Quilted Christmas Fabric Baskets

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I always enjoy making quilted fabric baskets and when they are made with Christmas fabrics I think that makes them even more special.

One of my favorite quilt projects is my quilted fabric baskets and I think I have made at least 50 of them and many were gifts.

I have been asked about making different sizes and that means I spent yesterday in my quilt studio making baskets.

Christmas Fabric baskets on a table with flowers

Each of these baskets is a different size, the size of the corner is what makes the height of the basket.

basket on Christmas fabric

Holiday Decorating

After I finished the baskets I decided it was time to decorate for the holidays. Can you see little Rusty? It has only been one week since we adopted him and already he feels comfortable enough to just lay on the floor while I walk around him putting things out.

Now I have 2 dogs that I have to be careful not to step on!

Baskets on table and dog on the floor

See what I mean about how I have to walk around Mr. Mickey and now Rusty!

Dogs on the floor6

My Quilt Keeper

It was time to change the quilt on my Quilt Keeper and would you believe I don’t have a large Christmas quilt.

I do have this large table runner that I made several years ago and it works nicely on the Quilt Keeper. The runner is 23″ x 63½”.

Quilted table runner on Quilt Keeper

I am trying to make a fabric basket that will hold napkins. This size works but I would like it to not be so tall. I’ll keep experimenting.

I keep all of my Christmas quilt projects together, this small table runner is one I made several years ago. The strips have a ribbon cut and I appliqued them down. I used a special rotary cutter blade.

Table runner with basket on it

I have to admit that it was fun putting holiday decorations out.

Kitchen with quilted items

Here is my cute Christmas Truck table runner.

Christmas Truck table runner

Christmas Quilt Projects

In the hall, I hung my Christmas Log Cabin quilt and put out my miniature tree with the little tree skirt. Checkout my Christmas quilt projects. Now that I have this narrow table in the hall, I’ll have to make a new runner for it.

Hall table with quilt on wall

Christmas Crazy Quilt Placemats

I made 6 of the Christmas crazy quilt placemats but 4 work well on our table.

I’m not sure where I’ll put the Christmas Tree table runner that is hanging on the chair as it is 21″ x 30″. There is also a different larger Christmas tree runner on the island.

Quilted placemats on table

Quilted Fabric Basket Tutorial

Here is my original Fabric basket tutorial. You’ll also find links to several updates I have done. My plan is to combine everything and give you plenty of sizes to choose from.

I am also doing something new on the baskets. I am not crazy about hand sewing so I decided to start stitching the flaps down by machine.

This basket started out as two 13-inch squares and the corners were 2½-inches

fabric basket and Santa

Adding batting and then quilting the basket gives some body to the basket.

Inside of my fabric basket

After I trim off the corners, I topstitch on the outside of the corners to add stability and enclosed seams to the baskets. You can learn how to make this with my basket tutorial.

Outside of fabric basket

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Hi Connie! I have a ceramic moose like yours! It was a nice surprise to see it! Happy New Year & God bless you & your family 😊♥️🎉

  2. I like all your Christmas projects. I also like your reindeer/moose and wonder what the white body part is made from. I am so glad that Rusty and Mr. Mickey get along so well and that Rusty has settled in so quickly.

  3. As 2022 comes to an end, I look back – particularly on the wealth of patchworking experience shared by our wonderful mentor Connie. Every blog has great projects to work on and the photos of Mr Mickey and now little Rusty are so cute.
    The Christmas baskets are lovely and will brighten any home. I love the Christmas table runner too.
    So, thank you Connie. I hope you and your family have a happy festive season.
    With good wishes for 2023.
    Robyn – from Australia

  4. I have made many of these baskets and have given them away as gifts. I use buttons (old and new) to fasten the sides down.

  5. Well, it’s certainly 🎶“beginning to look a lot like Christmas”🎶 at your house Connie, and it’s lovely. I love the idea of using your cloth boxes as napkin holders and I look forward to when you figure out how to make them a little less deep. Seeing Mr.Mickey right in the middle of the hall way gave me a laugh, the perfect place to be tripped over😂. Rusty looks like he is settling in beautifully. All the best from Vancouver Island, B.C. 🇨🇦.

    1. I’ll be sure and let everyone know the size of the basket to hold napkins as soon as I make it. Yep, Mr. Mickey rules in our house and we walk carefully around him. I think Rusty is following in his paw steps!

  6. Ah, I love the “puppies” on the mats, they look so content. I also like you Christmas quilts, they are displayed so nicely.
    Your Christmas boxes are nice, I like them and they don’t look difficult at all.
    I am thinking about a couple for my sewing room but not Christmas though.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Love the little “furry” helpers! Your house looks like a fancy restaurant! Beautiful! I’m making an effort – a REAL effort to get more done this year. So easy to “wander” off – love the printouts you have to keep me on track. Thanks!

  8. Good Morning Connie
    What an inspiring message for me today! Thank you for all that you do and share with us. I will spend part of my day sewing and decorating as well. You dogs are so cute. We lost our dog, Emma, about 3 years ago and still contemplating If we should get another but feel we are too old hah!
    We Had about 8 inches of snow last week, and more expected so sewing it is.

    Merry .Christmas to you and yours and all the quilters out there!🎄❄️🎄

    1. Hi Sherry, you should really think about adopting an older dog to fill the empty spot in your heart from Emma. So many times an older dog has had their owner die and they need a home. Maybe check with your local vet. We missed one that way several months ago and that is what helped us decide we wanted to adopt another dog. Stay warm and out of the snow!

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