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Adding a quilt label to your quilts is a great way to personalize a gift. Do you add them?

I am guilty of forgetting to make them most of the time and really should go back and add labels to many of my quilts.

A quilt label provides information to the person you are giving the quilt to and also ensures that in the future people will know who made it and when.

If you make a quilt with a light-colored backing you can easily write your name and date in one of the corners on the back.

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Quilt labels free download

You can also use your printer and iron-on transfer paper made for this purpose using the labels I have made for you.

I have been using an HP Instant Ink printer for about 4 years now. The Instant Ink program is wonderful as you never have to buy ink for your printer. You pay so much per page that you print. It doesn’t matter if there is one word on the page or if it is a full-color photo – it costs the same. Plans vary and right now I am on a plan that costs $5.29 a month for 100 copies.

How to make your label

  • Print directly on the inkjet fabric sheets following the manufactures instructions
  • Let the ink dry before handling to avoid smudging
  • Remove the paper backing

How to attach your quilt label

You will need:

  • Permanent fabric marker – I use Micron pens
  • Basting glue or pins
  • Needle and thread

Cut out your label

  • Cut out your label leaving ¼-inch seam allowance around it
  • Press the seam allowance to the back on all sides

Add label to your quilt

  • Using basting glue or pins to hold in place on the back of your quilt
  • Blind stitch to the back of your quilt in a corner

I have 2 different quilt labels that you can print out.

Label One

May this quilt be an everlasting hug from me to you

Quilt Care: Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle, Tumble Dry Low

Quilt label

Label Two

A quilt to warm your body and comfort your soul

Quilt Care: Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle, Tumble Dry Low

Quilt label 2

Download the quilt labels PDF

There are 3 pages of labels, you can choose which one you would like to print. I will also add the quilt label pdf to my Resource Library to make it easy for you to find in the future.

Be sure to also check out my free 2022 quilt calendar.

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  1. PS: I also belong to the instant ink program after getting my HP printer. Nice not having to go to store to get them during the pandemic. Thanks for sharing information.

  2. Thanks, Connie, for the “heart-warming sayings” on you quilt labels. This will make the projects even more personal. I will use these in future, for sure. I like the pen you use. Would be practical to have.

  3. Thank you for the labels. They are perfect! I look forward to reading and seeing what you have made. Your patterns are not complicated or too fussy! Thanks for your inspiration.

  4. Guilty! I have only made one label ever – I just keep forgetting. I like the ones you have here – I can make some ahead and pop them on even after I bind. And the washing instructions are great. Thanks

  5. Thanks for the labels. You thought of everything to go on them. I look forward to your newsletters. They are full of goodies. Your follower Kathy Wagner.

  6. Thank you so much for the labels PDF and instructions! I’m using one on a baby quilt I made for my niece, so finding this now is perfect! You are so kind to share this great information!

  7. Thank you for your kind generosity. I enjoy your beautiful patterns. Your calendars have helped me a lot. They are such a blessing in learning how to track my work.
    Wishing you much Happiness for this New Year 2022

  8. Connie:
    Thank you for the quilt label download, I always add one to my quilts – I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. I keep a binder of a picture with all info, along with the pattern or instructions, and also all are posted on my Pinterest page.
    Just a hint, after downloading your labels, if you open them in Adobe Acrobat you can use the sign and fill option and there will be no need for a pen. Have a Happy New Year.

  9. Great labels, thanks for sharing. I like that they include washing instructions too.
    I usually forget a label until I’m working on the binding, so then I stop and make a label and stitch it on then finish the binding.
    I don’t always put labels on table runners, unless I’m giving them to someone, for ones I keep for myself I sometimes just put the year on the back with my initials. But I think it’s nice to have a label on things sometimes you just want to see what year it was made, I find I often forget what year I made something so it’s always an nice reminder.

  10. Thank you! I’ve never tried those fabric sheets in the printer. I’ve been afraid it would get stuck in my printer. I guess I should give it a try!

  11. I love this idea! I like you, am guilty of not labeling. I would like to do this for future quilts! Thank you Connie for this gift!

  12. Love these labels Connie! Adding the care instructions was a great addition!
    All the best for a safe, happy, and healthy 2022 for all your family and Mr.

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