Quilt Photography Backdrop

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It is always a challenge to take photos of quilts. I am always looking for the perfect play to photography my quilts regardless of the weather.

Quilt Photography Backdrop DIY for quilts

Quilt Photography Backdrop

If it is too windy or sunny it is impossible to get a good picture. This is my Scattered quilt pattern which is still one of my most popular patterns.

Quilt Photography Backdrop DIY for scattered quilt

You can find the Scattered quilt pattern in my new shop.

I have been looking at photography backdrops but many of the reviews talked about wrinkles that couldn’t be removed when the backdrop was vinyl.

I’m still going to end up buying one of the vinyl backdrops and seeing how they are but for now I bought this brick wall backdrop which is made out of a heavyweight soft texture fabric and I’m very, very happy with it. The size is 8 foot by 8 foot.

The brick wall backdrop looks a little funny with our beige carpet, I’ll come up with something to fix that. There are some folds showing in the photo but once I properly pinned it they disappeared.

This is how it looked when I was first setting it up. The first time I pinned it up was a little crooked but we fixed that. I invariably hang everything crooked the first time. There is a pole pocket at the top so you could hang this on a backdrop support system. I have one but this wall will work fine.

Quilt Photography Backdrop DIY for quilts setting up the backdrop

The color is listed as white but it is actually a light gray which works even better for my quilts. I also bought a white distressed quilt ladder to hang my quilts on. Builder Bob just shook his head because he could have built it for me. This one is 6 foot tall, maybe I’ll ask him to build me a taller one! 

Quilt Photography Backdrop and quilt ladder for quilts

It is very lightweight and came assembled, you can’t really use it as a ladder but it is perfect for quilts. I’m definitely going to have fun with my brick wall backdrop and quilt ladder.

Quilt Photography Backdrop and quilt ladder for quilts

Every photo I take goes into Adobe Photoshop to get edited and re-sized before being added to my blog. Sometimes I change the colors and exposure a little bit. I have been experimenting with my new Samsung Galaxy s9 phone which has a fantastic camera and takes RAW/DNG files.

I took this before I put a different rug on the floor.

Quilt Photography Backdrop DIY for pretty in pink quilt

I think my Canon camera does a better job with colors but using my phone is sure easy!

Quilt Photography Backdrop DIY for scattered quilt

I pulled out my Twirling Windmills quilt for a photograph. This is a free pattern on my blog. I had a white rug that I placed on the floor to hide the beige carpet. Not too bad.

Quilt Photography Backdrop DIY for Twirling windmills quilt free pattern

I recently took over a spare bedroom and have the backdrop up all the time. I use Kraft paper sealing tape to hold my backdrop up. This makes it easy to remove the backdrop from your wall and move it if you like.

Lighting – lighting is very important, I bought 2 Photography Daylight Umbrella lights by LimoStudio and really like using them. They get moved around a lot, sometimes they are in my quilt studio but most of the time I keep them here.

The wooden ladder is perfect for draping a quilt over it and is very lightweight.

Lights and back drop for my quilt photography
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Brick Wall backdrop for quilt photos

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  1. Wow, Connie! That looks just like a brick wall! I like the way it looks and changing the rug out makes a world of difference. I am hoping my cousin is going to build me a quilt ladder like the one he built for his wife. I gave him my cowgirl bling quilt and am making them an “Auburn” quilt, so … maybe I can talk him into it!

    I love the way everything looks!

  2. Connie Dear I must admit that I never notice any backdrops because your quilts are always such a stunning feature. Now if Sadie or Pelly or Eagle are showcased, I do notice them too. Great Quilts and the new backdrop is very calm and does not compete with the star of the show! Sunshine Summer Smiles…<3

  3. Hello Connie; This is such a brilliant idea that does a great addition to your pictures. Plus, with the ladder your quilts are just looking great. You could even move in some other items and create so many more unique set ups for your quilt photos. I look forward to seeing what you and Builder Bob do come up with over time, but until then…I do like your new set up and think you made a great investment! Thank you for sharing it and all of these special pictures of your beautiful quilts!! Have a spectacular day!

  4. I have seen these before and am grateful for the reminder. I have to see if I can enlist DH help in this. The ladder is quite nice too. Now you have me thinking.

  5. We use backdrops for our Santa CAAWS photos for the Dog Fundraiser every November. We used to make the backdrop using the large sheets of art paper and who ever showed up to draw and color. Some were great; some not so. When we started investing in backdrops it upped our professionalism 10 fold. More money, more dogs, more orders. Now we have ones we rotate and even trade with other groups in other cities. They are wonderful.

    I can see how yours would be crooked every time thought! LOL. You need a hanger system, talk to builder bob about a hanger system like they have in museums. I want to put one in my living room so I can switch out my fiber art work. I think I can do it with J strips. the backdrops would be a heavier though. Maybe a wooden slat J strip. Builder Bob would know how to do it!


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