Scrappy Blue Table Runner

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I was going through my table runners and came across this one that was probably one of the first table runners I ever shared on my website. I decided to update the photos and I have a feeling I’ll be remaking it again soon.

When I first wrote about this table runner, I said that the fabrics are at least 12 years old. Well, that was in 2011 so now the fabrics are 22 years old and I know I still have some in my stash.

14-inches x 28-inches

The finished table runner ended up being about 14-inches x  28 inches. It is a little too big for this end table and please ignore the crease as it has been folded for quite a while.

Scrappy tablerunner by window with birdfeeders

Mr. Mickey really wasn’t interested in posing but he was boxed in so I quickly snapped a photo.

Mr. Mickey by the scrappy table runner

The funny thing about this table runner is that I pulled out my box of scraps and found 3 strips from another quilting project and decided to use them. It is always fun to find leftovers and make something else with them.

blue fabric strips sewn together

I don’t even remember what I was looking for but when I saw these I thought okay, this will work for the challenge that Angela from Soscrappy does every month. By the way, she still continues to do her Scrappy challenge!

Piecing the table runner

The strips were 2½ inches by the width of the fabric and sewn in a set of 4 with a ¼ inch seam allowance which made the piece 8½ inches wide.

I sub-cut several sets at 2 inches and pieced them together but didn’t like the look, too boring. (I still didn’t know what I wanted to make). I sub-cut the rest of the strips into 2 ½ x 8½ inch sections

Then I took some muslin scraps out and cut them 1¾ inches and added a sashing between the sets, I liked that look.  I pieced them all together and decided I would make a runner as I love runners!

It wasn’t wide enough and I still had 1½ inch strips of the muslin left so I put on a border with the muslin and then added another border made from the rest of the 2½ inch blocks.

Back in 2011, I used to take a lot of my old fabric and cut it up into fat quarters so I used two of the same navy blue print and sewed them together for the backing. I added Warm & Natural batting and then free-motion quilted it on my 15-91 Singer sewing machine.

Here it is all quilted, I tried pebbling yesterday on another challenge I am doing and I really love it! It does take time though. I did it on the muslin and did a squiggly meander on the blocks.

Closeup of the quilting on table runner

I had to include a picture of the backing as I thought it looked kind of neat. I used a cream thread on the muslin and a navy blue thread on the prints.

Quilting on back of table runner

Self binding

I had purposely left the backing big as I decided to use it for the binding. I trimmed up my batting and then cut the backing leaving 1 inch all around. Then I folded it in half, starched it, and folded it again over my quilt top.  Starching really helped it lay nice. You have to be very careful when cutting the batting so you don’t cut the backing fabric.

self binding on table runner

It isn’t quite big enough for this trunk but I thought it made a nice picture. This trunk belonged to my great-grandmother which held all her belongings when she moved from Norway to the USA. I have loved this trunk since I was a little girl and my grandmother gave it to me before she passed.

Antique chest with table runner on it

Here is a photo showing the binding folded to the front and then stitched down. I kept the table runner on that old trunk for quite a while and I noticed today when I took this new photo that you can see how the fabrics have faded. Look at the back and then the self-binding. I remember I had the trunk in front of a window.

self binding faded on table runner

View outside

I thought it would be fun to take some new photos of the table runner outside and also let you see the beautiful fire pit area that Bob built.

Firepit and table runner

I had fun planting flowers behind the wall but wasn’t able to get the plants in until late June when the wall was done.

table runner by castor bean plant

Castor Beans

I bet you are wondering what kind of plant that is! I have been planting Castor Beans for over 14 years and always love the way they look like a tropical plant. Normally these would be about 8 feet tall by now. I know the plant is poisonous so I will be careful to pick the seeds before they fall on the ground as I don’t want the deer to eat them.

Table runner on brick wall by plants

I can’t wait for cooler nights and fires!

table runner and view of backyard firepit

I think it would be fun to remake this table runner and use 2½ inch blocks for the center part as well. I could even make a larger one to fit on this table by Iggy.

Table runner by Iggy the eagle

I almost forgot this! There was one piece of scrap left and I used it to make a checkbook cover. Nowadays very few people carry a checkbook, do you?

Checkbook cover from scraps

I think a scrappy table runner made with red scraps would be perfect on the coffee table by my red, I mean wine leather couch.

runner on the ground

Were you wondering how I found the table runner from 2011 after three house moves? I have a room downstairs that holds all of my quilts. I have one or two shelves that are just table runners so it makes it easy to find something.

Another scrappy table runner you might like is my Sherbet Stripes table runner tutorial.

Quilt stash

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  1. Praying for Mr Mickey- it’s hard when our babies are sick. Love your new deck and especially the Norway trunk. What a wonderful gift and story. May you all have a Blessed day

  2. I have some of this blue fabric in my stash! Might have to make a table runner too.

  3. Lovely table runners, all of them!!! Such a pleasant, inviting yard!!!!!!!!! If my yard looked even close to your site, I would live outdoors!!! Thanks for sharing the beauty. The castor bean plants were once plentiful in Florida when I was little one. Now, in North Central Florida, I can’t find any. The leaves were wetted down in cool water and used to cover the body and lower fever temperature. For some unexplained reason, every Summer I would get a fever. This worked!!!! Yes, berries are poisonous…….. Enjoy your beautiful yard and keep sharing your many talents with us.

    1. Thanks for the interesting info on the Castor Bean plants! Few people grow them even around here.

  4. It looks like we both blues fabrics. I also have a couple of the same blue fabrics you used in the table runner.
    Have a blessed day, knowing that you are loved by GOD .
    John 3:16

  5. I made your Scrappy Table runner for Halloween. Turned out cute! Thanks for the inspiration! I’d post a picture but not sure if you allow that.

  6. Hi Connie:
    Another beautiful project. I like table runners and placemats.
    Small enough for me to manage.
    If that trunk could talk, I am sure it could tell some beautiful stories. I have little glass plates that were my grandmothers..
    I like the idea of a cheque book cover, yes, I still carry a cheque book along with my credit and debit card. Old school I guess. Some places like a cheque.
    The fire pit is lovely. You and Builder Bob are very talented.
    The flower gardens are very nice and I do like castor beans but do not grow them as I know they are poison. I have young nieces and nephews that come to visit. I would hate for them to get sick from them.
    Glad Mr. Mickey is feeling some better. He does a good job at posing.
    I enjoyed your video of the deer. What kind of tree was the deer trying to reach something on?
    We have deer come to our fields and also wild turkey with their young. Nice to see for sure.
    So glad you are back quilting and blogging. You have had a lot of changes and it is not easy. However life goes on and we have to keep strong. Quilting is good for the mind and the soul.
    I really appreciate the time you take to share all your beautiful work. You have a good eye for colour.
    Thank You.
    Take care and keep quilting.
    All the best.
    Shirley in Ontario Canada

  7. I love the simplicity of this runner. Like Kathleen and Mary, I have that blue floral in my stash, and it wasn’t a recent purchase. haha Brings back memories of the craft show projects I made with it years ago. As a “neighbor” from MN I change seasons with you and enjoy the year-round beauty of your property(s). Just one question: How do you keep the deer out of your hostas by the house? I don’t encourage them to come into my yard, but they come anyway and love our “salad bar” of hostas, hydrangeas, and lilies. They have even come up the steps of the deck to sample the geraniums in the pots just outside the patio door.

    1. Hi Sue J
      If you use slivered bar hand soap. Just put it on the place where leaf meets stem the deer will not eat your plants. We had the same problem. The deer ate my phlox and sedum.
      Never bothered the hydrangea. I tried the soap and it work.
      Some people also spray bobbex around.

  8. Kathleen McCormick says:

    So many fun things in this post! I love the runner and remember that blue floral print very well. The runner is an easy one and so versatile. I love seeing your stash of quilts. And of course, your perfect use of leftovers in a book cover.

  9. Susana Lopez says:

    OMG love the Fire Pit wish I hat room for one like that.
    Mr Michey look gorgeous even he was not on the mood.’
    Love the Table Runner, I do Know I have some strips somewhere, you have given me a fantastic Idea, Thank U so much.

  10. I recognized your Castor Bean plants right away. When I was young my mother planted them one year and I never forgot how impressive the plant is.

  11. Robyn Lidstone says:

    I’m fast becoming a Table Runner addict. I need to hurry down to East Coast Fabrics not too far from where I live to find some blue fabrics. That’s three table runner works in progress. With me it’s inspiration -vs- time for sewing.

    Thanks Connie. I love this design. It’s wonderful to see the runner photographed all around your lovely property and especially with adorable Mister Mickey.

  12. Thank you for all the projects you share. I love the blue table runner and I think I have everything I need to make it. Table runners and mug rugs are 2 of my favorite things to do between big projects.
    Thanks again,

  13. Mary Walters says:

    Hi Connie!
    I love your blue tablerunner very much. So much that I found the same fabrics in my ‘fabric stash’ from years gone by. Our stashes would be great friends. Thanks for sharing your patterns and photos. Happy stitching!

    Oh amost forgot, I do not like using the seam ripper either. Its my least ‘favorite’ quilting tool.


  14. Thank you Connie for sharing your lovely quilt project with us. I always look forward to reading about what you are up to and an update on Mr. Mickey. Nice job on the pebbling and improvising on the table runner project! I prefer table runners and smaller projects as well.
    The fire pit came out lovely and I hope you can enjoy many fall evenings there. Bob is very talented and so are you!🥰

    Mary from Michigan ✋🏼

  15. I love table runners too, especially this one – BLUE!!!! – I have a couple small ones I use on the kitchen counter top so I don’t scratch the finish. Then I have a few small ones (placemats really) that I do the same in the bathroom, keeps things from rolling, sliding and getting away from me. Hope you had some time in the yard this year with all the heat/rain. Still steamy in Chicago. I quilt all day and garden at night! Hello to Super Model Mr. Mickey who looks great! Thanks for the great ideas!

  16. What a darling table runner! You seem to come up with good ideas all the time and I do get inspiration to try some of those projects. You have a beautiful home and I hope you are able to spend a few seasons there to get the full effect of the area. Good luck with your decision.

  17. Barbara Guarniere says:

    What a beautiful property you have. I love your fire pit, the wall behind it and all your plantings. That is a lot of work that you and Builder Bob put into your “paradise”! How could you want to move already!! You are just getting settled!
    And I also love the scrappy blue table runner. That will be one of my next projects.
    Thanks for showing us pictures of your lovely property, sewing room and sharing all your quilt projects with us. I really enjoy your blog!

  18. Ellen Hutchinson says:

    I love the table runner, Connie. Thanks for all the good photos. I certainly hope you do not move again. I just love the look of your place and you have put so much work into it. Mr. Bob also. Keep finding the good stuff. Ellen❤️😎

  19. I’ve the table runner. Beautiful job!