Red Wiggles Lap Quilt

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Red Wiggles Lap Quilt

Red Wiggle Lap QuiltYesterday was one of those days when I decided to look through my projects and pick a few things to either finish up or move them further along. Of course I think I made one or two….or more new blocks for more projects……

This little quilt is something I am experimenting with and as I always do…….I used all old fabrics from my stash. There isn’t a fabric in this quilt that is younger than…..15 years! Even the backing was from my “old” stash. I actually still like the fabrics too.

Does anyone else have a “old” stash and then the “new” stash that you are adding too?Red Wiggle Lap QuiltAll I needed to do was finish quilting it and add the binding.

I like the way this turned out and will be working on a pattern for it, for now I’ll just call it Red Wiggles.Red Wiggle Lap Quilt

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  1. Boy do I ever have an old stash/new stash. I am currently going thru totes of fabric to put into my new cupboards and yesterday's tote was at least 15-20 years old fabric. There were receipts in there from 1998. Includes we're about a thousand old charms, some pieced together in lights/darks. I was so excited! Glad to know I am not alone!

  2. I like the design of your quilt, I also like the colors of your fabrics. I like to combine new with old fabrics, if achieve the color combination I want, I will use everything that is around me.
    You did a beautiful job!!!! I love your quilt!
    Marisa from

  3. Yes, I have old stash and even older stash. LOL Not as much of the new as I'd like because I'm trying to use up the old before I buy more. Love your pattern. Great use of color!

  4. I have some older fabrics. Not a lot. Was collecting for a quilting in retirement. My tastes have changed. I've given much of it away. Some may find it's way into some future scrappy quilts.

  5. Love your wiggly quilt … red, white and black is my favorite color combination.

    When I stopped sewing/quilting about 15 years ago, I eventually ended up giving the majority of my stash to my sister. However, I did keep a few of my favorites. It's been so much fun to be sewing/quilting once again.

  6. I worked really hard over the last year to focus on depleting my old stash. Sadly, it never seems to go away. Looking forward to getting back to more contemporary stuff.

  7. This quilt showcases your "old stash" quite nicely. See, now you can look AT all the pretty fabrics now, instead of looking FOR it in your stash!

  8. I have mostly old from the garmet sewing days, and weird hand me downs liek polyester…lol. Just begining to get a few newer things for creating a quilting stash

  9. Those fabrics are timeless and lovely! I have old and new as well. I just used one for a mug rug for April Showers. It was perfect for what I wanted. Old doesnt mean it isnt good. I am thankful for that since some might hint that I am heading in that direction myself! Thanks as always for sharing your wonderful creativity.

  10. Cute name for a cute quilt. I really like the wiggles running across the diagonal like that.

    The stash I've purchased is less than 5 years old b/c that's how long I've been quilting, but I've inherited some older stuff. 😀

  11. Red wiggles is a good name for the quilt. My stash is mostly old since I just started back sewing from a seven year break.

  12. Connie, I love the red wiggles. It is really fun. I also have my "old stash". I don't pull from it as often, but sometimes there are just the right fabrics in it.

  13. I don't have 'old' stash because I haven't been quilting that long – but I love it when others pass some of theirs on to me. The older fabrics still have that glow – some of the new fabrics are just too out there for me!

  14. That looks great and one would never know that it was "old" fabrics. I have both in my stash too. I just used a really old one in a project yesterday and I love it.

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