Sharing Quilt Projects #11

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Our internet has been terrible this week which gets frustrating so I haven’t been online that much. Reading an actual book has been enjoyable, I forgot how much I like turning pages in a book.

My Quilt Project

There hasn’t been much quilting this week but I am rewriting a quilt pattern that I wrote for a quilt magazine several years ago. Whenever I do that it means I remake the blocks to test the pattern. I think I’ll end up making a table runner from these blocks. Yep, table runners are still my “go to” quilt project.

Batik quilt blocks

Gazebo destroyed

Many of you may have heard that on Monday we had a ferocious derecho storm hit Iowa and our town. We were fortunate that the only thing we lost was our new gazebo. Thank goodness Bob had bolted it to the wood deck or I’m sure it would have either hit our house or…..blown away! Our neighbor’s trampoline thankfully hit a tree right by our cars which stopped it from going any further. She ran out in the storm and actually tied it to the tree!

I was so scared we would lose our beautiful trees out front. Trees were down everywhere in town and across Iowa. Over a million people were without power and millions of acres of farmland were destroyed.

Our daughter’s electricity was once again pulled from the house. Fortunately, we only lost our power for a few hours. Kimberly lost power for two days. All week people were without electricity in the surrounding areas. Even our cell phones weren’t working!

I had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday in the Quad Cities and it was so strange to see traffic lights still out and places closed. My nurse said she was still without power at home.

Gazebo destroyed

Quilt Projects shared with me

Jeweled Table Runner

Karen shared this beautiful table runner that she made using my Jeweled Table Runner tutorial. It is always so much fun to see the fabrics and colors that other quilters choose!

Jeweled table runner

River Scraps

Barb made a quilt using the River Scrap blocks in reds and blues. She made each block with two or three colors.

River Scraps

Marianne has also been making some River Scraps blocks with a neutral background.

River Scraps

Sharing Pets

I always enjoy seeing photos of your pets!

Miss Ellie

Lynda shared this precious photo of her dog Miss Ellie who recently passed away. Look at those beautiful eyes! We love our pets and try to keep them with us as long as possible don’t we?

Miss Ellie

Miss Sadie

This past week as also been stressful for us as the day of the storm we thought Miss Sadie had a seizure. We had been outside and she got excited and started barking at the neighbor dogs and when Bob picked her up to bring her in the house, she started yelping and it looked like she had a seizure and then went limp. We thought she had died.

She recovered and then the next day when she was outside she slumped to the ground and couldn’t get up. Once again we went through the trauma of thinking she was dying. So far she is still here. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain but her breathing is much faster than normal. We are just treasuring each day we have right now.

She looks like a little puppy in this photo, it is hard to believe she is 14.

Sadie on the bed

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  1. I’m so glad little Sadie is ok! Our Chico gets so frantic during storms that we finally got a doggie tranquilizer for him. After giving him a 1/2 dose, I was surprised how much it helped him. Sadie is such a precious part of your posts.

    Thank God you all are safe! Your husband was wise to bolt that gazebo down! Prayers of safety for you and your loved ones!

  2. Glad you all survived the storm. They can be nasty. Things can be replaced people and pets cannot.
    Love your table runner. You do beautiful work. I love quilt as you go. It makes the end so much easier.
    All the best from your friend in Canada.

  3. Jill Majers says:

    Glad you’re okay! Sorry about the damage to your new gazebo.

  4. Wow, that storm did a job on your gazebo. I’m surprised it didn’t blow your furniture away, too, but I’m glad your trees survived. Poor Sadie. Seizures are so scary for the humans. My sweet boy Jack started having seizures when he was around 12. Scared me to death, but he didn’t seem to be affected by them afterwards. You are so right to just treasure each day you have with Sadie. Love that jeweled table runner. I really should make one of those.

  5. Lynda Riley says:

    OMGoodness Connie I do understand the heartache of your little Miss Sadie’s health crisis. I am still shattered at the loss of my darling little fur baby Miss Ellie.
    I do hope your little companion shares many more happy days with you & Bob.
    Thinking of you my far away quilting friend.
    Lynda x

  6. Be careful with those acorns..little friends will crawl out if you don’t oven bake
    Yuck…not appetizing…

  7. That derecho certainly did a lot of damage. I’ve seen what it has done to some corn and soybean fields. Just awful. I’m sorry that your area got hit so hard. That must have been so frightening with Sadie. I hope she continues to hang in there. Loosing our pets is just so painful.

  8. Connie, I’m so sorry to hear about little Sadie. We had a Shi-Tzu that had seizures and had to keep her on meds for it. And wow, I’m glad you are all safe. Those straight line winds can be just as powerful at times as small tornadoes, and seem to last a lot longer. I am glad your gazebo was bolted down. Hopefully you can replace the covering for it. And your poor daughter, what a time she has had with her power. I hope everything is back on by now and you all stay safe. Hugs.

  9. So sorry to see and hear of the devastation. Your poor gazebo, it was sooo pretty! Your new color combo is exciting, I love that teal and purple together. Sweet sweet Sadie, she’s a doll. We all love our pets to pieces! Take care!

  10. Love the pictures. The Jeweled table runner fabric looks like it’s ombre fabric they work so well together. Really changes things with the different colors in the River Scraps. Nice!
    I’m actually working on a Rainbow Bargello quilt trying to get rid of the stash that is too precious to part with and too small to go back in the pile. It’s gotten quite big – 65 x 60. I had taken the small pieces 1/8 yard or less and cut them into 2 1/2 inch strips but I had 6 large zip lock bags of these strips. Not as fast as I remember from previous quilts. Everything takes longer these days.
    We didn’t get much of the high winds, it circled north and south of us. Just the rain. It’s too hot to be without power. Hope they can stay cool. Glad to hear you are okay. But the brand new gazebo! Would have thought the wind would have gone right through it. Love the new pattern coming up the colors are yummy! Thanks