Rainbow Sherbert Sewing Machine Cover

Rainbow Sherbert Sewing Machine Cover

Rainbow Sherbert Sewing Machine Cover

Surprise, my sewing machine has a new cover! It was fun to read everyone’s guesses on what I was making with the block. A lot of people guessed a cover but thought it was for a journal, kindle or i-Pad. Doesn’t that fabric remind you of rainbow sherbert ice cream!

Edit: My sewing machine cover was featured at Etcetorize: Make it Great Monday!Thank you!


Rainbow Sherbert Sewing Machine Cover

This started with the 12 leftover blocks from my Zig-zag table topper, I love to use up every last scrap of my batiks. I just added borders until I got it the correct size of my sewing machine by draping it over the machine…….not very technical……….but it worked!

Rainbow Sherbert Sewing Machine Cover

Each side is different if I want a change. I added ties on the side so I can loosely keep it tied and remove it just by lifting it off.  This machine gets used mostly for zig-zagging as I use my 1951 Singer for most of my quilting, now it won’t get dusty.

This is definitely a scrap project as I also used scrap pieces of Warm & Natural after I zig-zagged them together and muslin for the backing.

Rainbow Sherbert Sewing Machine Cover

I used a yellow thread on the background and a variegated raspberry thread on the pink/orange batik.

Rainbow Sherbert Sewing Machine Cover

This is the little table topper that gave me the scraps.

Rainbow Sherbert Sewing Machine Cover

I used up the last of my Warm & Natural batting bolt! I bought it in December of 2010, 40 yards of 90 inch batting. I knew I should have bought another bolt when I saw it on sale at Christmas!

I went online and did find a Memorial Day sale so I bought 3 packages of king size Warm & Natural for 50% off and free shipping. I’ll keep looking for the same deal on a bolt. I was surprised that the king size was actually cheaper than the queen size but Builder Bob compared it to lumber and said you can buy 2 x 8 lumber cheaper than 2 x 10 lumber. I’m not worried about waste as I use all my scraps.

Notice the mess on my shelves………….time to clean up my fabric. First I have to go over to the neighbors and pick fresh peas, then go to town to take my dad’s library books back and go to the grocery store……….

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  1. Just want to let you know that I like your cover so much that I'm featuring it at today's Make it Great party! Hope you'll stop by to grab a featured button from the sidebar and link up again~

  2. Hi! I've stopped by from Sew Many Ways – Find a Friend Friday. That is indeed a lovely sewing machine cover. Love the quilting too!

  3. You are so silly! What are you talking about? Messy fabric? Nonsense. Looks A-OK to me! And I love the colors in your sewing machine cover – very yummy, indeed!

  4. I seriously want to come play in your world (I will even fold fabric!) You come up with the greatest ideas! If you couldn't tell, I love the cover, LOL

  5. Love the cover! I wouldn't have guessed it. That is such a great idea. Now I want one. You have the best ideas. I can't wait everyday to see what new project or idea you come up with! Thanks,

  6. Oh my word! I love those colors! We've talked about this before, but I have got to get some batiks! Whenever I see your projects I just want to run out and get some! Too bad my closest quilt shop is an hour away! Actually, that's probably a good thing or I'd be broke! 🙂 I bought a table topper stand when Madam Sam (sp?) had her month of table toppers. Still haven't made one. :/ I better get busy!!! 🙂

  7. Me gusta mucho tu funda para la máquina de coser, me parece sencilla y muy práctica. Yo también tengo una Singer nuevecita de este año y tengo pendiente hacerle la funda. Tal vez te copie. Un saludo

  8. You clever clever girl! Grand idea for a SM cover and it looks so pretty.
    Your WH is a real stunner, but then all of your work is.
    Love your cabinet/shelving area. Nice organization.

  9. OOh that's really pretty Connie. I'm sure as much as you love batik fabrics that you'll be happy to see it when you sew.

  10. Love the design of your sewing machine cover especially that it just drapes over the machine. Fourty yards, that's a lot of batting. I usually just buy king size batts but then you do have more leftover pieces to piece together. Do you have a Joann close by, you could use a coupon.

  11. Fabulous machine cover! Love the colours and the machine quilting. Also love that pic of all your fabric…makes me feel not quite so bad about my growing stash 😉 Thanks so much for sharing at Make it Grea Monday!

  12. Lovely! such sweet soft colors. And you're fabric isn't messy! well, at least compared to my pile! April@Little Mama Hen

  13. It's gorgeous! Good job!
    I wonder if the batting is manufactured in the king size width and they have to cut it for queen size (leaving waste for them that isn't quite wide enough for crib or craft size?)

  14. Super lovely sewing machine cover and love the table topper! And I'm crazy about actual rainbow sherbet. Yum!

  15. What a cheerful sight to have in your sewing room; love the colors. BTW, it's your fault I bought a table topper last month……

  16. Very pretty! I need to do a cover for my machine…with sick kiddos at home, it's beginning to collect lots of dust!

  17. teaser!! love that idea for the machine…. I buy my batting on sale at JoAnn's if I'm running low I see it on sale and then with a free shipping coupon, it's awesome! I prefer warm and natural.

  18. Oh Connie…I love that sewing machine cover…i love your table topper…i love your fabrics, even the "messy" ones…can I come over to play? Cheers!

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