2017 Quilt UFO Challenge

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2017 Quilt UFO Challenges2017 Quilt UFO Challenges

It is that time of year when everyone decides to pull out the quilt UFOs…..and say “Oh my gosh…..when did I make all of these!” and then the challenge is on to finish them during 2017. Yesterday afternoon I pulled out my pile of unfinished quilts, took pictures of them and wrote down some information about each one.  There is nothing like a blog post to give myself accountability for my 2017 Quilt UFO Challenges.

This year I am going to take part in the All People Quilt 2017 UFO Challenge.  #APQResolution There is a sheet you can print out and list 12 UFOs then each month they will pick a number and that is the one to work on.

2017 UFO Challenge
I haven’t done this in a couple years but…..when I did….I was surprised at what I accomplished. I believe the first one I ever took part in was by Judy from Patchwork Times. She will have one for 2017 and has already listed her UFOs plus has a linky party.

First of all I wrote down all of my UFOs in a notebook, turns out I have a few more than 12……how about you? I found out about this UFO challenge from a post that Pat Sloan did. She also has a new website called I Love to Make Quilts and a free weekly block challenge that just started where you will make 25 blocks, this will be fun!2017 Quilt UFO list

Okay, now I’ll share my 2017 quilt UFOs.

#1 Quilt UFO for 2017

First up is this once called Rainbows End that is from a book by Judy Martin. I think I started it at least 3 years ago and it was my second batik quilt…..I actually haven’t finished the first one either but I think that one is packed away with “other” old UFOs.

This was supposed to be a queen size quilt and I wanted to make it smaller but keep the border. I got lost on the measurements and it was put away. This was the last UFO I pulled out yesterday and…..I decided that I would use the borders for something else and just make more of the blocks for a quilt, otherwise it will never get finished. I made 3 blocks last night before I put it away.Rainbows End Quilt

#2 Quilt UFO for 2017

This quilt is made with all kinds of red quilt fabrics I had in my stash for a super large size Scattered quilt for out bed. I am not crazy about quilting king size quilts on my domestic but it can be done. I also plan to add a border to this. This was so big I couldn’t get it to stay up on my design wall.Red Scattered quilt UFO

#3 Quilt UFO for 2017

Next up is 4 green batik log cabin placemats. I have made these in Christmas fabrics and also in a blue batik for gifts, my plan was to make this set for us.

Batik placemats

#4 Quilt UFO for 2017

When did I make this?? It would make a cute baby quilt as it measures 42 x 48.Baby quilt

#5 Quilt UFO for 2017

This UFO is my Aurifil sampler quilt from….2014 or 2015. I actually forgot all about this one! Aurifill sampler quilt

#6 Quilt UFO for 2017

I had to laugh when I pulled this out. I had finished the table topper and two placemats, the other two placemats are ready to be quilted. We recently sold our round dining room table and bought a square one. I have a feeling this will be a gift when finished.Batik table topper and place mats

#7 Quilt UFO for 2017

This is another king size batik quilt that I would like to finish. I have two more rows of blocks to add. I don’t know if I will add a border.

Blue batik king size quilt

#8 Quilt UFO for 2017

This is a 36 x 42 baby quilt. I think I watched a video on making this at Missouri Star Quilt Co. It just needs quilting.Pinwheel baby quilt

#9 Quilt UFO for 2017

This is my Aruba Sunset pattern in a different colorway…..did I already make this identical quilt??Aruba Sunset quilt

#10 Quilt UFO for 2017

This is test quilt for my Hopscotch quilt pattern. It still needs borders before quilting.Hopscotch quilt pattern

#11 Quilt UFO for 2017

This is actually 2 different Hunters Star quilts. My plan was to make identical quilts for my granddaughters, they might become lap quilts now.Hunters Star quilt

#12 Quilt UFO for 2017

This was a test for my Connect Four quilt pattern (which I just realized is not listed on my site yet, I’ll have to get that done). Connect Four quilt patternHave you noticed how many of my UFOs are made with batik fabrics and bright colors? If you follow my blog you are not surprised!

Now my question for you is…..How many UFOs do you have??

I found a couple other UFOs that I don’t know when or if ever they will get finished as I’m not crazy about the color combinations.

This is another Aruba Sunset.Aruba Sunset quiltMy Blue Sapphire quilt pattern.Blue Sapphire quilt patternMy Maze quilt pattern without borders.Maze quilt pattern

Now it is time to work on my goals for 2017.

2017 Quilt UFOs

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  1. Monica Kostak says:

    WOW looks like you are almost done….My UFO’s are mostly patterns and fabrics in square boxes ready to start. (purchasing everything at once basically when it’s on sale.) I participated in the 2016 challenge with Julie @the Crafty Quilter, but she is not doing it this year. I’ve printed out the 2017 UFO challenge and ready to get started with your quilt team! Thanks 🙂

  2. You’ve got a lot of really great UFOs here that don’t look like they will take a ton of time to complete. Good luck with getting them all crossed off your list by the end of 2017.

  3. great ufos, I just did my 2017 list for next week and I have 25 projects to move over from 2016… lol- keeps you out of trouble! 😉 I SHOULD take pictures of mine though, that’s a good idea, once you get a thing out of the box it inspires you to do something.

  4. I really like UFO #1. I can see why changing the border measurements might be difficult. I love the border and am glad you plan to use them elsewhere. I hope you’ll share the finished projects with us.

  5. I have a page/tab/list of UFOs/Projects/Squirrels on my blog that I try to keep updated – but I don’t dare count them – I’d probably faint – ;))

  6. Pat Evans says:

    I really don’t want to count up my UFOs. It would be too scary. I was able to stay much more focused when I was still working. Now that I’m retired I have lost all control. But it’s so much fun and no one really cares if I finish anything or not. But I will try and I want to do more charity quilts this year. And I have lots of batiks just calling my name.

  7. I’m going to dig mine out after my granddaughter returns home tomorrow. I did this last year and had about 60% completion… better than leaving them in a box! It surprises me how much I can accomplish when I’m accountable to my list.
    Connie, I love all your batiks! I dream in color, and your quilts are my dreams come true. Your circular top and place mats are what I need to make for Mom’s round table.
    Best wishes to everyone as they conquer their UFOs!

  8. Wow, Connie, those are really pretty UFOs. Since I have a longarm, I don’t have any UFOs other than the current project. But I have enough stash to last the rest of my natural life and beyond. I plan to reduce that this year with some charity quilts.

  9. I have some but haven’t counted them yet. I did finish quite a few UFOs this year and haven’t started much of anything in 2016 so it may be a short list.

  10. Ha…yes, I have a few more than 12 too. Looing forward to seeing all of those finishes next year.

  11. I didn’t think you had any UFOs. You always seem to get so much finished.

  12. I have a baker’s dozen UFOs on my current list. There ARE others buried in the studio, but I knew there was NO WAY they would get done!! As it is, I’ve finished NOTHING during this quarter’s UFO Club. :o((

  13. Nope you are not alone with several UFO’s! I am just working to get my to be quilt shelf empty, that could take all year! Well not if I stop making new ones, LOL But I do have probably 20 of various sizes to quilt now. I just don’t want to take time to count and list, I’ll just keep plugging away:-) You have some beauties there-best of luck finishing them.

  14. You have a great list to work on. It is nice to see them listed out, much easier to tackle. I am not normal, I only work on 1 quilt at a time. It makes me crazy to have multiple quilts in process. That is not to say that I don’t have a ton of fabric ready to go for numerous quilts. Here is to a great 2017.

  15. You have some beautiful UFOs here. I haven’t counted up my UFOs yet for 2017, but I know there are probably more than I want to admit. One of my tasks for this next week is to get my UFO/WIP/PIG list organized and decide what to start working on next.