Save the Bees BOM Block Two

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Are you ready to take part in Jacquelynne Steve’s FREE block of the month! It is the Save The Bees BOM and I have finished block one and two. There are four blocks in this BOM and it will finish in December. There is still time to join in, you are going to want to make this!Save the Bees BOM block 2

Save the Bees Block Two

The Block Of the Month patterns are free for a limited time but you must sign up to receive them by email. Be sure to visit this page on her website and get signed up. You are going to really enjoy this! Did I mention that there will be giveaways! Keep reading to find out what the giveaway for September is.

Be sure and visit Jacquelynne’s Save the Bees Block 2 post the month and see her block.
Save the Fee Free block of the Month
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Jacquelynne has done a great job of getting this BOM all organized and her block pattern is very easy to follow.

Save the Bees BOM block 2

Olfa also sent each of the quilters taking part in the Save the Bees Block of the Month a new Olfa Splash rotary cutter, a folding cutting mat and a 6½” Olfa Frosted ruler. Thanks so much Olfa and Jacquelynne!

I normally use the 28mm Olfa rotary cutter and bought my first one when they first came on the market in 1979! This is something every quilter should have in their quilt room.

Save the Bees Block of the Month Olfa quilting supplies I had some perfect batiks in my stash that I have received from Island Batik, have I mentioned how much I enjoy being an ambassador for them?

The blocks are fun to make and Jacquelynne’s directions are easy to follow.

Save the Bees Block 2 cutting the blocks

When I did the stitching on my raw edge applique, I forgot to add the black stripes on the little bee’s body when I made block one so I decided to do the same thing with this block.Save the Bees BOM block 2 and block 1

I grabbed one of my Micron pens which are a permanent ink and colored in the stripes. I also did the antennas this way. Save the Bees BOM block 2 bumblebee

September Block Two Giveaway!

The prize for September will be a copy of the Carpenter’s Apprentice pattern courtesy of EvaPaige Quilt Designs and the Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmers courtesy of New Leaf Stitches.

Save the Bees BOM Giveaway September 2018
Giveaway ends September 9th at midnight CST.

To enter the giveaway just leave me a comment letting me know if you have ever used permanent markers to do some of your applique or embroidery. Thanks!

Congrats to the winner! Sandra!



If you missed my first Save the Bees block – be sure and take a look at it!
Connie Signature
You can also post photos of your block to Jacquelynne’s Facebook group Sew Quilty Friends.

Here is the list of quilt bloggers that will be taking part in the Save the Bees BOM

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  1. I have used permanent markers on fabric crafts before but not on a quilt. Although the way I use them on fabric with youth would make an excellent quilt!

  2. I had never used a pen to draw lines until I saw your block #1 when you used it on the bee. I immediately ordered one from Amazon and drew my lines on my bee! What a great tip! Thanks

  3. Hola, me encanta tus bloques en batiks. Olfa está muy presente en mi cuarto de costura y de los cuatro cutters que tengo, mí preferido es el de 28 mm. Nunca he usado marcadores permanentes en un quilt. Sólo algunas veces en las etiquetas. Un saludo

  4. I have used them for signing and labeling the back of my quilts – but had not thought about using them on the front

    will definitely have to try this!

  5. I have never used permanent markers on the front of a project before as part of the design; only for the label. It is a great idea. Thank you for showing us this option because I will surely find an opportunity to use this idea. You fabric color choices are really nice – I wouldn’t have thought to use them together. I am always fascinated by how color and design can work together in ways that I would not have tried myself. Beautiful!

  6. I’ve used permanent markers for ’embroidery’ so I could have color behind the stitching but haven’t used them in a long time. I use fabric markers to make the labels for all of my quilts.

  7. I don’t embroider or do much applique, I can’t imagine using a permanent marker unless it were for labels, signatures or to hide a sewing boo boo. 😉

  8. HI Connie, yes I have used permanent markers in my quilting. I like to use the Macron pens when writing out my labels in a fine print. I have also used other fabric pens to add details and hide any oopses along the way.

  9. I have not used permanent markers with applique, although seeing how you used it is a great idea! I have used it to sign names for a quilt for my Grandmother when she went into a nursing home. That was many years ago and Many Many washings ago and it is still legible!

  10. I have used permanent markers on my quilt labels, but for embroidery I use disappearing markers by flexion for hand embroidery then iron and marks disappear.

  11. I have used an extra fine sharpie to make stitch marks on appliqued quilt wall hangings. They don’t bleed and they don’t fade.

  12. I haven’t used pens/markers on any of my projects yet. I never thought to do that. Thank you for the great idea. Your block is beautiful.

  13. My husband has used them to color black and white print blocks which I have then used in quilts.
    I also use them for labels and to “hide” a misplaced top stitch!

  14. Connie, You are teaching this “old dog” new tricks every time I read your blog. No, I have not tried using permanent markers as embroidiery. What a time saver and especially for those of us who have perfectionistic tendencies and are not pleased with our embroidery efforts. What a great stress reliever! I just (that’s a four letter word) have to put my fabric over the pattern on my light box and trace and VOILA!!!! as close to the intent of the pattern designer as I can duplicate. In my words, P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N and it was easy. Thank you for a great tip and a stress reducer for a quick and easy fix, especially for a whimsical project.

  15. I never thought to use a permanent marker in applique and embroidery designs. I have used them on quilt labels on the back of quilts. Thank-you for the great idea. I am going to ‘give it a go!’

  16. I have never used permanent markers on a quilt project. Sounds like an awesome idea — I can think of a few projects in the past that would have looked much nicer if I have used markers. Thank you,.

  17. I haven’t tried that, Connie, but this won’t be the first thing I’ve learned from you!
    Your blocks look great, by the way. I love the combination of the bright colors and the black.

  18. I have used perm. markers for my quilt labels but not embroidery or applique.I also have used markers for lettering and small details on my hand painted ornaments. works great!

  19. I use permanent markers to make labels sometimes and sometimes I’ve use markers to cover up a blank spot in my quilting or colored the threads on a motif so they can blend in instead of having a contrasting thread color showing. sylvia

  20. I have only used the markers for labels but will definitely keep in mind that they can be useful otherwise. I admire your beautiful creations.

  21. I love your fabric choices, especially the red and pink! I’ve used markers to add dots to a fabric that was just not fitting in the quilt I used it in. The dots toned down the fabric a bit and added some nice design!

  22. I have never used a marker, but I have used a pen for my labels and to sign the dolls I have made as gifts. I mark my quilts/embroidery with a pencil like my grandmother did….

  23. I have fabric markers and micron pens for those little oopsies that seem to happen. I do a lot of machine embroidery and they work great to cover if bobbin threads pull up.

  24. Yes, I have used permanent markers on my embroidery. When I first started to do machine embroidery, some of the designs didn’t turn out right and I had to “outline” them a bit. I also use them for some quilt labels.

  25. I have used permanent fabric markers to touch up where my machine embroidery had a small glitch. I’ve also used markers occasionally for quilt labels, but I’d rather embroider them!

  26. I have never used permanent markers on a quilt before-but what a superior idea. I have often steered away from projects that looked to intricate in the applique/embroidery area. Using a pen is GENIUS!! Bring on those patterns!

  27. I use permanent markers for applique all the time, marking directly on the fabric before cutting. I leaned to use very fine markers when doing applique in the Baltimore style also to enhance parts of a block, fun to do.

  28. I used my pen to color in the bee on the first block this is the first time I’ve ever used the pen! Love your colors!!

  29. I never even thought of using a marker. Worried that after so many washings it would wear off. Maybe I’ll try it.
    Thanks – and your blocks are gorgeous!

  30. I have used permanent markers to cover up background fabric that shows through on machine embroidery. Haven’t used them on quilt blocks…….yet!

  31. I have never used permanent markers for quilting. I was wondering how the stripes were added to the bee, so I may try this.

  32. I’ve not used the permanent marker for embroidery but have used it for marking labels. I like the idea though because I am not very practiced in those small hand stitches.

  33. I have used permanent markers in applique. I like to finish applique using the satin stitch method of sewing around the pieces. My sewing machine sometimes has trouble keeping the stiches very close together, so I fill in the less dense spaces with permanent marker. Thanks!

  34. I usually use the markers for the quilt tag on the back. I’ve never used one on a block, but it is a novel idea, I’ll be trying this out! Thank you for the suggestion.

  35. I have not used fabric markers on a quilt as this is my 1st quilt. When I was a little girl, my mother sold Cameo paints & she did allow me & my Camp Fire Girl troop to paint on pellon with them. She also painted 12 x 12 flower blocks & made a quilt out of them in 1970. She still has this quilt on her bed.

  36. Yes, I have used permanent marker as well fabric markers and colored pencils and paint in my embroidery and quilting.

  37. Oh Yes those markers can sure be a life saver – hide whoopsie’s and many other things..
    Thanks for such a nice give away..

  38. I have not used markers on my quilts but have considered using them on my quilt labels, instead of hand embroidering them.

  39. Love your blocks with the Island batiks–perfect colors! I have used markers for touch up on spots where my embroidery has missed the mark. I also use it for labeling many of my quilts.

  40. I have never used perm markers – still afraid they really are not all that permanent! Used them on our Thanksgiving table cloth – everyone adds what they are thankful for the past year. Fun to read the past each year. After only 3 years several lists have faded. Now I am trying to recreate them by trying to read and embroider them.

  41. I have used permanent markers to ‘fix’ a missed spot of embroidery, LOL.

    I appreciate your encouragement and made some adorable raw edge appliqued deer head blocks for a sweet young friend who requested a lap quilt. Thank you!!

  42. I have definitely used permanent markers to cover little mistakes on machine embroidery! I also use the micron pigma pen on my quilt labels.

  43. hi – yes I have used permanent markers as a filler and for details. I use them all the time to make my labels.

  44. I have used permanent markers on my projects to “fill in” some bare spots where my embroidery didn’t quite cover. It’s tricky sometimes to get the ink color to match, so I have to be careful! Those bee’s antennae’s are tricky little buggers to stitch, so I may have a go with markers on block #2!

  45. NO more markers on my quilts–only pencil–I heard a horror story about a lady in Arizona who left her quilt in her trunk, and ALL of her markings reappeared, permanently, on her quilt… ugh.

  46. I’ve used fabric markers several time too add accents like eyes, that I don’t trust my embroidery skills for adding.

  47. Why, yes, yes, I have!! I heartily dislike embroidery so the Pigma Pens have been wonderful!!! Love your solution to the problem…simply elegant!!!

  48. I have never used a permanent marker for my quilting or embroidery. I use those that air dry or was away with water if need be.

  49. Hi,
    I have used PIGMA Micron pens for marking my quilt labels and on some quilts for eyes and very tiny marks on a design. They do not bleed. Saves a lot of work.

  50. Love the vibrant colors in your blocks! As a beginner quilter, long time sewer, I have not utilized permanent fabric markers to date. However, I do plan on signing my Save The Bees quilt once it is finished so am looking forward to using this medium as it will be a new experience for me in my quilting adventures.

  51. Have never used permanent markers but use Frixion pens to mark my hand embroidery lines. These disappear when you iron the project.

  52. I haven’t used permanent markers for my quilting projects, the idea is new to me. I am definitely going to try it out. I am not crazy about hand sewing so the markers may be just what I am looking for.

  53. I’ve used permanent markers to cover seam thread color if showing and also to mark details on applique I didn’t want to use thread to do.

  54. I have used permanent markers only once in a quilting project. It was for a signature quilt I made for my daughter.

  55. Hello Connie, Your block is so pretty! Yes, I believe that I have used fabric markers on a few of my quilting applique projects. Another item I have used are crayons. Yet, being a long term hand embroidery lover, that is my first choice. Using free motion machine embroidery is another technique that is quite fun to do. After I finish attaching my sashing today, I am going to get busy on these blocks for I do not get any farther behind! Thank you for sharing your great projects and details! Have a splendid Labor Day!!

  56. I have used permanent markers in my art quilts. Sometimes I use a heavy black mark to imitate stitching. I also use it to highlight areas of animal expressions.

  57. Yes, I have used them to make labels, help machine applique look a little cleaner, and to add little accents to a quilt.I have also used them to sign signature quilts and blocks for friends that are moving away.

  58. Yes I have usd ink on my appliqués. Used it last month on save the bees and I used a red pen and some alcohol to make rosy cheeks for a Santa wall hanging.

  59. I’ve never used permanent markers on my quilting projects. I can see where that would come in handy sometimes.

  60. Never has used markers but after last month hearing about them I ordered the gel roller pens, have not tried them yet ! Thanks

  61. Yep. I have used permanent markers….usually for embroidery patterns…like redwork. I trace with the fine tipped red marker and stitch away.

  62. HI, mostly I have used markers for people to sign quilts but i have in some case used it for small details usually I do embroider the lines

  63. Yes, I have used permanent marker in place of embroidery and/or to supplement it. Love your Island Batiks in this Save the Bees Quilt. Can’t wait to see your finished quilt. I am using contemporary fabrics in shades/patterns of pink, purple, green–with a touch of white.

  64. I’ve never used a perm marker on a quilt, but I love hand needlework so much I don’t think I ever would. I used to play make and sell dolls and I used them on the faces.

  65. I have been super hesitant to use permanent markers; concerned about bleeding into the threads. Did try it once with success on a mug rug. 🙂

  66. Yes, I used a permanent marker recently to black out the quilt stitches on my bat and black cat silhouettes on a Halloween quilt. Have also used them for quilt labels.

  67. I have used permanent marker for small details on kid’s quilts and such. I have tried it for larger details such as tendrils but usually end up embroidering over the lines because I do not get the impact I want. If I have used a fine enough marker the lines do not detract from the embroidery and serve as a stitching line.

  68. I have never used permanent markers on fabric. I actually have never even thought of using them like this. Such a good idea!

  69. I have never used permanent markers on my embroidery or applique. Guess I should give it a try. Thanks for sharing your block with us.

  70. No, I’ve never used permanent markers for embroidery. However, I have used permanent markers to “cover” little issues in blocks.

  71. Yes I do use permanent pens with my quilting. It makes it easier to make lines in small places. I also enjoy your works. I follow you on P interest.

  72. I have never used permanent markers for my projects, but I have used special fabric markers for memory quilts. I made a memory quilt for both of my daughters as a “guest book”. There were white spaces in the quilts that wedding guests signed. The markers worked well because they didn’t bleed.

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