Rainbow Scrap Challenge Blue

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The color for this month’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge is…….BLUE. which I didn’t realize until this morning and….isn’t it funny that the first thing I made when we came home was a couple blue batik broken herringbone blocks. You can read more about that here. Let’s see now…..this is September, if I want to make a Rainbow quilt using this block I need to get blocks made for the months of January through August…..I can do that!
Rainbow Scrap Challenge Blue
Be sure and stop by Soscrappy and see what others are working on.
Rainbow Scrap Challenge BlueThe Noble Quilter in Elk River, Minnesota is another beautiful store that I went to. We had different family things going on and I wasn’t sure if I was going to get there……we drove by it several times….
The Nobile Quilter in Elk River MN
The owner Angela Roberts was very friendly and allowed me to take her picture. This was a beautiful shop and I could have spent hours there.
The Nobile Quilter in Elk River MN
Look at all the quilts, fabrics and kits!
The Nobile Quilter in Elk River MN
I only picked up a few things including some fat quarters of Avalon. This shop was in the last issue of Quilt Sampler which I have. The new issue had just arrived so I picked it up.
The Nobile Quilter in Elk River MN
Yesterday was hot so I stayed in the house and….pieced and also quilted a couple things. Today we have some running to do and then I hope to come home and quilt some more. Enjoy your day.

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  1. Darlene Fel....... says:

    Oh, I am so glad you got to this one! definitely one of my favorite shops. She is an amazing person and soooooo nice. We stopped there on a MN shop hop bus about a month ago; so accommodating and grateful for our business; really treated us nice. I love stopping there every chance I can as I pass by (or make a detour!) I also love Gruber's in St. Cloud and it is close to me. They are awesome too!

  2. Love your blue blocks! Beautiful quilt store.

  3. Love your blu block. It is gorgeous.

  4. Your blues are really beautiful.

    The quilt shop does look fabulous. I could have spent hours in there too.

    You guys have really had the heat turned on there. It's so late for you to get it too. Hope it rains soon to cool you off.

  5. Lorna McMahon says:

    Hey! I love your placement of those broken herringbone blocks with the tops together! It makes an interesting secondary pattern. How many blocks are you planning? Thanks for sharing the quilt shop pics, too! Nice to get out and see what's new without having to leave the house!

  6. Love your blue blocks and that quilt store looks amazing. Have fun catching up on the monthly squares.

  7. Beautiful block and love your quilting on it. Is this another quilt as you go quilt?

  8. Julie in GA says:

    Your blue herringbone blocks are fantastic! I love the way they look where the two blocks come together.

  9. Teresa in Music City says:

    I love that block Connie! A rainbow quilt made out of these blocks will be stunning!!!

  10. PS: You are showing up in my Blog Roll again. Yippee Skippee!!

  11. Fab Herringbone block. I love how they look when two are sewn together… is this going to be a QAYGo project? Love the quilting.
    That store is amazing. Thanks for sharing the pic.

  12. This is a great block.

  13. Those blue blocks are GORGEOUS! They look like a mosaic.

  14. Quiltingranny says:

    So pretty and we quilters know the meaning of 'missing our machines!' Thanks for sharing the shop!

  15. Looks wonderful and a fantastic quiltshop.

  16. Oh! I do like that block, will have to try it before too long 🙂 Love the blues too, my favourite colour !

  17. That blue block would make a wonderful all-blue quilt. Or, you could kill two birds with one stone and do the herringbone quilt as a rainbow quilt. 😀 I really like the secondary pattern you got with the two blue blocks against each other and no sashing in between.

  18. This blue block is absolutely beautiful!