Fall Table Runner made with Island Batik fabrics

Sea Canyon Table Runner

Sea Canyon Table Runner is a beautiful new table runner that I recently finished and gifted to a sweet friend. It looks perfect in her living room. I used three…

Sea Canyon Table Runner is a beautiful new table runner that I recently finished and gifted to a sweet friend. It looks perfect in her living room. I used three 9 inch blocks and then added a sashing and a border. This would be perfect for any time of year.

Fall Table Runner made with Island Batik fabrics

This month all of the Island Batik Ambassadors are making table runners with the new collections and I chose to use the Sea Canyon collection. You can find Island Batik fabrics at Hancock’s of Paducah.

Bountiful Table Toppers

I drew a spine all the way around the table runner and then did some free motion feathers in the border. I used a Aurifil thread (2315) in a color that matched the fabric I used for the binding.

Fall Table Runner made with Island Batik fabrics

Here is a closeup of the feather quilting. I really need to start doing more of it because once I get going…..I really enjoy doing it.

Closeup of the feather quilting on batiks

I just used a good quality permanent press muslin on the back.Fall TableRunner with free motion feathers

I also used the Sea Canyon collection by Island Batik for the Board Game quilt that was in Quiltmaker. I talked more about it in my Board Game post and also this one where I was quilting it. The block used in the tablerunner was also used in Board Game.

Quiltmaker Magazine September/October 2016Quiltmaker Magazine Sept/Oct 2016Do you like my little pelican? He was a gift from the cutest little neighbor boy.

Fall batik table runner on a coffee table

This is little Sadie, a new addition to our family. Builder Bob found her last week. I have never, ever seen a dog so covered in fleas as she was! He thought she was a puppy but looking at her teeth, I knew she was an older dog. I ran to the store and bought some flea shampoo, my neighbor gave us some food as she has Yorkies and Sadie spent her first night with us.

The next day we took her to the vet so we could get rid of her fleas and get her checked out. We found out she is approximately 7 years old, has had at least one litter and has some problems. She was given NexGard which has completely eliminated the fleas and Sentinel for worms. We had her tested and she doesn’t have Heartworms.

Two of her front teeth are very loose and need to come out, she is also intact and has 6-8 mammary tumors so surgery is needed to remove them, spay her, remove the front teeth and also some growths on her skin.

Little Sadie the dog

The vet checked right away for a microchip but didn’t find one. Several weeks ago there was another stray dropped off in our little town and ended up getting hit and killed on the highway before someone could help her. We didn’t want that to happen to Sadie. She seems to be a mix of Papillon and either Terrier or Poodle and is very smart. She adores Builder Bob and wants to be near him all the time. Surprisingly, she seems to like men more than women. We have both noticed that she will cower when we reach down to pick her up, she does better if we bend down first.

I know we should probably look harder for her owner but……someone didn’t take very good care of her.  Sadie will going in for surgery next week and we will be able to get everything done at the same time, there will be a biopsy done to make sure none of the tumors are cancerous. Can you tell we are already in love with this little cutie?

Connie Signature

Fall tablerunner made with the Sea Canyon collection of batiks

Fall table runner made with the Sea Canyon collection of batiks.

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  1. The Sea Canyon runner is a beauty Connie!
    I’m already in love with little Sadie. She has a guardian angel for sure, that helped her find you and Builder Bob!

  2. Connie Dear I am so grateful you and Builder Bob have rescued little Sadie. Your hearts are huge to take on her issues. She knows she is loved now! Island Batiks are always so beautiful and this Sea Canyon table runner shows them off. It also shows your amazing quilt stitching…love the feathers. Falling into Autumn Bliss…

  3. That is a beautiful runner. I love your feather quilting on it.

    Sadie is one very lucky pooch. She is darling and I hope you have many happy years ahead with her.

  4. Love the table runner and your quilting is superb! Sadie looks like such a sweetie, she’s lucky to have you and Builder Bob in her life.

  5. I love the runner Connie! The center square color is just gorgeous!

    What a sweet little dog. Poor thing the way she’s been taken care of. ๐Ÿ™ So sad and frustrating to think anyone would do that.

    My ex had a dog he brought to my house before we were married and his dog had fleas. My house became infested with them and then got into the wool carpet that was in the home when I bought it from my Dad. It was my Grandparent’s home before I bought it years ago. The fleas got SO bad and so hard to get rid of them from my home that I’d step my foot down onto the floor in the morning and my ankle would actually turn black from all the fleas jumping onto my foot/ankle. I had to flea bomb that house every six weeks for about 4 months before they were finally gone. They are miserable little things to get rid of. Of course, I was young and didn’t realize spraying them with a name brand spray from the store wasn’t going to do it. The vet even told me that brand I’d been using didn’t work on them and actually encouraged breeding. ACK! Anyway, if that dog was in your house I hope you don’t have fleas in your carpeting or anywhere else the dog was. Geez, just thinking about that years ago and typing it has me itching. LOL

    Love the Pelican the little boy gave you. Super sweet for you and memories of Peli, I’m sure..

  6. Beautiful quilting on the runner! Sounds to me that Sadie was meant to find you and has a forever home. Hope all of her health issues get straightened out so she can live a happy healthy life. Nothing quite like the unconditional love of a dog.

  7. The table runner is lovely and your feathers are beautiful. Sadie is a lucky little girl and she does look so sweet. You and Builder Bob are soft hearted and that’s a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree that her previous owners didn’t take very good care of her and she deserves a new, loving home. I think there is also a good possibility that someone just dumped her. ๐Ÿ™

  8. Bless you for caring for Sadie. Your table runner is very pretty and the pelican an appropriate and adorable little gift.

  9. Beautiful runner Connie and I love your Pelli look alike on it! Sweet new addition to your family.
    Hopefully surgery fixes her all up and she enjoys her life in a very special home.

  10. She’s adorable and so lucky to have found you and Builder Bob. The runner is very pretty, love Island Batik. Our next collection from Island Batik is on it’s way!

  11. Such a simple pattern, but the beautiful quilting just just makes this sparkle. Sadie is very lucky that someone so caring took her in.

  12. I’m learning to quilt feathers on my domestic machine, and I’m finding it to be a lot of fun, too. Sadie is a sweetie! We also have three cast-off dogs who have adopted us and became our family. The vet bills sure cut into my quilting budget! We are out in the country, and when town dogs are no longer wanted, they are dumped in the country… “Farmer’s can always use another dog” seems to be the mentality. Sadie is a lucky little lady to have you and Bob the Buidler for her new peeps!

  13. The table runner looks great. I just got my Quiltmaker so must go back and look at it again as I love this block. Bless you for taking in poor little Sadie. We took in a stray cat about five years ago and spent tons of money on vet bills, but don’t regret a penny.

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