Save the Bees BOM Block One

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Are you ready to take part in Jacquelynne Steve’s FREE block of the month! It is the Save The Bees BOM and I have just finished block one. There are four blocks in this BOM and it will finish in December. You are going to want to make this!Save the Bees Block of the Month Block One on bench

Save the Bees Block One

The Block Of the Month patterns are free but you must sign up to receive them by email. Be sure to visit this page on her website and get signed up. You are going to really enjoy this! Did I mention that there will be giveaways! Keep reading to find out what the giveaway for this month is.
Save the Fee Free block of the Month
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Jacquelynne has done a great job of getting this BOM all organized and her block pattern is very easy to follow.

Save the Bees Block of the Month Block One with pattern and fabrics

Olfa also sent each of the quilters taking part in the Save the Bees Block of the Month a new Olfa Splash rotary cutter, a folding cutting mat and a 6½” Olfa Frosted ruler. Thanks so much Olfa and Jacquelynne!

I normally use the 28mm Olfa rotary cutter and bought my first one when they first came on the market in 1979! This is something every quilter should have in their quilt room.

Save the Bees Block of the Month Olfa quilting supplies I had some perfect batiks in my stash that I have received from Island Batik, have I mentioned how much I enjoy being an ambassador for them?

Save the Bees Block of the Month Block One fabric and Olfa cutter and board

It took no time at all to cut out the applique flower and bee as Jacquelynne has all the pattern pieces already reversed for you.

Save the Bees Block of the Month Olfa quilting supplies for applique cutting

When I did the stitching on my raw edge applique, I forgot to add the black stripes on the little bee’s body.Save the Bees Block of the Month Block One closeup of the bee without black stripes

I grabbed one of my Micron pens which are a permanent ink and colored in the stripes. I also did the antennas this way. Save the Bees Block of the Month Block One closeup of the bee with black stripes

Another thing that Jacquelynne does and I do the same in my patterns, is to cut the half square triangle blocks (HST) a little bigger than needed. It is so easy to then trim them to the perfect size.Save the Bees Block of the Month Olfa quilting supplies for HSTs
Here is the list of quilt bloggers that will be taking part in the Save the Bees BOM

August Block One Giveaway

Win a copy of The Splendid Sampler book, courtesy of Martingale.

The Splendid Sampler
Giveaway ends August 12th at midnight CST.

Congratulations to Claudia who won the book!

Connie Signature
You can also post photos of your block to Jacquelynne’s Facebook group Sew Quilty Friends.

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Save the Bees Block of the Month Block #1

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  1. As a beginner, using fusible with different machine stitches on edges sounds interesting- Thank you Simone- All posts and instructions will be educational for me

  2. Judy Kiesow says:

    I’ve loved every block I’ve seen so far. It’s nice everyone is using different colors.

  3. Carol Remmick says:

    love the colors

  4. Stephanie Hall says:

    My favorite way to applique is by machine. When I was younger I did embroidery and applique quite a bit. Nowadays I don’t see well enough to do it by hand.

  5. Jenny Naylor says:

    Love your block!
    I will be using Heat n Bond and machine applique with a blanket Stitch. It is the easiest for me. But I love all ways of applique.

  6. Sandy Curtis says:

    I hand applique while I’m watching TV.

  7. Michele Fetter says:

    I like machine appliqué. I need to practice but prefer raw edge appliqué.

  8. I like to fuse the applique pieces and then zigzag around them. Sometimes I do hand applique. I like Karen Kay Buckley’s method.

  9. Jan Harbuck says:

    I love machine applique!

  10. I like to fuse the applique and machine stitch the edges.

  11. Susan Mincks says:

    I use heat n bond, cut out my shapes and iron them onto my fabric. Then I use a small blanket stitch on my machine to sew in place.

  12. Angela Hagen says:

    My favorite applique method is fusible web together with a machine zick-zack stich.

  13. Laura Sloan says:

    I’ve never actually done applique. Honestly, I’m a little intimidated by it – but I should probably just bite the bullet and give it a try.

  14. Darling block, Connie — and great idea with the micron pen! It was perfect for the antennas! I like to do all kinds of applique and don’t know that I could pick a favorite (hahaha — unless it was wool applique!) I think the end look you desire of the overall project determines the method. I will say that fusible is easiest for me!

  15. Linda Eatherton says:

    I like to use the fused method of applique. Then I use a machine blanket stitch around the edge of the pieces.

  16. Lois Kahns says:

    Imostly do machine applique. For me it looks the best and is easist.

  17. Glenda Morrow says:

    My favorite way to appliqué is by machine but I do appliqué by hand stitching as well.

  18. I enjoy hand stitching applique but will use machine blanket stitch if in a rush

  19. Bonnie Stalzer says:

    I don’t do a lot of appliqué but when I do I like to use fusible web and then hand embroider.

  20. Kathy Hooton says:

    This will be my first time doing appliqué..

  21. Teresa Knittingdancer says:

    I like to machine applique using the blanket stitch.

  22. I primarily use fusible with machine applique. I love the look of needle turn.

  23. I enjoy machine applique with fusible. I love the look of needle turn.

  24. Linda Cobarrubias says:

    I haven’t done applique in a long time. Last time I did it was needle turn but I haven’t decided how I’m going to do the applique for this quilt.

  25. Susan Scott says:

    I typically only do machine applique around the edges after I have fused the pieces to my fabric. I really like the way you stitched around the inside edges, I think I will give that a try.

  26. Jessica Thomas says:

    Appliqué is a really new technique for me, not sure I’ve found my best way yet. So far I do fusible applique with a blanket stitch, but I’ve seen some raw edge-free motion appliqué on some of the other blogs, and I think I’m going to try that! It looks really soft and sweet….and quicker!

  27. Jean Visser says:

    While I am in awe of quilts made with needle turn appliqué, I usually use an iron-on interfacing to the fabrics to speed up the process.

  28. I like finished edge, hand applique. Looking forward to trying his with raw edge.

  29. I have not done a lot of applique, however i’m looking forward to trying the raw edge method on this pattern.

  30. Machine….but Im not to accurate or good with any type of applique.

  31. I enjoy needle turn appliqué, but am intrigued by the raw edge appliqué. Your block is cheerful.

  32. Mary Jane Amirault says:

    Machine raw edge appliqué is my choice. I do not do a lot but enjoy it once in a while.

  33. I have to be honest, I am just learning to applique, so I have no idea what my favorite way is! Haha.

  34. I enjoy hand stitching needle turned applique and do most of my applique this way. If I do use fusible for applique I use a buttonhole stitch by hand or machine. Thanks for sharing and offering the opportunity to become an owner of the Splendid Sampler book.

    1. I like blanket stitch ….or needle turn if I have extra time..✂️✂️✂️

    2. I like blanket stitch..or needle turn ifvtime alows

  35. Jessica Thomas says:

    Appliqué is a. Rely learned technique for me, not sure I’ve found my best way yet. So far I do fusible applique with a blanket stitch, but I’ve seen some raw edge-free motion appliqué on some of the other blogs, and I think I’m going to try that! It looks really soft and sweet….and quicker!

  36. I try to avoid using fusibles if I can and prep leaves, bias stems, etc where I can. I can machine buttonhole fairly well but still need to work on my needle turn but blind applique stitching works for me.

  37. Su Jaynes says:

    Love going through my fat quarter collection. GO

  38. I like to do machine appliqué.

  39. Sharon Aurora says:

    I do raw edge hand applique. I don’t even want to try machine applique. It looks too complicated.

  40. Simone Thompson says:

    I love the way you designed your bee using the pen. Love that! My favorite applique technique is using fusible then finish the edges on my sewing machine with various stitches depending on the design.

  41. Love your bright block. I like to use fusible for applique. I’m not sure I have good enough vision to do the method that one turns under.

  42. Karin Callander says:

    I love your block! It’s so very cheerful! I have to admit, I might “cheat” a little, but my FAVORITE way to do applique is with my embroidery machine. It’s sssssoooooo soooo easy – just stitch out the tack down, lay down the fabric, hit go & stitch another tackdown, trim the fabric, stitch the finishing edge, and BAM! It’s done! Now, is that the way I do it most often? Oh, heck no! Usually, I do the reverse tracing, fusible, cut, press and machine stitch around it in some fashion. Often a nice tight satin stitch, sometimes a blanket stitch, and, rarely, a running stitch. Makes no matter, it’s all very relaxing to me! Thanks for putting my on to this BOM! Hope to get to it when we return from our summer travels!

  43. I prefer raw edge appliqué. I like to use my machine for everything. I like your choice of pink fabric. Has a very clean look. Thanks for the tutorial.

  44. Kiy Naylor says:

    I love to needle turn applique. I really enjoy hand needle work.

  45. Debbie Gruenbacher says:

    Machine applique is my current preferred method. Thanks for this opportunity!

  46. Heidi Story says:

    I’ve mainly done hand turn applique. I want to do some raw edge stitching but worry about it coming apart after too many washes. I love your colors! The pink and yellow are delightful 🙂

  47. I enjoy machine appliqué the best.

  48. Randi Lundberg says:

    I like raw edge appliqué. Sometimes I sew the edges with a basket stitch, other times a zigzag.

  49. Love your colorful block! I enjoy machine applique.

  50. I do machine applique as I have the most experience with that! Thank you!

  51. Lisa Galloway says:

    You will love this. I have never done applique! This project is going to be my first. Thanks for all of the tips.

  52. Cindy Shelley says:

    I like machine applique. I feel it is faster, and I have too many ufo’s to get done.

  53. Rebecca Herron says:

    I prefer needle turn.

  54. Donica Miller says:

    Looking forward to making this block.

  55. Janet McPherson says:

    I like to raw edge applique

  56. I prefer raw edge applique on my sewing machine. Love your color choices on your first block.

  57. CHARLOTTE KEY says:

    I like to use my acuquilt and dies to cut the shapes and then do raw edge applique with blanket stitch on the edges.

  58. I like fusible appliqué with either a machine blanket stitch or satin stitch.

  59. I love to hand applique. I have tried the raw edge, but didn’t like the way it looked after washings. I did the Craft Applique on a quilt with lots of little pieces. That worked out great, but I don’t want to make it my go to. Hand applique can be done anywhere, and especially at night when Hubby watches junk TV. I can just zone out on my stitching.

  60. Kaye Walker says:

    It depends on if I’m in a hurry or not. If in a hurry it’s machine applique, if not I will do needle turn and hand stitch in place. My favorite is working with wool and doing hand stitching.

  61. Kaye Hlavaty says:

    I just spent a day with a friend who taught me how to use invisible YLI thread to do machine applique with a tiny blanket stitch. It was great and is now my favorite!

  62. Lisa Byrd says:

    I usually do applique with my sewing machine. It’s faster and easier for me.

  63. Your block is so pretty. My favorite applique is fusible with machine blanket stitching.

  64. Ginabeth Young says:

    Needleturn appliqué is my favorite technique❣️

  65. MaryAnn Buske says:

    I do fuse and machine appliqué and love it. I like the batiks you have chosen very nice

  66. The freezer paper method.

  67. I’m a benniner, in the appliqué class we used a light weight iron-on stabilizer. I like it because it kept my flowers and leaves in place while I blanket stitched.

  68. Rebekah Newell says:

    I havent done any applique im new to quilting and this is my first bom!! Cant wait to see what else is to come!

  69. I use accuquilt dies and cut the fusible at the same time I cut the fabric.

  70. Diane Oubre says:

    I fell in love with heat & bond the first time i used it. i enjoyed your site. thank you

  71. Barbara Johnson says:

    I am old fashion and prefer to do the turn and hand stitch down.

  72. Most of my applique is fusible with buttonhole stitch. I have done the freezer paper and stitched down by machine. Haven’t really done much needle turn.

  73. I like hand applique but have done machine applique and thought it was fun

  74. Janet Thomas says:

    I have not done any applique blocks – want to learn, though.

  75. Nina Graff says:

    I use a fusible and then blanket stitch by hand. But I will certainly try this folksy look with a raw edge, and free motion!

  76. I have mostly done fusible applique with button hole stitching, but not a lot of it–looks like this would give me some practice!

  77. Sylvie Tetreault says:

    I use Heat and Bond and machine with differents stitchs.

  78. Janet Maple says:

    Hi Connie! My new favorite way to do applique is laser-cut shapes with the fusible attached; just peel off the paper, place it where you want it and iron it down. I usually do the buttonhole stitch if the piece is not too small. I have tried all methods of applique, but can’t master needle turn. Alas!

  79. Debbie Stebbins says:

    I enjoy appliquing by hand using a blanket stitch. I is relaxing for me to do hand work.

  80. For handwork I like needleturn applique and usually use back basting. But more and more I find I’m doing blanket stitch on my machine. It’s fast, looks nice and is pretty satisfying. Thanks so much for a chance to win. Love your choice of batiks.

  81. I do mostly fusible appliqué with a satin or blanket stitch.

  82. Chantal L. says:

    I applique with needle turning technique. It’s the only one I knew. This year I did some experiment with machine applique. I still need practice, lol. ;^)

  83. Maria Schoeb says:

    I have only done machine applique a couple of times. I would like to get better at it.

  84. I love fusible appliqué with machine free motion stitching

  85. I am learning to hand appliqué.

  86. Lisa Lamie says:

    I like to hand turn, use a little glue then machine stitch very slowly!

  87. MJ Tichich says:

    I just finished my first wonderunder iron on machine appliqué. I enjoyed it way more than I enjoyed my first attempt at freezer paper appliqué! Still much to learn!

  88. Rebekah Newell says:

    This will b my first applique if i can get up the nerve to follow through with it!! Im very new to quilting! This is my very first bom and im very excited to see the rest!!!

  89. Diane Plunkett Drake says:

    My favorite way to applique is by hand – so I’m going to stretch myself and try it by machine on this one

  90. Judy Conrad says:

    My favorite way to applique is with the blanket stitch on my machine.

  91. Kathy Vines says:

    I don’t have a lot of experience with applique, but mostly I have done raw edge and hand stitching. This is the first sew along I have done.

  92. Jo McGonigle says:

    I love to digitize the designs then use my embroidery software to stitch them beautifully. I then peice the blocks. Just love your color way you are ussing. By far my favorite!! Thank you for the ides.

  93. Connie, I think your block looks wonderful in the batiks. Brenda from The Quilting Nook.

  94. Super cute block, I’m working on mine today. I like to trace on the sticky part of the wonder under and then iron on my fabric, then cut, and use my machine to either do a satin, blanket, or zigzag or other type of stitch, that’s my favorite way to appliqué. Thank you for sharing, me for giving us all a chance to win this awesome book.
    Cheryl Walker

  95. Nancy Powell says:

    Machine Applique for me. Occasionally I’ll also do hand applique for something special.

  96. Hi Connie, My favorite way to do applique is raw edge with fusible. I love the fluffy rough edges on them.

  97. Patricia Evans says:

    I pretty much avoid applique as much as possible. I’ve tried needle-turn and fusible without much success.

  98. Patricia Stallman says:

    Mostly I have used the blanket stitch but I am liking how the just plain stitching around the edges looks on this pattern.

  99. I fuse and then machine applique. Your block is lovely. Thank you for the chance to win.

  100. Marcia in TX says:

    I like how quick fusible applique is. I usually use a blanket stitch but am thinking of trying raw edge.

  101. Tabitha Vasquez says:

    Honestly I have not completed a project that involves applique yet. I am eager to start the Save the Bees block. I want to use both applique and embroidery – both which I have never done!

  102. I do mostly fusible applique with either a blanket or satin stitch.

  103. Carol Morris says:

    I have done machine satin stitch around my fused pieces. But I like raw edge.

  104. Love your block and the colors you used. I’m open to all types of applique but usually go back to the way I was taught over 50 years ago, turn the edges under and top stitch on the machine with a single straight stitch.

  105. I have mostly done machine applique. I find I don’t have the time for hand applique yet.

  106. Michelle Horgan says:

    I like raw edge and then stitch by hand. I need more practice with machine stitching lol. I end up all over the place, so hand stitching is best.

  107. Heat and Bond or Glue Stick then finish with Blanket or Satin Stitch.

  108. Turn needle is my choice…I get OCD with the raw edges!

  109. Ramona Royse says:

    My favorite is probably needle turn, by hand, but I’m trying to do more raw edge machine applique these days. It’s quicker and I do like the look!

  110. pat sendelbach says:

    I love the raw edge with a sewing machine.

  111. I like raw edge appliqué best and either free motion stitch or a zig zag if it’s going to be a high use/washed quilt! But I would love to crack the needle turn appliqué, mine always ends up looking a mess!

  112. Marie Amthauer says:

    I like to do machine applique

  113. dorris dale says:

    raw edge applique using fusible

  114. dorris dale says:

    In the past I have not been a huge fan of applique, but recently I have tried raw edge applique using light weight fusible and was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. I have been looking for a project to try some more and I am hoping this is the one that will start me on a new adventure with applique.

  115. Mary Lou P. says:

    I love the look of needle turn appliqué but still trying to improve my technique.

  116. Phyllis Stephenson says:

    I have always done needle turn but I think it is time to learn to machine applique. This BOM looks like so much fun. Thank you for all you do.

  117. I prefer raw edge applique. I stitch the edge in a variety of ways. I love the colors in this block.

  118. maria elena blecha says:

    I love applique then machine stitch with the blanket stitch. One day would like scribble but not sure I can control the stitches!

  119. maria elena blecha says:

    I love applique, fusible then machine stitching. I would like the scribbling but am not sure I can control my stitches to my liking, so blanket stitch is my favorite!

  120. I fuse and then machine applique.

  121. michele breault says:

    I like to do back basting needle turn. Relaxing and portable!

  122. Deborah W. says:

    I have done applique using fusible and machine blanket stitch. I have also done raw edge.

  123. Love your block, love the BOM

  124. I do raw edge applique using fusible and either the satin stitch or blanket stitch on my machine

  125. I love the look of needleturn and the quickness of raw edge. I just finished my first attempt at English Paper Piecing. That was fun, but my technique has a lot of room for improvement!

  126. I do the raw edge type. I use the Elmer’s stick glue to hold the pieces in place along with using the blanket stitch for attatching them to teh fabric. I’m new at doing same.

  127. My favorite way to appliqué is the “quick turn” method, I think it’s called, where you sew around the shape, securing either a fusible or just a stabilizer, and then flip it, then sew it to the background with a blanket stitch.

  128. Sherri Burrier says:

    I create raw edge applique with Heat and Bond and machine stitch with a zig zag!

  129. Claudia Kumpe says:

    Hi Connie! I learned fusible for appliqué followed with machine stitching or hand stitching around the edges. I have not tried needle turned yet but am interested in learning it.
    So exciting to be participating in Save the Bees! My first BOM💖

  130. Bobbie Campbell says:

    My fav way to do applique is fuse and machine edge stitch.

  131. Tracey mccombe says:

    I have always used fusible appliqué and hand stitched with DMC tread. I’ve made many Christmas quilts this way and gifts for friends and family. I’m trying my hand at traditional quilt blocks at the moment cheers.

  132. April Lopez says:

    My favorite is hand appliqué. It’s actually my favorite way to make a quilt.

  133. Cheryl Lea says:

    Love your block! I only know one way to applique–fusible raw edge.

  134. Denise Beimer says:

    Love your colors, I prefer to do machine appliqué , it’s much quicker, so I can move on to the next project! Lol

  135. pat Bandura says:

    I love needleturn applique. but also do some prepared edge machne applique

  136. Gale Glassy says:

    I like doing raw edge appliqué. I also really must admit I like laser cut appliqué.

  137. I have done turn needle and learning to do it by machine now.

  138. Mary T Dombrovski says:

    I like to machine applique

  139. Marcia H Baker says:

    I learned doing needle turn by hand years ago but I’ve since gotten a sewing machine (2 years old now) & via the magic of social media I’ve loved doing raw edge & fused pieces. I love your site!

  140. Tabatha Smith says:

    I think raw edge applique with a button hole stitch is my favorite way to applique

  141. Susan Kluger says:

    I have done a bit of machine applique on chair covers for my granddaughters. Years ago I tried had applique but didn’t like the way it looked but I would like to try it again.

  142. I’ve made several applique projects using different methods. The type I enjoy the most is raw edge with a free motion scribble to tack it down and give it some personality I also love using my embroidery machine for applique!.

  143. Debra Adams says:

    I like raw edge machine appliqué best

  144. mary abendroth says:

    I prefer fusible machine applique – mostly with blanket stitch

  145. Frances Clark says:

    So far, I have fused a few, but have been too chicken to applique them.

  146. So cute. I like your choice of fabrics. I am a newbie and don’t have a favorite way to do applique yet.

  147. I love to applique using a satin stitch. I use bright colors to match the fabric. 😊

  148. Karen Vince says:

    I am really enjoying raw edge applique at the moment. I like the scribbly look it gives. Your block looks lovely

  149. Karen Pollard says:

    I’m really not much of an applique quilter. I’ve made a few appliqued things, but mostly I prefer piecing; especially the more vintage patterns. I guess I’m pretty traditional at heart.

  150. Susan Montague says:

    I’ve only used the raw-edge with a blanket stitch. I love your color choices and the helpful hints.

  151. That is such a sweet flower…love it! I raw edge applique with a machine blanket stitch on the edges.

  152. Pat Urbeck says:

    Machine embroidery

  153. Julie Kennedy says:

    I mostly do needle turn applique.

  154. Julie Dunn says:

    I have tried all different kinds of applique. The method I use kind of depends on what I’m doing. Needle turn is my least favorite.

  155. Claudette Moore says:

    I have not really done applique on a quilt. I would like to try it eventually.

  156. Lynn D in NC says:

    I do applique all different ways, but my favorite way is back basting.

  157. Nancy Bennink says:

    I’ve only done appliqué once or twice, by machine, and loved the way it looked. Can’t wait to do more with this BOM

  158. Rita Long says:

    So far it has been needle turn. I think I’m going to use raw edge this time.

  159. Tonie M Peterson says:

    For me it is probably a tie between fusible and needle turn… depending on the project!

  160. Sheree A. says:

    In my limited applique experience, I have done fusible with machine blanket stitch. Love your block.

  161. Tom Weisser says:

    I use fusible and machine blanket stitch most of the time, but on occasion I do needle turn.

  162. Needle turn first and raw edge second.

  163. Lu Rae Smith says:

    Raw edge applique with fusible

  164. Karla Berg Walker says:

    I like machine applique, although I would like to learn turn applique. Thank you for sharing your ideas about making this block!

  165. Lline Woodall says:

    I’ve tried every kind of applique I’ve been exposed to. I have no favorite. Every project has its own needs. Limited time, extra small pieces or free cutting, fusible works the best. On the go or trapunto needle turn is the way I choose. Sometimes I’ll prep my pieces starching the pieces and pressing under the edges in advance. Other times I turn as I go like when I do Hawaiian.

  166. I like needle turn applique. I have not master the control to applique on the machine

  167. Merricarol Mahoney says:

    Machine applique with raw edge.

  168. Heather Baxter says:

    I like fusible applique with machine satin stitch.

  169. Raw edge appliqué with batik fabric is my favorite

  170. Glenise Magnano says:

    I prefer fusible and blanket stitch. I would like to have a go at raw edge with machine stitching though as that is cute also. Love your block. Thanks for opportunity to enter.

  171. Diane Beesmer says:

    I use fusible and do a blanket stitch using the sewing machine

  172. Annette parsons says:

    Machine applique is my way to applique. Love the block.

  173. Tam Dobson says:

    I am fairly new to appliqué but I like hand sewing

  174. Tania Untalan says:

    I like the look of needleturn, but the simplicity of raw edge

  175. I find fusible appliqué the easiest for me.

  176. I’ve only done applique once, so I don’t really have a favorite.

  177. Leslie K. says:

    I love hand applique. I do turn edge applique using templar cut into the applique shapes.

  178. Pamela Richards says:

    Since I really love pieceing — applique is relatively hard for me to do — so machine is the only way to go.

  179. Jimmie Williams says:

    Machine applique is what I use the most but I also love the hand applique.

  180. Bobbie Z. says:

    I have tried various techniques, but my favorite it to use a used dryer sheet like an interfacing. It gives me smooth pieces to work with and it saves those used dryer sheets from the landfill.

  181. Bobbie Z. says:

    I’ve tried many versions of applique, but my favorite technique is to use a used dryer sheet, much like an interfacing. They are easy to work with and I find another way of using something that otherwise would go to a landfill.

  182. Susan Shannon-Graves says:

    I love to appliqué and I have hand sew them on no machine for me.

  183. Cathy Hawkins says:

    I’ve done very little applique.

  184. Lisa Rausch says:

    I use fusible and machine blanket stitch.

  185. Gerry Prodger says:

    Raw edge is the way to go!

  186. janice zavitz says:

    Machine applique 🙂

  187. Linda Lovely says:

    I love raw edge appliqué using either the blanket stitch or a very tiny zig-zag stitch.

  188. Rebecca Dean says:

    If I can’t d machine embroidery appliqué, then I love to do raw edge appliqué.

  189. I am very new to applique and so far have only done needle turn, I have a kit to try m y hand a wool applique and I am intrigued with the raw edge technique. I love the look of your block using the Island Batiks the colors are so bright and sure to attract some needy bees.

  190. Such a cute block with your batiks, Connie!! I love doing applique with Lite Steam-a-Seam 2 and raw edge technique! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  191. Lilias Schlender says:


  192. I love to use wool for applique because it doesn’t fray. Now if doing all cotton quilt then use fusible and then blanket stitch or satin stitch it down. 🙂

  193. Marilyn Yager says:

    I have always done fusible applique but would like to try turned needle. Love your colors!

  194. Karen Bernard says:

    I am still learning to do applique. I have been tried fusible raw edge but I am hoping to try some other techniques.

  195. Pat Whiteley says:

    I line my appliques – I use cotton fabric that I buy in bulk when on sale. It takes a little more time, but for me the results look fantastic.
    Pat W.

  196. Dorothy Burkholder says:

    My favorite applique is to turn edge under and hand stitch on the picture. I like the clean crisp look.
    Your colors and great. thanks.

  197. Charlene Arnold says:

    I like needle turn. I loved your color choices.

  198. Sharon Treece says:

    I love you choice of Batiks for this BOM. I use Steam a Seam 2 Lite for my applique and usually use a blanket stitch.

  199. Love your block. I usually use the freezer paper method, but I’m open to trying the fusible method, too.

  200. Quilting in the says:

    I have not done applique before. This will be a learning experience for me.

  201. At this point in time, I do prefer machine appliqué. I am slowly learning other methods. Nice blog!! Btw….you have a great site!!

  202. I really like raw edge applique, it’s easy and I can do it by machine or by hand, whichever strikes my fancy at the moment!

  203. Elaine Fox says:

    I love appliqué. My preferred method is fusible, edged with either machine blanket stitch or satin stitch. On smaller projects I will hand stitch with blanket stitch. I love using batiks, so I really love your block. Thanks for the inspiration.

  204. Sharon Bossler says:

    I usually do machine appliqué.

  205. Lisa Marie says:

    I love the look of needleturn and I don’t mind doing it, but I more often do raw edge because it’s faster.

  206. Kerie Harris says:

    I enjoy hand applique, but I still need A LOT of practice.

  207. Kathy Irvine says:

    I enjoy machine appliqué

  208. Bertha Goggin says:

    Fusible, raw edge has worked the best for me! Your block is so cute!

  209. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Connie; I keep going back and looking at all of the beautiful Batiks you chose for this fabulous block! I am a picky Batik person, yet there are so many that are so pretty and I feel like they just continue to improve all of the time. I think using the permanent marker pen was a great solution and if you had not said something, I do not believe I would have noticed at all! I am looking forward to creating this block, I love applique and in answer to your question….fusible is my first choice. Yet, I love to experiment and try new ideas and techniques. Somehow, I do not think I will ever have the patience for needle turn though. LOL. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful block and chance at winning this awesome book! Have a splendid day!!

  210. Jodi Lewis says:

    I have only appliqué with my machine to cover an error on a bag I made my friend!

  211. I have done very little appliqué. I tried freezer paper where I folded the edges. I am looking forward to getting new ideas and improving my skills.

  212. I tried freezer paper where I folded the edges. I am looking forward to getting new ideas and improving my skills.

  213. I am a big fan of fusible applique with machine blanket stitch.

  214. Carol Mina says:

    I like to use paper piecing when appliqueing, but have used the fusible too.

  215. Pam McDonald says:

    I have done some applique, so I’m not that great with it yet. I have tried using glue sticks, but mostly I keep the edges raw and sew it down after pinning it well.

  216. I am new to quilting and I haven’t done any appliqué.

  217. Carolee Herechski says:

    I am fairly new to applique, I use Fusible web.

  218. Jana Fetch says:

    Needleturn applique is my favorite. I love handstitching!

  219. I love raw edge applique.

  220. I enjoy needle turn applique best. Have tried the freezer paper method and raw edge, but prefer needle turn.

  221. Sandra Rizzo says:

    I have just learned to do appliqué in the hoop with my Destiny 2. The machine will scan the shape, tac it down, and then stitch a satin stitch around the edges. Isn’t that easy!

  222. Favorite applique method is fusible web backed, hand stitched.

  223. Leslie W. says:

    Your colors are lovely. My favorite method of applicate is by hand.

  224. Terry McCloskey says:

    I really like needleturn and also the way I was taught by Sharon Schamber. Love applique.

  225. Lynne Stucke says:

    I use the freezer paper method and hand stitch. Love applique!

  226. Most of the applique projects I’ve done are fusible but I like to do needle turn on small projects.

  227. barbara woods says:

    love the fabric you used. Great block

  228. Margie Adkins says:

    I love the colors in your block! My favorite type of appliqué is fusible with a blanket stitch around it.

  229. Ruth Arrowsmith says:

    I like to do freezer paper applique

  230. Sharon Rowe says:

    I usually do raw edge applique.

  231. Bonnie Larson says:

    Hi Connie. I love wool applique and tend to do it a lot when I am travelling. Thanks for the giveaway.

  232. Susan Stanton says:

    I like doing machine applique with the blanket stitch! That’s how I’m going to do this quiltalong!

  233. Like to use a small blanket stitch to applique. It keeps the applique very neat and clean looking. Thanks for sharing!

  234. I like to machine applique using a variety of stitches depending on the type of quilt.

  235. That turned out so cute. My applique method is usually blanket stitch. I agree that 28mm cutter is a must. I use mine all the time in clothing construction. I like your Micron pen trick too. Very clever.

  236. Sherill V says:

    I have a date in my sewing room this afternoon to start my Bees! Love your block.

  237. Susan Green says:

    My favorite method is needle-turn applique. I prefer hand stitching to machine stitching. I love your block!

  238. Sue Weaver says:

    I prefer blanket stitch applique. I really haven’t done much applique. That is one reason I am excited about this quilt-along. Thanks for your blog!

  239. I recently discovered back-basted needle turn applique and have loved learning the technique.

  240. Sandy Richardson says:

    I love doing hand applique with the back basting, right now that is my favorite way. I really have not done any raw edge free motion applique so I’m ready to give it a try!!

  241. Raw edge applique using a satin stitch is my favorite way to applique.

  242. Suzanne Reese says:

    Nice colors! The book looks so enticing!

  243. Patti Cole says:

    I usually do raw edge appliqué. I may try a different method for this quilt along.

  244. Kathy Langston says:

    Appliqué is not my strong point. When I do it I just fuse it on the fabric and then do a decorative stitch around.

  245. Your block looks great! I am new to appliqué – this will be my first project. I’m hoping to learn Some tips and tricks from each of these websites. Thank you for sharing!

  246. Michelle Martin says:

    I’m not very good at applique so I stick to the simple blanket stitch most often. I just need to get more practice and I’m looking forward to it on this BOM project!

  247. Love your block!! This project is going to be my first attempt at applique, so my favorite way is … to be determined, lol!!

  248. Barbara H says:

    I like to use fusible then hand stitch either blanket stitch or needle turn depending on the look that I want. Handwork is relaxing.

  249. Just getting into applique. By machine is the fastest…but I do love handsewing wooly appliques

  250. I usually applique by hand, but as I get older, I am thinking I need to try machine applique.

  251. Linda Schoenbaum says:

    I love your batik block! Still new to applique, but think I like raw edge machine stitch best.

  252. Julie Fitzpatrick says:

    I like to use Wonder Under fusible web to attach raw edged applique, then stitch around the edge with something a little decorative.

  253. Tina Sheppard says:

    So far I have only done raw edge applique, however I would love to learn needle turned as well.

  254. Bette McLennan says:

    I mostly do raw edge applique with straight stitch, but I’d like to try another technique.

  255. Bette McLennan says:

    I mostly do raw edge applique with straight stitch, but have used blanket & zigzag stitches.

  256. Karen Sippel says:

    I usually do what little applique I do with fusible and a triple stitch by machine.

  257. Jean Craig says:

    I love your color choices! I like fusible applique with a satin stitch depending

  258. Geri Young says:

    I like to do needle turn appliqué. Also zig zag on the machine. And wool appliqué!!

  259. Katrina Linger says:

    I have made a few applique quilts before and found that i prefer to use heat and bond trimmed to just the edges of my appliques and stitch just enough inside to be sure it holds and leaves raw edge as washed.

  260. I haven’t done much applique, but I think I like the needle-turn the best.

  261. Tammy Browning says:

    I am new to applique and I have only used my sewing machine to do it

  262. Jasmine J Meaki says:

    I love hand appliqueing with freezer paper when I just want to enjoy sewing but when i need to get it done I like a blanket stitch and fusible.

  263. Tamara Gassen says:

    I like raw edge applique

  264. I love raw edge appliqué using a single blanket stitch

  265. Sandra Woodruff says:

    I like to use a small blanket stitch to applique. I think it keeps the applique very neat and clean looking.

  266. I usually do applique using the needle turn method by hand. I am self-taught and still practicing!

  267. Mare Byrd says:

    Raw edge is my go to appliqué method.

  268. Melanie Eddy says:

    I usually do raw edge applique with a blanket stitch.

  269. Elizabeth Lopez says:

    I have never done applique, so I’m very excited to try this on the BOM!

  270. My favorite applique method is fusible web and machine satin stitiching.

  271. I’m new to applique and just made a pillow for my daughter with a camping scene on it as my first project. I used machine applique method with a blanket stitch! I’m hooked! Really looking forward to this bee project!

  272. Darlene B says:

    I usually do raw edge applique. Cute block!

  273. Daniela F Durham says:

    Love your block!

  274. Linda Curtis says:

    I am new at doing applique and don’t have a favorite. I have noticed that Steam a Seam and Wonder under get sticky causing issues with my needles.

  275. Wendy Smith says:

    Love doing machine appliqué

  276. Leslie Wagoner says:

    My first attempt at applique. I am so scarred.

  277. Leslie Wagoner says:

    Since this is my first BOM, I have never tried applique, so I don’t have a favorite yet. I am hoping to learn more by doing this BOM.

  278. Sue singer says:

    I like glue stick applique

  279. Amy Cofer says:

    Love working with wool for applique.

  280. Great block Connie! I still do applique the old fashioned needle turn by hand. It takes a long time but I really enjoy it!

  281. Judy Rogers says:


  282. I’m still trying to learn to love applique. This block may help with that. I prefer to do fusible raw edge. Love your block!

    1. I like to do machine applique and actually really like the look of needle turn but have not been able to really do that well yet.