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Have you ever had one of those weeks when your quilt routine changes a bit and you loose your quilting energy? I am definitely a creature of habit and when my routine changes…..oh boy!

Sadie on Amber Geese QuiltI don’t know how many people noticed but two days ago I messed with some code in my functions.php file on my website and…..I accidentally deleted the whole thing.  I broke the theme for my site and all of the side widgets moved all over the place. (I have since learned this isn’t a file to mess with unless you “know” what you’re doing).

I know my host provides backups of the last 7 days but I had no idea how to access them or…..what to fix. I really didn’t want to pay to fix this, instead I wanted to learn how to fix it because…..I’m sure I will break something again.  It took several hours searching on Google but I finally found out which file I needed to replace. I am adding this information to my OneNote files as the piece of coding I wanted to delete is still there….waiting to be deleted once more. I’ll wait a week or two.

I am also having trouble scheduling a post and have no idea why or what caused this to happen. When I finish this post I’ll schedule it and see if it works. See what is keeping me away from my quilting?

The grandchildren were on Spring break this week so I picked them up Monday and took them home yesterday afternoon. There was a little quilting going on as my granddaughter made a little QAYG pillow from some of my batik scraps but I forgot to take pictures.

Today I am planning on working on 2 quilt projects. I just finished a little baby quilt for my AccuQuilt post next month using the new AccuQuilt GO! Qube 12″ Companion Set Corners. The AccuQuilt GO! Corners Companion sets are brand new and comes in all 4 sizes to go with the AccuQuilt GO! Qubes.

This set is actually replacing the Classic Companion Set and had 2 of the same dies so if you have already bought the Classic Companion set you’ll want to just buy the AccuQuilt GO!  6″ Bowtie set.
AccuQuilt Corner Companion SetI also added a little applique to the quilt with the AccuQuilt GO! Flower Bunch die.  I did the applique with the open toe applique presser foot that I talked about in the Ultimate Presser Foot post. My applique isn’t perfect but I’ll keep working on it.
AccuQuilt Flower Bunch appliqueThere are several flowers included on the Flower Bunch die, I just used one of them.AccuQuilt Corner Companion Set baby quilt
So my first priority today is to get the blog post written.

Second priority – I had someone email me about a quilt I made some time ago. I had mentioned in the post that I was going to write a pattern for it….and it never happened.  My “todo” list is really long! I promised I would work on it, pulled out the quilt, looked at the blog posts and then….forgot about it.

The other day I got another email asking if I had made the pattern…..oh boy! This was my Amber Geese quilt that I made using the very first bundle of batiks I received as an Island Batik ambassador. I also think this is when I first started designing quilt patterns for Island Batik which is probably why I never wrote this pattern. Does that sound like a good excuse?

Yesterday I dug through some of my “future quilt pattern” files and found my notes from 2014! Time to work on the pattern!
Amber Geese directions and computer work
I looked at my scribbled notes and then decided as long as I was going to write up a pattern I might as well make it a little bigger. Time to pull out my batiks and my AccuQuilt GO! Flying Geese die.  I’m in the mood to do some piecing and there are a lot of flying geese blocks in this quilt.
AccuQuilt Flying Geese blue
Would it have been easier to just write the pattern? Probably but it has been a while since I wrote my notes and creating a new quilt is always fun!
Amber Geese in blue batiksPoor Sadie’s routine has been changed today also! Builder Bob is gone and Sadie is stuck with me…..who wants photos of her on quilts. I had to laugh at this picture, doesn’t it look like she is mad?  Enjoy your day, I’m going to quilt!Unhappy dog on quilt
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Looking for a free quilt pattern? This Twirling Petals pattern would be fun to make…..I’ll be adding it to my “todo” list.
Twirling Petals free pattern

AccuQuilt Corner Companion Set Flower Bunch Applique

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  1. Kathleen McCormick says:

    So sorry for the computer problems. I had that happen to me too and lost 2 critical days in a busy time. I am behind on a few blog posts and need to work up a plan for April’s project. I hope you did get to your quilting today. It is funny how these critical messes confuse the heck out of us and destroy the path we were on! Lovely quilt and I am sure the quilter will appreciate the pattern!

  2. Connie Dear I do admire your computer skills and how you manage it all…I don’t know anything techy and I don’t even have a Smart phone. Sadie is so adorable in the first photo and in the last she definitely looks a wee bit perturbed. Your quilting skills are sew fabulous. Creative Bliss Dear…<3

  3. Pat Evans says:

    I can’t imagine how frantic you must have been when you discovered the deleted files. I’m not a blogger (for good reason – technology scares me). i’ve only had a smart phone for less than a year and it continues to challenge me on the simplest tasks. For three cheers for your efforts in solving your own issues without paying the experts for help. I so enjoy your patterns, your blog and pictures of Sadie. I hate to have it disappear.

  4. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Connie; I am sorry to hear about your computer problems. I wish you the best in discovering the answers and learning all sorts of new information to fix it and prevent it from happening again. I recently did something that changed my front screen and the way that opening pages works. It is so annoying and I know nothing about computers, so I waiting for my husband to do it. I am sure that you did have a fantastic time with your Grandkids. Plus, how fun to sew with her. I love the quilt that you are making and would love to have a pattern for it! Love the photo of Sadie! She does look very angry!! Thank you for sharing all that you do with us. I truly enjoy your blog and your posts!

  5. Wow, Connie, I’m surprised you find time to sleep. Just reading this post makes me tired. My hat is off to you for persisting in figuring out the problem with your blog. I was just complaining to a friend last week about how much I hate when companies change the “look and feel” of an application like a spreadsheet. Never mind how I would feel about maintaining a blog. I just don’t have the patience for it anymore.
    Your quilts look wonderful as does Sadie, even if she does appear to have a little snarl on her cute face.

  6. That is the exact reason why I hate to think about changing anything!!! Good for you for hanging in there and learning to fix it. It just seems like such a waste of valuable quilting time!!! lol

    Love the picture of Sadie on that beautiful quilt.

  7. Your Sadie is adorable! I can relate about your blog issues. The last time I tried to use “rafflecopter” for a free drawing, it totally wrecked my website and it cost me $400 to fix it! Never again!

  8. I feel your frustration, Connie! I decided to upgrade my blog, but they neglected to tell me that the upgrade and domain change would take my blog down for three days! It won’t be back up until the weekend, at least I hope it is three actual days and not business days!!

  9. Love the flying geese quilt! And Sadie is such a cutie pie, though she does look like she’s mad at you!! We were on vacation Monday through Thursday with our grands and visiting family in NC. Good time but so glad to be back home!