Serenity Quilt in Orange

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I know this might be hard to believe but……..I made a quilt without batiks in it!!! That doesn’t seem to happen too often anymore. I really like the bright colors in this one, these were the fabrics my daughter picked out last April in Galena, IL. I made her the Spicy Spiral table-runner and had some left over so……

Serenity Quilt in Orange

I always like to show a close up of the quilting. I’m using Glide again and still stippling…….no matter what it is still my favorite quilting to do.

Serenity Quilt in Orange
I really like raw edge applique.
Serenity Quilt in Orange
 Here are 3 different looks from Serenity. 
Serenity Quilt in Orange

Thank you to everyone who purchased this pattern already and I would love to see what you create!


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  1. Teresa in Music City says:

    I love those colors Connie – very "fiesta-ish" :*) Good luck on your new pattern!

  2. Very pretty, Connie, but everything you make is pretty so it's no surprise. 😀

  3. Podunk Pretties says:

    Congrats on a lovely finish. The bright colors caught my eye.