River Squares Quilt Pattern for a wheelchair

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The batiks in this quilt make me realize fall is just around the corner. Our weather has been perfect the last couple of days……it sounds like we have some 90-degree days coming up though. I just finished up this quilt for special order. This is a lap quilt for a woman in a wheelchair. It is made with all batik fabrics and the size is 36″ x 48″.

River Squares Quilt Pattern for a wheelchair

River Squares Quilt Pattern for a wheelchair

I used my River Squares pattern for this quilt and added one more row to make it a little longer. This pattern goes together fast and easy…..my favorite kind of quilt.

River Squares Quilt Pattern
River Squares Quilt Pattern for a wheelchair

I wanted the quilt to have some loft so I tried to do a large swirly free-motion stitching. I really, really have a hard time with that type of quilting…..I think I had to stop at least 3 times and use my seam ripper as I had a pleat in the back. I do much better with teeny tiny stitching. I put a batik on the back also.

River Squares Quilt Pattern for a wheelchair

I used a 50wt Aurifil thread. The color is 2340 and my spool is almost gone…..I seem to use this color a lot!

Aurifil thread

I always like to wash and dry a quilt before giving it to someone and I always use a Shout Color Catcher. No surprises that way.

River Squares Quilt Pattern for a wheelchair
River Squares Quilt Pattern for a wheelchair color catcher
River Squares Quilt Pattern Brown Pin

I put a color catcher in the washing machine and dryer…..looks like it caught some of the colors! I always use one when washing a quilt.

I first made this quilt in brown batiks and also in blue batiks.  In another post, I made pillows to match this quilt.

Purchase an ad-free printable PDF version of the River Squares tutorial in my shop. The photos have been reduced in size and the tutorial is 8 pages long.

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  1. Connie, this is really one attractive quilt!! I will make a few of this easy-does-it quilt for residents in my near-by retirement home. Thanks for sharing it again.

  2. Do you do your ‘quilting’ on your vintage singer with a regular presser foot.?

  3. A wonderfully easy pattern and your choice of colours is gorgeous. Thank you for the tutorial.

  4. A wonderfully easy pattern abs your choice of colours is gorgeous. Thank you for the tutorial.

  5. Yes the colors remind me of fall too. And that is a lot of caught color. I use multiples when I wash a quilt….for the price of them better safe than sorry I say.

  6. This quilt is beautiful! I love the rich colors and the soft texture your quilting creates. And it was interesting to see the results of your color catcher! I've never used one, even though I sew a lot with batiks. I will definitely be using a color catcher in the future!

  7. Happy Cottage Quilter says:

    Your quilt looks great! Good idea about the color catcher. We certainly don't want any surprises. Especially when it's a gift.

  8. Createology says:

    This quilt is lovely and such a wonderful gift for the recipient. I have never quilted but I understand Aurifil threads are amazing. How smart of you to wash and dry your quilts before giving them just in case of surprises. Not having used a color catcher before I can see why you use them. Hmmm…now to use the color catcher in crafting…
    Creative Quilting Bliss Dear.

  9. Pretty quilt. For some reason, it made me think of the quilt on you blog the first time I ever read it. That was your Intertwined and that was May 2012. They don't really look alike but it still struck a chord.

    I use color catchers all the time but never heard of putting them in the dryer, too. Do you use a fresh one in the dryer or just throw the same one in from the washer?

  10. Connie, you use the color catcher in the washer as well as in the dryer?

  11. Beautiful quilt.

    I need to wash a quilt I just finish so that I can gift it and your post reminded me that I need to remember to put in a color catcher when I wash it.

  12. Beautiful quilt! Fall is definitely here in Southern Oregon the leaves are starting to change and fall, plus we have very cool nights and mornings. The colors of fall are far more beautiful as we grow older and really begin to notice things and even further enhanced when you are a quilter. Your fabric selection is perfect for this time of year. Thank you for sharing your quilt, quilt pattern, tip on color catchers (I always use them also)and the e book. Have a wonderful creative day!

  13. I love this pattern and the fabric.
    Great job.
    I soak my quilts in salt water for an hour before I wash them. It helps set the colors I think. But I may have to look into the color catcher.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Those are some of my favorite colors. That will be such a nice wheelchair cover quilt.

    That color of thread is one that I go through so quickly too. That and the Aurafil white are my go to threads.