Red and White Table Runner

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Have you thought about making something quilted for Valentine’s Day?

This Red and White Table Runner with appliqued hearts would look beautiful on your table and it is very easy to make.

Valentine's Day table runner with a stuffed bear

SewCalGal is hosting a Blog Hop! It’s kicking off her Year of Red and White Quilt Challenges.

EQ Blog Hop

We hope you’ll find many inspirational projects shared in this EQ Blog Hop as well as tips and tutorials.

Get the Red and White table runner pattern

Here is the schedule for the EQ blog hop.

  • Monday, January 27th -SewCalGal
  • Tuesday, January 28th Marlene at Kissed Quilts
  • Wednesday, January 29th Connie at Freemotion By The River
  • Thursday, January 30th Bea at Beaquilter
  • Friday, January 31st Raewyn at Love to Stitch

My project is a little different because I actually designed it first in my head, then graph paper, and finally in Electric Quilt 8

I knew I wanted to make a table runner using a cute little bundle of red 2 1/2″ strips I bought last fall in Wisconsin. I had also seen a block that I really liked on several blogs and I couldn’t wait to create something that was similar to it.

I knew I was going to do some applique on the block so the first thing to do is create a new block clicking on EasyDraw + PatchDraw. This will allow you to add the applique after you design your pieced block.

Using EQ7 to design the table runner

Now my table runner is an odd size…..finished it is 18 x 42 but if I wanted to separate the design blocks I get something like this.

Separating sections of the table runner

So I decided to make it easy….at least for me.

I designed a block that was 9 inches x 42 inches. Then I drew lines every 2 inches and then split each section to give me the step look.

This was done on the EasyDraw tab at the bottom.

I then moved to the Applique tab and drew my hearts. Finally, I clicked on the Color tab to add the fabrics and colors. Make sure to SAVE to your sketchbook.

working on block

Now I chose the layout for the quilt. I have only going to have 2 blocks in my table runner.

table runner size

Now you will insert 2 blocks in your quilt. You will have to rotate one of the blocks twice.

rotate blocks

Electric Quilt will show you how to rotary cut your block. Notice I had to type in the width and height of the my “odd” block.

Printing preview

Here is the rotary cutting information for one block.

rotary cutting info
Valentine Table runner project in EQ7

I always like to include a photo of the difference that quilting can make.

closeup Valentine's Day table runner

Red and White Table Runner

Valentine's Day table runner with hearts and a bear

I think this will be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day table runner with a stuffed bear

Get the Red and White table runner pattern

The purpose of this post is to show you that there are many things you can do with Electric Quilt and it is always fun to try something new. I’m sure there is a easier way to design my table runner but….this worked for me.

By creating the block I can now design a completely different quilt. Already my mind is spinning with more colors, rotating blocks and all kinds of fun stuff!

If you have an AccuQuilt GO! you’ll like this free quilt pattern that I designed for AccuQuilt.

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  1. This is gorgeous. Just found your blog, you're very talented. I own the shop in Decorah, would love to have you visit sometime. I'd love your tutorial, not in EQ, for myself if possible. Thanks.

  2. Gorgeous table runner. To answer your question, yes, a tutorial would be great as I don't have EQ. Thank you. I just recently discovered your site and made the twisted heart. I have been enjoying your projects and will be back often.

  3. I really like your table runner and would love the tutorial on it. I had to uninstall my EQ6, my computer is getting too full and EQ took up a lot of space. I never really got into it anyway…but maybe I should reinstall it on my laptop.Thanks

  4. I love your table runner. Your tutorial was very complete for someone who owns the EQ7. I do not have that available to me and cannot discern the cutting lengths of your stair-stepped strips from the embedded EQ7 screen shot. So, would you please be kind enough to share your strip lengths with the rest of us? Thank you so much! Happy Valentine's Day to you, as well. Kathleen

  5. This is too, too cute. I guess I'll give it a try in EQ and then actually make it. I don't want it so long but your directions will make it easy to draw in EQ. Thanks.

  6. What a gorgeous runner. And your tutorial makes it all seem so easy. I'll have to try some of those tips! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  7. This is gorgeous Connie and I appreciated the tutorial – I am constantly discovering how much I don't know about EQ7!!!

  8. You are so talented Connie! Congrats on a great Valentine-esque project! I am sure you will have several people making this!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing the info about this hop! I am new to EQ and really appreciate your screen shots and how you went about making your design, which is fabulous, by the way! Your table runner is beautiful! What a sweet Valentine gift!

  10. I really love your table runner and showing us how you came about making the pattern was very interesting, you did a wonderful job. I don't really desire to have EQ too old to make my own patterns but would love to see a tutorial

  11. My little Valentine’s table runner looks a bit puny to your beautiful one. Gorgeous piecing and quilting. I know nothing about the EQ system, but it looks to be out of this world. Mine came out of my old heard as I went along. I did have lots of fun as I know you did. It really is lovely.

  12. Love the table runner! I would like to do you tutorial for the Little Twist Heart. Can you tell me the size the of template shown? I have several sizes and not sure which you used. Thanks!

  13. Connie your Valentine table runner is spectacular — just love the layout and the little hearts are precious. Thanks so much for the awesome EQ7 tutorial — I don't own EQ yet but I have it on my list to purchase (keep hoping I can find a way to save a few $ on it)… Anyhow — thanks for sharing your beautiful design and your knowledge with us. A tutorial for non-EQ users would be most awesome. Hugs, Karen

  14. This is very pretty. It almost looks like white lace. No EQ here, so a tutorial would be lovely.

  15. Connie this is gorgeous. I would love to make this. But alas I don't have EQ. I am fairly new to quilting. Some day I hope to be like you. Thanks for all the inspiration and for making it fun.

  16. What a beautiful table runner!! Love the hearts and the design. Thanks for visiting my blog and signing up to follow!

  17. Oh, that is the cutest runner!! I love the contrast of the red & white. You've managed to incorporate whimsy and practical at the same time & I'm loving it. Thanks also for sharing the pattern. Can hardly wait to try it out!

  18. OMG! I have never been a 1st commenter….on any blog! Ok……. that being said you can now see that it doesn't take much to excite me! lol
    Now for the good stuff. Your table runner is just adorable. I'm not much of a fan of red but you could change my mind with this adorable runner. Great job!
    I am not in the market for this software but I will say that if I was your detailed and well explained post would surely have sent me off to see about purchasing it. I've never even seen an example of it and you made it seem like something I could actually master.

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