Quilt Projects for November

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I thought I would share a few quilt projects I am working on. These are some quilt projects that I plan to finish in November. The weather was beautiful and Rusty and I spent a lot of time in my quilt studio. I’m getting settled in our new house and really love it.

Our maple tree had beautiful shades of red and Rusty really enjoyed sitting outside as long as he could see me at my sewing machine through the sliding glass door.

Maple leaves turned red

Here you can see the maple tree outside our kitchen. That is my Four Patch Star table runner on the table. I really need to switch to a fall runner.

Maple tree outside of kitchen


Over the weekend, I pulled out some blocks I had made previously and decided to make a couple of baby quilts using my Scattered quilt pattern. This is still one of my favorite patterns. I decided to add large borders using the black fabric that I used for the sashing. I’m anxious to get these quilted.

Rusty with 2 baby quilts

Connect Four

I also remade my Connect Four quilt pattern and made it larger. The original quilt is 51 x 51. This one is 52 x 70. I even quilted it on my longarm! I am in the process of updating the pattern so if you buy it now or already have it, I’ll let you know as soon as it is updated.

Connect Four quilt pattern

Placemat and mug rug

Oh my gosh, I forgot all about making these and I’m not even sure if I talked about them before. Someone asked about a tutorial for something similar and I whipped these us. TUTORIAL is coming!

Placemat and mug rug

Bubble Jet 2000 for Printing

I also used some BubbleJet 2000 on fabric and my Deskjet printer to print these pictures. The white one is on batik fabric and the other is on muslin. I now will soak them in the BubbJet Rinse to permanently set the ink. I’ll share a whole post of this soon.

Bubble Jet 2000 for printing

Batik fabric from Australia

I received a package all the way from Australia! Ann sent me this beautiful batik fabric. I spread it out on the Rusty’s couch and immediately he jumped up on it. I’m not sure what I will do with it as the design is almost too neat to cut up.

Batik fabric from Ann in Australia

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  1. Margaret Magri says:

    Love what you have done with your pics on bubblejet very nice I hope you are going to do more of them so we can purchase

  2. Donna Bryant says:

    I love that fabric from down under!! I would also love to know what the name is on the selvedge, as I would love to have a few yards!! Also, I am really interested in using Bubble Jet. I took a class not long ago for photo quilts, and would like to make one for my last living sister who is also a Christmas Day baby.
    Thank you for the wonderful insights and patterns!!
    Happy Sewing!
    Donna B.

  3. Both of your baby quilts are beautiful! I’m with you & like the rainbow border best! Hope Rustys physical turns out good! He sure looks happy! 😃♥️

  4. I can’t wait to see your finished Scattered Quilt. It’s looking beautiful!!

  5. Love your projects that are coming in November! Fun. Also love seeing sweet Rusty. I think he likes that batik fabric from Australia!!

  6. Your maple tree is so pretty. Those reds!!! Wow! The baby quilts look great in that scattered pattern. You do have lots of fun November sewing lined up. I’ll be looking forward to your bubble jet review. My images faded badly in the wash years ago, but it may be different now.

  7. Robyn Lidstone says:

    Lovely designs as usual. The mug rug and place-mat are nice projects to make for Christmas gifts. There is always something to look forward to when you have a new design to display.
    I love hearing about Rusty and how he likes to be near you while you work.

  8. So pretty fabric with a great design sounds like a wholecloth quilt to me. Maybe a simple pattern for the back. Looks like the fabric is a little narrow, maybe some strips to make it wider, or simple cuts, but I’m all for not messing with it. The back, well have some fune with it. Can we assume th epretty one is 45 wide? So another piece of alloverpattern, same length cut in half? You do such nice quilting it could be another way to show off the quilting! p. s. Ask Rusty – looks like he’s getting to be quite the quilt guy!

  9. Love the placemats and scattered quilts! Interested to know more about Bubble Jet!!! Love me some Rusty pics!!

  10. alicia crossley says:

    I absolutely love the Australian batik fabric. I would really like to see what you do with it and how to get it here in US. I am also ordering the scattered quilt pattern to make in some batiks (I really like batiks) b/c it looks like stained glass. Finally, I’m fascinated with the Bubble Jet. I’ve never seen this before so I’m anxious to see your post on it. Thank you! Alicia

  11. The quilts are so pretty. You always use suchbright pretty fabrics and they are my favorite. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful tree in your yard. Michigan’s trees are so gorgeous, well, probably should say were since it is trying to snow here plus the wind.

  12. I love the quilt projects that you plan to work on in November. The colors are so bright and cheery.
    I love your photos of Rusty.