Sharing Quilt Projects #10

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Today I’m sharing quilt projects #10 that includes quilt projects and pets that you have shared with me.

My Quilt Project

Table Toppers

Once again I am going through my old quilt projects and finishing something up. I had two table toppers that only needed to be quilted. I even had the batting and backing pinned to them and have no idea why they were never finished.

Green batik table topper and small fabric basket

I’ll have to finish up the blog post. In case you are wondering – the little fabric basket was made from the other table topper when I made a little mistake. I have a tutorial for Rainbow table toppers that are made the same way.

Wapsipinicon State Park

We finally met up with a couple friends the other day at the General Store Pub in Stone City, Iowa for lunch. We hadn’t seen them since January! The weather was beautiful so we went to Wapsipinicon State Park for the first time. What a beautiful place!

There are two caves there, this one is called the Ice Cave and I guess you can crawl through it. I went in about 10 feet and decided there was no way I was doing it!

Wapsipinicon State Park Ice Cave

The bluffs are beautiful in this part of Iowa. I had Bob take photos and told him to back up so the bluffs would show and…..also it put me further away from the camera!

Wapsipinicon State Park

Quilt Projects shared with me

I always enjoy it when you send me photos of your quilt projects and pets! I try and share a few each time I do a Shared Quilt Project post. This is Sharing Quilt Projects #10

Christmas Tree Table Runner

Susana made this neat table runner using a combination of my Christmas Tree table runner tutorial and the Christmas Tree Resized tutorial. Now I’m in the mood to make another Christmas table runner just like she did!

Christmas Tree table runner

Midnight Glow Table Runner

Kathy shared her table runner that was inspired by my Midnight Glow table runner tutorial. Beautiful batiks and her colors are very much like mine! Love it!

Midnight Glow table runner

Roasted Coffee table runner

Kathy also shared this beautiful table runner, I think she is like me and enjoys making table runners! This is my Roasted Coffee table runner tutorial.

Roasted Coffee table runner

River Scraps

Martha has been working on her River Scraps blocks and has 9 done so far. This is a perfect way to use up your scraps!

Martha River Scraps blocks

Sharing Pets

Checkout some of the pets that were shared with me recently.


Heather shared this cute photo of her Cardigan corgi called Bronwyn. Isn’t he cute!

Corgi dog


Gilly shared a photo of her sweet dog Missy who lives with her and 30 chickens, 4 ducks, and 2 cats who live out in the barn. Missy also snores just like Mr. Mickey!

Missy the pug

Ellen’s dogs

Ellen shared this photo of her dogs who are her constant companions. They are so sweet!

Ellens dogs

Miss Sadie

I snapped a quick photo of Miss Sadie yesterday while Bob was gone. If he is home she is right beside him. She still seems to tire easily and sleeps a lot. I tell Bob that as long as she has the energy to growl at Mr. Mickey when he gets too close to Bob, that she is okay and hanging in there.

Sadie the dog

Thank you everyone for sharing with me!

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  1. Like you, I am also finishing up older projects. To encourage myself, I’m alternating between UFOs and new projects. The River Scraps Blocks are indeed a beautiful use of scraps!

  2. Connie the pictures are beautiful. I live just a mile from the General Store in Stone City. It’s a wonderful place to relax especially if you can sit on the patio. It becomes very busy on the weekends. Stay safe.

    1. How neat Rita, love the food at the General Store and then feeding leftover fries to the carp in the river!