Scrappy Quilt Blocks

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Do you enjoy making scrappy quilt blocks? It is a great way to use up every single little piece of your beautiful fabrics.

A couple of months ago I showed you the scrappy quilt blocks I started working on while I was organizing my fabric scraps.

Scrappy Quilt Blocks both of them
Two different scrappy quilt blocks

I finally finished the quilt and really like the way it looks. I went down in the woods before all of the snow melted for some photos.

Scrappy Squares batik quilt in woods
Scrappy Batik Quilt in the Woods

It is always fun to see how a block can look different just by changing the way you use colors in the blocks. All the blocks in this quilt are the same but look a bit different.

Scrappy Blocks quilt in the snow
Scrappy Blocks quilt in the snow

The quilt blocks are made from my batik scraps and are 10-inch blocks that use 2½-inch squares and 2½-inch by 4½-inch rectangles.

This photo lets you see the batiks that I used. Some have large prints in them and others are more of a tone on tone. The background batik was a bolt I bought several years ago in Minnesota and I am almost out of it.

Many of the other batik scraps are from quilts that I made when I was an ambassador for Island Batik. I loved working with all of their beautiful fabrics.

If you don’t have a lot of scraps, a batik charm pack cut into 2½-inch squares will add a lot of variety to your scrap quilt.

Scrappy quilt block sections
Scrappy quilt block layout

Scrappy Block #1

The first scrappy block has more of the background fabric.

Each block is made from:

  • 8 – 2½-inch squares – background fabric
  • 4 – 2½-inch x 4½-inch rectangles – background fabric
  • 9 – 2½-inch squares – assorted colors
Scrappy quilt block number 1
Scrappy quilt block number 1

Scrappy Block #2

The second scrappy block has more of the colorful fabrics.

Each block is made from:

  • 17 – 2½-inch squares – assorted colors
  • 4 – 2½-inch x 4½-inch rectangles – background fabric
Scrappy quilt block number 2
Scrappy quilt block number 2

40 x 50 Quilt

The size of this quilt is 40 x 50 which is a nice size for a baby quilt or a lap quilt.

This is also a manageable size to quilt on your own sewing machine. I am using my vintage 15-91 Singer. I always place a table behind my sewing machine to help support the quilt while I am quilting it.

Quilting the scrappy quilt
Quilting the scrappy quilt

For the last couple of days, we worked on putting up a fence in the backyard for Mr. Mickey. Now I can go outside and work on the flower beds or sit on the deck and he can be with me.

Once again you can see that he isn’t interested in posing, just one little smile….please.

Scrappy Block quilt with Mr. Mickey the dog
Scrappy Block quilt with dog

I took the photo of Mr. Mickey and this one just this morning. Our snow is all gone but it sounds like tonight we’re going to get a snow storm again. I am ready for spring!

Scrappy Block quilt on deck rail
Scrappy Block quilt on deck rail

Be sure to look at my River Scraps quilt for another great way to use up your fabric scraps.

A quilt pattern with larger sizes of quilts will be coming soon as this is a great way to use up your scraps! If you have an AccuQuilt GO! cutter, the 2½-inch square die will make cutting up your fabrics fast and easy!

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Bobbie Parsons says:

    Hi Connie. Thanks again for your great ideas. I make quite a few community quilts, so those scrappy blocks are very useful to me. I’m in New Zealand and I’m always sharing your wonderful site.

  2. I really like your scrappy quilt it is very pretty. Good job on that!! I like all the things you tell us that’s happening at your place. We can share with you
    that makes it so nice. Thank You Barb

  3. Elaine Powney says:

    Thanks for your tutorials and patterns. During covid time I’ve been trying to use up my stash on still lovely quilts. I have made your scrappy butterfly quilt from bright batiks as you illustrated. Then I have also made a quilt using river scraps blocks. Keep on inspiring all the quilters who receive yor emails with lots of interesting samples.
    Elaine from Canada

  4. I love that quilt and will definitely be making it in the near future. Do you always just pin around the outside edges of the quilt before quilting?

    1. Hi Barb, no I pin all over the quilt. Usually I space it about every 5 inches and always start quilting in the center. Good luck!

  5. I love all of your projects and Mr. Mickey is a wonderful addition to your pics. I also enjoyed seeing the wildlife around your house this past winter.

  6. Roxy Sherburne says:

    Dear Connie: The Scrappy Batik quilt is beautiful! Mr. Mickey looks quilt pleased too!

  7. Great scrappy quilt!

  8. Hi Connie,
    What a wonderful scrappy quilt! Sure do like it a lot! Great idea. Yes, it is amazing what a seemingly small change will do.

    I wonder what would become if you combined your River scrap block with something else?

    Oh how I do like my Accuquilt Cutter. Saves time as well as several body parts. Making useful shapes quickly is fabulous.

    Silly Mr. Mickey as he really is a cutie.

  9. Michele B says:

    Such a beautiful way to use up small pieces of fabric. I’m always looking for simple, easy scrap patterns to sew up while my mind is designing the next more complicated quilt.

  10. I love your quilt design! I have enough scraps to make this quilt. One question, though: how much background fabric should I purchase if I want to use the same background throughout? Thank you.

  11. Trying to use up my stash as fast as possible so I can completely switch over to batiks! Only made a couple of quilts in batiks (I keep falling in love with prints at the store of puppies and trains and….) I want to make GROWN UP quilts. This above quilt may be scrappy to you but it looks like a well planned work of art – and Mr. M. the Curator of the Collection! He is so CUTE!!!!

  12. I really like scrappy quilts and yours turned out just great. Thanks for sharing. What I like most about scrappy quilts is that you can’t make a mistake and anything works! Have a great day!

  13. Doreen Sherk says:

    I really like your scrappy blocks, I have so many scraps, I think your idea will be a good way to use them up. I have been making crumb blocks, which are fun, but I am getting tired of them for now. Thanks for sharing.
    I love your little Micky

    1. I think it is always fun to work on two or more projects and quilt blocks at once. Mr. Mickey thanks you!

  14. That is a terrific scrappy quilt and that background just picks up all of the colors. Great choice!