Rusty the Australian Shepard

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We are so excited to have a new member in our family! I mentioned in my last newsletter that the adoption for Rusty went through and yesterday we picked him up.

Since Mickey doesn’t care for car rides, we left him home, and that way I was able to hold Rusty on my lap on the ride back. He was so good! When we got home we brought Mickey outside to meet him for the first time. I knew they would get along, of course, we’ll have to give Mickey some extra hugs at first.

Me with both dogs

Picking up Rusty

It was raining when we met Jo to pick up Rusty so we didn’t really get to visit or take photos. Rusty took to us right away which was wonderful and Jo’s daughter sent me this photo. We are standing in the rain LOL.

Picking up Rusty


When we got home, Rusty was ready for a drink of water and some food. He wasn’t shy at all about eating. After eating I opened the door to the backyard and Mickey went outside with Rusty following him. That was so neat! Rusty stayed by him for a bit and then went exploring and watered our trees a little.

I have discovered that anytime Rusty goes out to the bathroom he expects a treat when he comes in. I think Mickey is going to enjoy this too!

Rusty eating right away

Rusty does love it when someone holds him, after a 3-hour car ride he was exhausted.

Bob with Rusty

He is really fitting in and seems very comfortable with us, after only one day it feels like he has been here for a long time. He is slowly exploring the house but prefers to stay in the living room/kitchen area. He slept on our bed last night and snores!

Rusty sleeping on the couch

All little history on Rusty

Rusty is a red toy Australian Shepherd. It turns out that he is 7 years old and lived on an Amish farm outside all of his life. Originally it was thought he was 2 or maybe 5 years old. I remember when we rescued Sadie and it was thought that she was 5 years old and it turned out she was closer to 10. I’m not sure what the circumstances were surrounding him being surrendered. He had what is known as Cherry Eyes and had surgery on them. So far it looks like the surgery went well.

Jo fostered him and shares lots of photos and information about him on her blog. She included a list of things she has learned about Rusty. Heart Animal Rescue is who Jo works with and they are always in need of donations. Here is a link to their website, Heart Animal Rescue where you can find more information.

Things to know about Rusty

  • Will do anything to escape a kennel – (we have never used one)
  • Has a torn left ear
  • Loves to be brushed
  • Lap dog
  • Mild Mannered
  • Very little barking
  • Loves his blue blanket
  • Prefers to poop/pee in private (thank goodness we have a fenced-in yard)
  • Likes baths
  • Loves kids
  • Likes walks
  • Doesn’t like cats

I had to include this photo of Mickey, I think he is wondering why a new dog is living with him! He has one bad habit that I’m afraid he will pass on to Rusty. When it is time to eat Mickey starts barking, this started about a year ago and it drives me crazy but I’ve gotten used to it. Well, this morning at breakfast he was doing the barking thing and little Rusty started making little whimpers……I have a feeling he’ll also be barking before too long!

Mickey on the floor

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  1. Goodness ! It’s been a year since Rusty came to his forever home. It’s so nice that he’s seems to know now that it’s a good thing to have you model for the quilts.
    Hugs to you Rusty. So many beautiful projects.

  2. So glad you have a wonderful rescue. We have had rescues for years. They are the best. Our Sam was just dumped out on the road in Midland Michigan, and we were blessed to get him. He and our Susie got along great. She has passed away so Sam is the only dog we have.

  3. Linda Jennings says:

    I’m so glad Rusty is doing so good. He is a sweetie, he misses Mr. Mickey too. Bob looks good sitting there with his own lap dog. He looks happy.
    We have to make baby blankets for our quilt guild by the 1st Tuesday of April. The VA is having their baby blanket sale.

  4. Marge Campbell Gray says:

    Connie I have been following your dog “tails” with Rusty and Mickey. I know your have received a stack of emails so I waited to write. Rusty sure lucked out to join your happy family. Mickey has sure perked up to have a handsome buddy. They have bonded so good bringing joy to you all. I never heard of the eye issues and pray it can be helped in the next surgery. Keep warm up there, we had 32 in the Tampa area over Christmas weekend and about froze to death. Ollie loved his new coat which he even slept in several nights as it is wool on the other side. I am going to try and send you a holiday greeting from Ollie & I. Tell me how to send photo to you?

  5. Pauline R. says:

    I’ve always loved hearing about Mickey and now Rusty! Thank you!

  6. Robin Beers says:

    Congratulations on your new family pup. Rusty is adorable. Mickey will most likely become best buddies with Rusty. Our Goldendoodle was not happy when we brought home his brother, a German Shepherd (both rescues). After about a week they really enjoyed each others’ company.

  7. So wonderful Rusty has loving forever home!

  8. Connie, Rusty is just adorable and definitely seems to feel right at home. I think he and Mr. Mickey will become fast friends, but I hope he doesn’t take up his barking habit, though he probably will. When we adopted our Chloe, she loved to ride, but Yogi could only see out of one eye and had depth perception issues. He hated to ride. Unfortunately, Chloe took up his anxiety when riding. Have you ever tried to ride with a 70+ pound dog in your lap?? It’s painful! LOL But we work around it!! Thanks for sharing all the news about Rusty! I know you will enjoy him!

  9. Connie, I am so happy to see you have added a new pup into your family. Rusty is beautiful! You are very fortunate that he fit in right away with Mickey and the whole fsmily. When you said Rusty wants a treat every time after going out to do his business, it reminded of my dog, Maddie. Maddie is tricky and now she fakes going pee and just goes out into the grass and right back onto the porch! No peeing! Then she happily trots into the back room and waits for her treat, all very happy because she knows she will get at least a small treat! Take c are Connie!

  10. So precious! A very happy family that shines with LOVE!
    God Bless You and Your Little Family!

  11. Bonnie Wilson says:

    It is heart worming to hear Rusty’s story. We are from a rescue dog loving (and a cat) family. My son who lives about 8 hours from us has a cat but the rest of us love dogs. My granddaughter is Assistant Director of Advancement for North Florida Humane Society in Gainesville, FL. She does such great things for the advancement of rescue animals. My niece volunteered at a no-kill animal shelter in Los Angeles and my sister spent her 70th birthday at Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah. Keep up the good work!
    Blessings to you and all your furry friends!!!

  12. Veronica Doolittle says:

    Sweet boy so glad he found a wonderful forever home

  13. I so enjoyed reading your story about the adoption of Rusty. You are fortunate to have Rusty as a new member of your family. I am sure Rusty is also fortunate to have you in his life. Mr. Mickey will soon grow fond of having a doggy companion. God bless all of you!

  14. I’m so glad you were able to adopt him. Mickey has a buddy now. They’ll get along great. Thank you for sharing your story.

  15. Joni McEachran says:

    I’m so happy the three of you have already become the Fabulous Four! What beautiful dog Rusty is……..I love his deep, rich color. Also happy for you that Mr. Mickey seems accepting of ‘the new guy’. I’m sure they will be fast friends in short order! There is always something special about adopting a dog…….I’ve heard it said that an adopted dog always knows how lucky they are. Rusty is lucky indeed……

  16. What a heartwarming post to read! Loved it! Will be wonderful to follow along and hear about the happenings with Rusty & Mickey. Thank you for being so kind and caring.

  17. Andrea Hickman says:

    So glad Rusty has a great home! I’ve been following his story on Jo’s blog, and I’m excited to follow his story here now. Bless you for giving him a new home!

  18. Roxy Sherburne says:

    Both Rusty and Mr. Mickey are so cute! They will keep each other company and will have fun playing together. Thanks so much for adopting Rusty!
    We finally ordered our stroller a few days ago so both Bella and Luna can both ride together. It’s so cold here today in Western Wisconsin. The last time I looked it was about 17 degrees out. On days that are 32 degrees or below we do not go out for walks.
    Roxy in Hudson, WI

  19. Blessings to you, hubby and your two fur babies!!! There is always room for one more . . . 😉

  20. I am so thrilled for all of you! Rusty came to the perfect household and I have no doubt that he and Sadie will become fast friends. It will be fun to follow their journey together. Trust me, you are right that you will so have two barkers at mealtime. Ask me how I know. It drives me nuts too. You’d think they could pick up the good habits, wouldn’t you? Good luck.

  21. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Congratulations on the new member of the family! Rusty looks right at home, and he’s smart to want a treat after going out. Hope the adjustment continues to be easy.

    1. Deborah Nalevanko says:

      I am very happy to hear about the new addition to your family. Mickey and Rusty will good brothers

  22. How sweet! Hard to believe that an Aussie doesn’t like cats. He looks like he’s fitting right in.

  23. I am so happy that you have Rusty! When Jo posted him as her new foster and with his background, I was hoping he would find a wonderful home. Now I get to see him on your blog. He is going to be happy, spoiled and Mickey will teach him all kinds of things! Mickey has a friend, so he has company. Thank you for welcoming him. I have rescue dogs also.

    1. We were so lucky to get him Nancy and Mickey and he are getting along just great! Thank you for having rescue dogs also!

  24. Not to change the subject. I am looking for the fast and easy table runner. I had it once but not I can’t find it on your web page. I had made a sweet comment about your new pup and I didn’t get to read it. Would you please send it to me again

  25. Robyn Lidstone says:

    Thanks, Connie, for sharing little Rusty’s homecoming. Your blog and photos are a wonderful example of what a fortunate little pup Rusty is to be joining your loving family. So nice to see him so relaxed with Builder Bob and also posing with you and Mr Mickey.
    Mr Mickey and Rusty obviously get along well and there will be such joy and happiness in seeing them play and have fun together.
    Best wishes to all of you at this happy time.

  26. So glad to see you are the one who adopted Rusty. I follow Jo’s blog and have been following the progress Rusty has made. The eye surgery really has worked so well. Had to laugh at the snoring at night. Mr Mickey is being so good to accept Rusty.

    1. Thanks Denise, Rusty’s eyes are looking good. Now there are 3 that snore…..Rusty, Mr. Mickey and me!

  27. Fran Connelly says:

    Connie: What a beautiful fur baby. Thank you so much for adopting him. There are so many babies out there that need forever homes and they do make the best dogs.
    I love the color and size of him. I am sure that he will have the best life ever and I think that he has shown you who is boss in the house, With you anyway, not sure about Mr. Mickey.
    Good luck and best wishes on your new furbaby

  28. Rusty is beautiful and OF COURSE fits in his new home with you, Builder Bob, and Mr. Mickey. Your home is filled with so much love. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Bless you all.

  29. He is so much smaller than I thought! And so adorable!!!!! So glad they enjoy each other’s company. So grateful to you for adopting a pupper – pretty much sight unseen. You took a chance and so happy for all of you. I read his bio – what a trouper. Indie put a little something in Jo’s stocking for Christmas. Thanks (I’m still smiling out loud)

  30. Cute dog! I’m so glad he found a good home, I think he and Mr. Mickeywill be friends for a long time.Thanks for all the patterns and updates you send.

  31. Glendel H says:

    Such a lovely little dog. I have 2 rescued English Springer Spaniels and cherish them. A recue is special and they love you in special ways.

  32. Juanita Hooker says:

    Rusty is beautiful, love his color. It is great to hear he and Mickey get along and will grow older together.

  33. Doreen Sherk says:

    I meant Mr. Mickey, sorry for that

  34. Doreen Sherk says:

    Ah, Rusty looks so sweet, they say the best dogs are the rescue dogs.Sadie will probably be more “perky” being around a younger dog.
    Rusty did settle in quickly, he must feel safe and loved already.

  35. What a sweetie Rusty is. Give both Mickey and Rusty a kiss and hug for me. Congratulations! Two brothers now!

  36. Darlene S. says:

    Congratulations on adopting Rusty into your wonderful and very loving family. He looks like a sweetie pie who really needs your love and kindness. I’m so happy you adopted him.

  37. Glenda Bilinsky says:

    Thank you so much for sharing photos of Rusty, his eyes look so much better! Unfortunately it’s well known that if you have one dog who talks (barks) they will teach other dogs to talk (bark) too. Maybe when Mr. Mickey barks and Rusty doesn’t tell Rusty he’s a good boy and give him a treat. I bet you Mr. Mickey will catch on real quick.😁 Any how enough unsolicited advice from me, I just want to add that I believe it’s just wonderful how you and Builder Bob take in rescue dogs and give them a wonderful, caring forever home. I will look forward to seeing more pictures of Mr. Mickey and Rusty and of course more great quilting projects.
    Stay healthy and happy and carry on quilting!🥰🇨🇦
    🦋Glenda B.

    1. Kathy Whetstine says:

      That’s awesome Mr. Mackey is okay with this and thank you for rescuing Rusty, he’s gorgeous. My quilting is way behind as I’m in the process of making a zillion dog and cat beds for our rescues. I have quilting friend that have been saving scraps and unwanted jeans and fleece and giving it to me. Makes wonderful beds along with the stuffing I buy but takes up so much room. I can’t hardly walk in my sewing room!

  38. Stacia Roble says:

    So glad we are able to keep up with Rusty since learning about him on Jo’s blog! You now have a house (and heart!) full with two fur babies. Rescues are the best!

  39. Lois Blue says:

    Hi Connie, I am so happy for you all that Rusty is getting along so well. You and your husband are doing a wonderful thing. I love your patterns and your tutorials. We want lots more stories about Mr. Mickey and Rusty. Hugs to you all. Lois

  40. Peggie Riccio says:

    Hello, Connie-first of all, thank you for rescuing yet another doggie. I have been reading Jo’s blog as well, and have followed Rusty since Jo started to foster him. She took remarkable care of him, as well as her family. He seems like a real sweetheart, and I hope Mr. Mikey will love him as well. You and your hubby are wonderful to do this. My husband and I are better suited to rescuing cats, and we do. We wish you all the luck with your new ‘addition’ and may your two boys form a strong bond that will last a long time and benefit both of them.
    p.s. I enjoy your emails and your blog, not to mention all of your great patterns, of which I have purchased a few. Keep up the good work!

  41. It’s so happy to read about older animals getting adopted. What a way to begin the holiday season, and I can’t wait to read about what Mr. Mickey and Rusty are up to!

  42. God bless you and your husband. How wonderful that you were blessed to expand your little family.

  43. Rusty looks like a sweet natured dog and I’m sure he’ll be great company for Mickey too.

  44. I was a little sad when I read on Jo’s blog that he had been adopted because I enjoyed reading what he was up to. But now I will still be able todo that on your blog(in addition to the wonderful sewing and quilting posts)! I am glad you adopted Rusty. He seems like a great dog!

    1. Don’t worry Sarah, I’ll keep you updated on little Rusty!

  45. Rusty is such a cute little fur baby!!! Thank you for giving him a new home. Mr Mickey and him will be best of friends!!!

  46. Marty from Scottsdale says:

    I, too, read Jo’s blog and I already knew all about Rusty. I’m so happy you were the lucky adopting family! You have two really sweet pups! Have a ball with them.

  47. So cute they both look like they Love each other. This will give Mickey a bit of enthusiasm and a new playmate and a new job to keep Rusty in line XOXO
    Starr P. Happy for you and hubby

  48. He looks a lot like our Sam! Sam is a Mini Austrailian Shepherd who is not very Mini. We also have Max, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is 4 months old and Sam is 8 months old. I don’t seem to get much sewing done with them here, maybe after Christmas they will settle down for me.

    1. It sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy with 2 young ones!

  49. Rusty is so cute, and from following Jo’s posts about him I’m not surprised that he and Mickey will get along just fine. Rusty’s eye surgery was obviously a success.

    1. He is a cutie Sara! It sounds like the surgery was a success and I’m so glad we got to adopt him.

  50. Oh what a sweetheart and Rusty is a perfect name for him! You and Bob are angels to continue this mission of caring for older dogs. Thank you for being such an inspiration, not just for quilting but for the life you live.

    1. There are so many older dogs that need homes and I would have a dozen if I could.

  51. Patty Adams says:

    I am so happy Mr. Mickey and Rusty are compatible. They will be “besties” soon, if not already. Mr. Mickey is already showing him around and teaching him about his new home. I can’t wait to see them both in the stroller! Merry Christmas early for this happy family!

    1. Thanks Patty! It will be fun to walk both of them and I have a feeling he’ll walk while Mr. Mickey rides.

  52. Your emails and blog posts bring a real boost to my day. I’m still smiling about Mickey barking at meal time. Rusty looks like he fits right into your family. Thanks so much for sharing. I like hearing about your life (and four-legged family members) as much as your wonderful tutorials.

    1. Thanks Jane, I love sharing ab!out my life and I’m so glad you like my tutorials!

  53. Karen Franko says:

    He’s one lucky puppy. Congrats Momma! More love and more barrks!

  54. I think Rusty is a lucky boy to have been adopted by you. Good luck on that barking thing. Wonder why Mr. Mickey has taken up this habit? If only we could ask them. Anyway, Rusty is very cute and I must say Builder Bob looks pretty happy to have his own lap dog.

    1. I’m not sure Pat, I think Mickey thinks he is supposed to do it. Builder Bob is tickled to have Rusty!

  55. He’s a cute little dog. I’m happy to see he got his eyes fixed. I also read Jo’s blog.