Sharing Quilt Projects #12

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Once again it is time for sharing quilt projects and this is #12. What are you working on today?

My Quilt Project

I’m working on a new quilt pattern that is super easy and fun to make.

New pattern

I pieced this quilt a long time ago at our river house and finally quilted it. I have also been making small quilt projects from the leftovers. I am determined to use every bit of these beautiful batiks.

Snowball quilt top

Quilt Projects shared with me

It is always so much fun to receive an email with a photo of a quilt made from my tutorials or patterns! Here are a few that I hope you enjoy seeing. Thank you for sharing!

Chinese Forget Me Not

Debbie and Stephanie each made a wall hanging using my Chinese Forget Me Not tutorial. I think it is so neat to see the difference between the background of very similar colors and one where there is quite a bit of color difference. I love using a pieced background for applique. I just love the little mug rug that was made also!

Chinese Forget Me Not wall hanging

QAYG placemats

Sue made these beautiful quilt as you go placemats which are perfect when you need a gift in a hurry. I have a feeling that this year because of Covid, we will see many people creating homemade gifts. Be sure to look at my QAYG placemats tutorial.

Quilt as you go placemats

Hidden Wells Block

Kathy shared a photo of this beautiful Hidden Wells quilt block, I just love the fabrics she used! Several times I get emails from quilters saying that they have had trouble with this block being the correct size. This is a block that has bias edges and will stretch or distort very easily. You have to be careful when you press it. If your blocks are slightly different in size you may be able to “ease” them together when you sew by putting the larger one on the bottom against your feed dogs.

Hidden Well quilt block

Bow tie placemats

Placemats are always so much fun to make and if you are a new quilter, they make the perfect beginning quilt project. This is a great way to try out a new quilt block like Sue did when she used my Bow tie placemats tutorial.

Bowtie placemats

Sharing Pets

Rowdy, Molly and Max

Cathie shared these precious photos with me the other day and shared her story about Rowdy who was her beloved companion. He developed a brain tumor and had seizures like Miss Sadie. When the time came to say goodbye to him, Cathie said she never wanted another pet and have to go through this but time heals.

Time went by and she missed having a dog in the house and she and her husband went to look at a litter of puppies and came home with two.

Max and Molly are half Akita and half Lab. These are their baby pictures. They are 3 1/2 years old now and weight almost 80 pounds and quite a handful, but we wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Cathie  dogs

Koda, Zoe and Pinto

Joan sent me a photo of her three precious dogs. The photo was pretty dark but I hope you can see all three of them on the couch together. She and her husband had to put Pinto, their chocolate chihuahua down a couple of weeks ago. He was 14 years old.

Dogs Koda, Zoe and Pinto

Miss Sadie

Miss Sadie is still with us.

It has been a little over a month since Miss Sadie had her first seizure. I have been sharing photos and talking about her in my newsletter and the outpour from all of you has been wonderful. I have received all kinds of suggestions of things to try and also compassion from you as we decide when the quality of life isn’t acceptable for her as we don’t want her in pain.

She actually had a seizure this morning in her sleep which woke all of us up. This was the first one in over a week since we took her off the Prednisolone. We only tried that for a couple of days to control the seizures but the side effects made her unable to walk.

Bob found her in a ditch 4 years ago. She had been abandoned and was in terrible shape. He thought she was a puppy at first until we saw how her teeth moved. Fleas, worms….she was a mess. Our vet figured Sadie had been a puppy-mill mama and you could see she had recently had puppies. At first she wouldn’t even walk on grass. It was estimated that she was about 10 years old, within a week we had spent more on her than I think I have spent on all of my pets in the past but it was worth it.

Sadie bonded with Bob immediately and is his constant companion. Me….I’m the one she goes to when she is hungry or if Bob isn’t around.

Sadie on bed

Sadie became deaf a couple of years ago. Last year when we adopted Mr. Mickey, she started using him as her ears when Bob is away. This past week Bob had a dentist appointment and this is what she did almost the entire time. Poor little girl, she would just stand against Mr. Mickey waiting for him to let her know Bob was home. Eventually, she would lie down right next to him.

Sadie and Mickey

We are staying close to home so we can enjoy this time with her. Several times Bob has held her and gone on shorts walks with Mr. Mickey and me. If we see another dog, he will turn her so she doesn’t see it as we don’t want her to get excited.

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  1. Miss Sadie is such a sweetie and I am so happy she is doing okay. Mr. Mickey is like her big brother. Loving all your quilting projects. You are so prolific with your quilting designs and techniques. Fall is in the air Connie Dear.

  2. I am so touched by the photos of Miss Sadie. She is a precious member of your family. Our pet now is a cat but I would have a dog too but my husband doesn’t want one. I tell our friends that when Colin dies I will put on his tombstone, “Now I can get a dog!” It is a family joke.

  3. I’m glad Sadie is doing well, and I do think this counts as doing well as it seems she has figured out how to make herself feel safe and secure in all the different situations she encounters, such as when Bob is home and when he isn’t. Don’t I wish I could work things out so well? When our dog, M.K. was having seizures, before we started her on her Phenobarb, she would come and seek me out just before she had a seizure. We came to realize that she knew it was coming and wanted the comfort of being with me when it happened. What a compliment, and a responsibility. That might be something to watch for with Sadie, if she does some subtle thing that indicates an even greater need to have Bob nearby, since I know she doesn’t let him get far from her. (I don’t want to offer unwanted advice, since you’re probably inundated, but that memory has stayed with me for 25 years and I’ve tried to learn from it in many situations, not just seizure-related ones.) Sending you all loving thoughts.

  4. The picture of Miss Sadie and Mr Mickey together is pretty sweet. She is a lucky dog to have been found by people who love her unconditionally.

  5. My heart goes out to you. We had a German Shepherd who started having seizures at 15 months old. Over a year he had more than 30 grand mal seizures, and too many to count of smaller seizures, mostly in the middle of the night. We barely slept as we anticipated a seizure at any moment. We tried everything from CBD, raw diet, different medications that had to be given 12 hours apart exactly. I think I aged about five years in that time. It is horrible to watch your dog have a seizure and the hour or so following when they are coming out of it. Saying goodbye is so hard, but knowing he is at peace now brings some comfort.

  6. Joan Sheppard says:

    It’s always fun to see the puppers! And Miss Sadie. She made a good choice in picking you and Bob. She did you know, pick you. Nothing touches us like a pet.
    So much in this post! Am going to teach a class on Quilt as You Go to a few friends. “Quilting for Kids” for the kids nursing home is being allowed 8 people in the conference room at the grade school. Masks and Social Distancing, but we need to catch up. By learning QAYG we are hoping to save some time and money of not sending them to the long arm quilter for the baby and crib size quilts. LOVE LOVE LOVE the batiks. And they only get better with age. Thanks for the tutorials and good to hear from you as always.

  7. Michele Frazier says:

    CBD oil for Sadie

  8. colleen costa says:

    Hello Connie my name is Colleen and I very much enjoy reading your messages It is so wonderful of you to share such intimate details of your life both happy and stressful. It makes you feel like a partner in quilting. I know your dog is in good hands and appreciate your tenderness. Best wishes to you and your family. Your friend Colleen.