in the basement so that had to be fixed. We will also be changing out the lights as I want natural daylight bulbs. I brought my sewing machines over and will get them set up.

Moving into quilt studio

Today I plan on moving things around in my studio while the painters finish upstairs. Once they are done we will clean the kitchen and start moving things in there.

batting in studio

Quilt Projects Shared With Me

I am so happy to see all of the beautiful quilt projects you have been sharing with me! It looks like holiday quilt table toppers are a biggie!

Christmas Truck

It was so much fun to see the photos that Gloria sent me of the mug rugs she made with my Christmas Truck tutorial. Here is a closeup of one.

Christmas Truck

Look at how many she made as gifts! Anyone would love getting one of these!

Christmas truck mug rugs

Christmas Logs

This continues to be very popular! Mary W made three different Christmas Logs table toppers!

Two of them are the same fabrics but a different binding color was used. The center one has a neat print fabric.

Christmas Logs quilt topper

Carol Ann decided to use button for the berries instead of applique for her Christmas Log Cabin quilt. What a neat idea!

Carol Anns Christmas Logs

For this one, Carol Ann combined the Christmas Logs and Snowflakes table toppers to make this beautiful quilt project!

Christmas Logs with snowflakes

Sheryl shared this beautiful Christmas Log Cabin showing beautiful quilting on it.

Sheryl Christmas logs

Christmas Tree Resized

Donna shared this neat Christmas Tree resized table runner! She changed the top of the trees to a red which is a great idea!

Resized Christmas Tree runner

Jeanne also made the Christmas Tree Table Runner Resized and what a neat way to quilt it!

Jeanne Christmas Tree resized

Christmas Mug Rug

Linda has been busy making lots of Christmas Mug Rugs. These are always fast and easy quilt projects to make for gifts.

Christmas mug rugs by Linda

Autumn Table Runner

Donna made the Autumn table runner in Christmas fabrics and then added some applique! What a great idea!

Table runners continue to be a favorite and Janet made this beautiful runner using my Autumn table runner tutorial. She said this was her first time quilting and I think she did a wonderful job!

Autumn table runner

Anne also made the Autumn table runner which is beautiful with the bouquet of flowers.

Anne made the autumn table runner

Falling Charms

Rhonda shared her Falling Charms quilt. This is a beautiful baby quilt!

Falling charms

Coral Jewel Table Runner

Jonnie made not one but two beautiful Coral Jewel table runners! This makes me want to make another one right away!

Coral Jewel tablerunner

Thank you everyone for sharing your quilt projects made with my tutorials and patterns! I love seeing them!

Sharing Pets

I don’t have any new photos of Mr. Mickey as he has been staying home during all of our moving activities. Once we move his favorite couch he’ll be okay at the new house.


I do have one precious photo to share, Robin sent me this photo of her dog Zeta. What a beautiful dog!

Zeta, Robin's dog


Ellen sent this photo of a new quilt she finished and her sweet dog JimmyJohn who looks like he loves it! I think he has claimed it!

dog with quilt

December Quilt Calendar

Be sure and download your free December quilt calendar also! Once I get all settled I’ll start working on the 2021 calendar for you.

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  1. Oh my, just looking at your photos makes me tired! Glad you had some help. The fun part is just around the corner – finding a place for everything! And the quilt show of what others have made from your patterns is really fun! Wishing you a speedy organization this week!

  2. jan butler says:

    Connie, I see in your photo of the new studio that you have an organ/piano stool with glass ball feet just like one I have! I also noticed something is resting under the seat & wondered what it might be? Perhaps something to keep it from moving during the move. Love you new place!!!! Jan

  3. Joan Sheppard says:

    Your room looks so spacious now. Will you need to pull down the entire ceiling to change the lights? Looking forward to all the inspirations from the new digs. And the shares are all so inspirational – I need to get a move on! Thanks.

  4. Jeanette Baker says:

    Hello Connie. I love how you share some of your readers’ projects and pets. Your new studio looks like it will be a wonderful place to create! All the best to you and your family for the coming holiday season!

    1. So excited for you! It will be such fun organizing your new quilt studio.

  5. Jeanne Reinisch says:

    Wow, we sure make pretty things from the ideas in your creative mind. Thank you Connie!
    Your studio space will be a wonder and give new inspiration to share with the quilt community.
    Merry Christmas and HAPPIER 2021!