Seaside Table Topper Tutorial

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Seaside Table Topper Tutorial
SeasideSummer 2016 BlogHop

Seaside Table Topper Tutorial

Hi, I’m Connie, and today I am taking part in the Seaside Summer Blog Hop featuring beautiful Island Batik fabrics and creations done by all of the Island Batik ambassadors. There are 28 of us right now! I have been an ambassador for several years now and it is fun to create quilt projects with their fabrics.

My Seaside Summer blog hop quilt project was made with the Red Tide collection. I have used this collection several times in the past. I designed and made the quilt Confetti Steps which went to Spring Quilt Market. The pattern is available from Island Batik and also here on my blog.

My original quilt is still with Island Batik but I received a big bundle of Red Tide in my ambassador box and I am going to make the quilt again. I have it pieced but…..not quilted yet.

Seaside Table Topper Tutorial

Last April I took part in the April Showers blog hop and made a cute little Batik Umbrella wall hanging. Each ambassador is supposed to share a Seaside Snack…..a beach worthy snack….well anyone that knows me would just laugh at the idea of ME sharing a recipe so….my beach worth snack has to be my favorite…

Seaside Table Topper Tutorial
Cheetos on the beach with Seaside Quilt

Cheetos – Party Size Bag!

Free motion quilting was done on my domestic vintage Singer sewing machine.
The project today can be used as a small wall hanging or a table topper.


Size 25 ½” x 25 ½”

Use a 1/4″ seam allowance throughout.

Materials: Red Tide Collection

Yellow – SKU #111602182 – 1/4 yard
Orange – SKU #111612180 – 1/4 yard
Purple – SKU #111605192 – 1/4 yard
Purple Print – SKU #111608187 – 1/2 yard (includes binding)
Cream Batik – 1/4 yard

Cheetos on the beach with Seaside Quilt

The quilt top is made up of 9 blocks.

 Each block will be 6 ½” square unfinished

  • Cut 4 – 4  3/4″ squares for the center square on point
  • Cut 2 – 3 7/8″  squares and cut diagonally – each block will use one of these
  • Cut 6 – 3 7/8″ squares and cut diagonally – each block will use three of these

Sew one orange half square triangle and three cream half square triangles to each of the 4 3/4″ squares. You will make four.

Cheetos on the beach with Seaside Quilt
  • Cut 1 – 4  3/4″ square for the center square on point
  • Cut 2 – 3 7/8″ squares and cut diagonally

Sew the cream half square triangles to the 4 3/4″ square. You will make one.

Seaside Table Topper center block
  • Cut 4 – 6 ½” x 3 ½” rectangles
  • Cut 4 – 6 ½” x 3 ½” rectangles
  • Cut 8 – 3 ½” squares DO NOT CUT DIAGONALLY
Cheetos on the beach with Seaside Quilt
Cheetos on the beach with Seaside Quilt
Cheetos on the beach with Seaside Quilt
Seaside Table Topper Tutorial

Mark a line diagonally across each cream square. Place on top of each purple rectangle and sew and fold back.  Sew the purple multi print in the opposite direction (shown below). Sew both rectangles together.

Look at the diagram below for placement.
 You will make four.
Sew the blocks together and then the rows.
The size will be 18 ½” x 18 ½”.

 Add the yellow border

  • Cut 2 – 1 ½” x 18 ½” and sew to the sides
  • Cut 2 – 1 ½” x 20 ½” and sew to the top and bottom.

Add the pieced border – NOTE: the border will be 3 ½” tall

  • Cut 4 – 3 ½” squares
  • Cut 4 – 3 ½” x 3  3/8″ blocks
  • Cut 8 – 3 ½” x 3  3/8″ blocks
  • Cut 4 – 3 ½” x 6 ¼” blocks
  • Cut 4 – 3 ½” x 6 ¼” blocks

Make 2 – Follow the diagram below and make the top and bottom border.
The center orange block is 3 3/8″ x 3 ½”.

Seaside Table Topper Tutorial
Seaside Table Topper Tutorial

Make 2 – Follow the diagram below and make the side borders. The only difference is adding the 3 ½” squares to the ends. Add the border and then quilt as desired. Cut three – 2 ½” strips the width of the fabric for the binding, sew together and press in half. I like to sew my binding to the front of the quilt and the machine stitch it down.

Here’s the schedule for the blog hop.

Monday Aug 15 – Rain Forest
Kissed Quilts

Tuesday Aug 16 – Red Tide
Free Motion by the River
Mary Mack Made Mine

Wednesday Aug 17 – Sand Dune
Purrfect Spots
KnitBug 2

Thursday Aug 18 – Seashore
Pamela Quilts
Maria Michael Designs
KISSed Quilts

Friday Aug 19 – Surf Squirt
Quilting Affection
Archipelago Quilting

Monday Aug 22 – Tradewinds
Arkangel Creations
Bejeweled Quilts

Tuesday Aug 23 – Equinox
Kauffman Designs
Adele Mogavero

Wednesday Aug 24 – Sea Canyon
Lemon Tree Snippets
Bea Quilter

Thursday Aug 25 – Sea Foam
Stone Cottage Quilts
Sew Supportive

Friday Aug 26 – Spoolin’ Around
Sallys Quilting Corner

Monday Aug 29 – Tide Pools
Inchworm Fabrics

Tuesday Aug 30 – Wind and Sea
Patchwork Breeze

Wednesday Aug 31 – Spring Zing
Desert Bloom Quilting
Adventurous Applique and Quilting

Thursday Sep 1 – Splash
Kissed Quilts
The Patchwork Pearl

Seaside Fast and Easy Quilt Tutorial

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  1. I haven’t used Batiks yet, but I’ve been looking at them more and more and would like to try using them in a project soon. Thanks for sharing your pattern. Your quilt is very inspirational…the colors look fantastic!

  2. I have worked with Batiks, but I have to admit that I didn’t like them at first. I just finished a star for a swap using all batiks.

  3. Summertime living is supposed to be relaxing and stress free…I love your beachside snack! The quilt looks beautiful in the colorways you used too. I’m jealous of your quilting!

  4. I love batiks! I’ve made some table runners and wall-hangings, and am working on a quilt now. They are so stable, and bring such a beautiful depth and vibrancy.

  5. I would love to work with batiks! I love those fabrics, but as they are quite expensive, I had not yet the opportunity to buy some. Your quilt is beautiful, and thanks for the tutorial!

  6. I love your quilt! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pattern.
    I have not yet quilted with batiks, but would love to!

  7. My SIL offered me some batiks fat quarters, and I love them! Maybe too much to be able to cut them…!! But your pattern is very inspiring, so I plan to do it!

  8. I have a few odd fat quarters that I purchased because I liked the blend of color in each. Haven’t done anything with them as none of them actually go together. I found you on the sidebar of Stitches and etc. I have updated my emailed as I am signed up but have not been receiving anything.

  9. Oh yes, I have worked a LOT with batiks, love ’em. Years ago I combined them with regular cottons much to the dismay and concern of several of my quilty friends. Those quilts are still doing just FINE!! Love this Red Tide and thanks (ahem) for the Hancock’s heads-up!

  10. I don’t usually sew with batiks because their fabrics are more expensive but I love them!. I had been collecting fabric years before I started quilting plus my mother-in-law doesn’t quilt any more and I received most of her stash!

  11. I have just begun to work with batiks…thanks to YOU and your BEAUTIFUL quilts! I’m now in LOVE with the rich colors and texture. Thanks for inspiring me to stretch my comfort zone to include batiks!

  12. Gorgeous!!! That pattern is striking and would make a beautiful table topper, or sweet baby quilt. Thanks!

  13. I saw an article Quiltmaker wrote about you this am on Facebook and I am hooked. Your work is beautiful and I have been reading your blogs and tutorials most of the day, (laundry what, where?). Anyway thank you for sharing what you do.

  14. I used batik fabrics in a pillow. Would like to use more, but my local fabric store doesn’t carry a wide selection. Love your wallhanging/tabletopper. Became aware of you through today’s entry in the Quiltmaker blog.

  15. Forgot to say, I’ve used batiks a number of times and really love them. I also have a pretty good sized stash! 😀

  16. I love Batiks and have made a couple quilts that I gave as gifts to my grandchildren for their high school graduation.

  17. Your seaside design is beautiful . Makes a nice table topper . Thank you for a chance to win . Happy Quilting 🙂

  18. My quilting bee did a disappearing nine-patch swap using black solid and bright batiks. That made for such a pretty quilt!

  19. Thank you for doing this giveaway. My very first quilt I made was using batiks and was called Fabric Fling. Its a string quilt that took 25 fat quarters. Turned out beautiful.

  20. Love your Wallhanging/Table Topper! Love Batiks….tho haven’t used much yet. My Daughter & I are cutting Tumblers from assorted Batik Fat Quarters we have been gathering. Plan is to make us each a cool Throw! 🙂

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  21. Those recipes of yours must be top secret, Connie! I am a Cheeto fan and usually eat them until my fingers are orange. Best I don’t even start. Yes, I have worked with batiks before and loved, loved, loved them! so many colors and choices and they all work so well together!

  22. The only time I have used a batik was as a background for a snippets picture I was making in a class. And that was many years ago.

  23. I love working with batiks and I love their ability to change in the design. Your tutorial is excellent and so pretty. Cheetos would also be one of my favorites.

  24. Love the quilt and love the Red Tide Collection too as I made a quilt with it too for Spring Market.
    Great minds not only for the collection but for Cheetos too! Love them.
    Thanks for the great tutorial. You truly amaze me!

  25. I love Cheetos!! My daughters always relate the crunchy cheetos with fireworks because that’s the snack I always brought along to watch them when they were kids.
    I have not yet worked with batiks but would love to give them a try.
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  26. I follow you on my computer mostly but I watch for your postings on F.B. too. I love Batiks. They are my number one choice for fabrics.

  27. I love batiks and have a good collection of them. I thought they were too pretty to cut up, but I am starting to use them now. Lol Thanks for the draw. The quilt and the Cheetos are really cute.

  28. I have worked a tiny tad bit with them. Yet, it has been so long ago, I can not even remember the project that I used the fabric in. LOL. I adore each of the three quilt projects that you pictured today. I will definitely be making the table topper for a Christmas gift. Thank you for sharing and for hosting the blog hop; they are always so much fun, learning new techniques, patterns, meeting new quilters and of course the chance to win some great prizes! I hope that you have a fantastic creative day!

  29. Love the fabrics. I have used batik fabric for appliqués in a quilt, but have not make a quilt out of batik.

  30. What a fun little quilt! Yes, love working with batiks, especially for appliqué. Thanks for sharing a great giveaway.

  31. Love your project, Connie. The colors are awesome! I haven’t made anything from Batiks yet. I do have a few pieces that I have collected for a quilt, but I need a few other colors to go with the ones that I have. After seeing the beautiful projects so far, I am ready to start on mine. Thank you for the giveaway.

  32. I follow your blog via email. And, I love your table topper. Thanks for the tutorial. I know that I will be making one.

  33. I haven’t worked with baltiks. I’m collecting them to make queen size quilt. Love the look of the colors and patterns they have.

  34. I’m so glad you picked the orange/red and purple group from Red tide! I almost used them, too, but switched to the green. Great quilt. As you know, I also love using Island Batik.

  35. I made a small applique quilt a few years ago out of batiks. I want to make a larger quilt now and have been collecting for a while. They are so beautiful!!

  36. Island Batik Red Tide collection is perfect for eating my favorite Cheetos and getting those lovely orange fingers. Great table topper you have created dear. I shall now Hop on…

  37. I just found you but now I am getting your emails and following on facebook! so far, loving this site.

  38. I follow you by email. Love your many table topper and table runners designs. As usual, I can’t get the rafflecopter form to come up. I’ll keep trying.

  39. I love batiks and have lots, but can always use more. I finally made a quilt for my own bed using the Bento Box pattern in A mix of batiks.

  40. I really like your design and hope to make it out of some stash fabrics, but alas, I have no batiks. I made a bag several years ago as a guild challenge, then gave the scraps away. Not because I don’t like them, just try to limit my stash for economy’s sake.
    I follow your blog on Bloglovin and always enjoy your posts.

  41. Yes! I have just this year started to use batiks — in Ulas Quiltsite’s free BOM, Ray of Hope. They are perfect for this quilt, and I love working with them! Funnily enough I rally need some reds . . . have most of the other colors in fat quarters, but need reds. Thank you for the opportunity to (maybe) win some! [lynnstk(at)]

  42. I’ve made a few quilts with batiks. They are great to work with because they don’t fray and the colors are so beautiful!

  43. Those fabrics are beautifil! I like that your topper can be broken down into a 9 patch–clever!
    I follow by email.

  44. Your project rocks, and so do your Cheetos! Batiks are my favorite fabrics followed by 30s. My last several projects have been batiks.

  45. I love batiks! I’ve made 2 chevrons and am working on a giant star pattern now. Love the bright colors and unique designs, always a favorite for those receiving them!cindy m

  46. I like working with batiks. I like that they do not fray much when doing applique. They are almost always pretty!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. I love batiks, & work with them every chance I get. I’ve got a scrap box of batiks waiting to be made into a postage stamp quilt. That will be *my* quilt. Thanks for the lovely giveaway

  48. I have worked with Batiks and love them. I have a queen size quilt in mind for my next projects. I just need to find the right colors.

  49. I have made a few wallhangings, table runners and a couple of quilts using batiks. I love the look of batiks. Thanks for the pretty giveaway.

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