Pretty in Pink

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Pretty in Pink

Yesterday I decided to get this sweet little quilt quilted as it is a Christmas gift. I first showed this quilt in September when I bought the flannel and talked about the fabrics I used.

Pretty Little Things blocks at Freemotion by the River

Some of the fabrics were from a bundle called Shelby Pretty Little Things for Free Spirit Fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop and a couple pieces that were Westminster Fibers.

I used my AccuQuilt 6 1/2 inch triangle die and then added strips around the block. I was going to just make a baby quilt but I really, really love the way this is turning out and had enough fabric for enough blocks for a lap quilt. I also picked up some flannel to put on the back……I can’t remember the last time I used flannel for backing and I’m sure I have never free motion quilted on it.

Flannel for quilt backing

I can’t wait to get this all pieced!

More Pretty Little Things blocks

Pretty in Pink

Quilt by the woodpile at Freemotion by the River

This was the first time that I used flannel on the back of a quilt and free-motion quilted it. The only difference I noticed was that the quilt didn’t slide as easily while I was quilting.

Pretty in Pink quilt at Freemotion by the River

I really had fun taking pictures down by the river and the colors in the quilt really sparkle!

Pretty in Pink quilt at Freemotion by the River

Here you can see the flannel backing and my binding is added by machine……no hand stitching for me.

Closeup of quilting and flannel backing at Freemotion by the River

The quilt size is 48 x 56, I also used Bottom Line thread in a beautiful color – #637.

Quilt by the River at Freemotion by the River

After I took all my photos along the river I brought the quilt in and washed it. I was anxious to see how soft it got with the flannel backing……it feels wonderful. I also remembered to add a Color Catcher to the wash, can you see how much color it grabbed!

Pretty in Pink

We got a little snow last night….not much but…..enough for me. Anyway, I couldn’t resist grabbing the quilt and taking a picture. It really wasn’t the best time to take a picture but you get the idea, hard to believe I took all the other photos yesterday afternoon! I had to throw the quilt in the dryer to melt the snow that got on it.

Pretty in Pink

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  1. Janet Fetting says:

    What a beautiful quilt, love pinks with yellows and oranges. I use flannel a lot on the back of my quilts because my grandchildren like soft and warm and so do I. I even make flannel pillow cases as well as minky ones. The fabrics available now are just fabulous, aren't they?
    Enjoyed looking at your quilts.

  2. Val's Quilting Studio says:

    THese colors are gorgeous together!! My kids like when I use flannel on the back of their lap quilts…so cozy!

  3. Very pretty quilt and lovely against the snow. Speaking of snow, you have more there than I have here in the Buffalo NY area right now . . . but it's coming!!

  4. Hi!!! Wow!!! It is beautiful with all the backgrounds…I love it best in the snow!!!! We got about 4 inches of snow last night in KY and it is still snowing!!!! I am ok with a little snow but now it could just wait and snow on Christmas and let that be it for the year!!!! Then it could go on to spring!!!! hugs

  5. Love the cheerful colors!

  6. What a cheerful quilt! Did you find the flannel shrunk a lot? I've used some flannels that I swear will shrink about 10%, and so I always pre-wash flannels if I use them. Thanks for showing the color catcher – amazing.

  7. The quilt is really so sweet. Someone i going to love all that Pink.

  8. Connie, your quilt is beautiful. I love the way you take pictures by the water and especially love the picture of the quilt on the chair on your deck surrounded by all that white stuff!

  9. Teresa in Music City says:

    It's beautiful Connie!!! You know I love those colors, and I spy some really gorgeous prints in there 🙂 Great pictures of it too!

  10. Createology says:

    "Pretty in Pink" has sew much happiness in it. Love the flannel backing. This would be warm and cozy for your Winter Snowy Bliss…

  11. I love the pink and golden wonder; the quilt is beautiful, both with and without snow in the background!

  12. The quilt is lovely. Did you ever write the tutorial? I'd love to make it. Love the pretty pink and yellow colors!

  13. What a gorgeous quilt and it really demonstrates how great fabrics can look together when focusing on color and not the print.

    We got about 5 inches of snow. Really nasty roads and we drove 70 miles each way to help our daughter and husband load their moving van. Not a fun job in that heavy snow.

  14. Libby in TN says:

    I've heard there is a type of auto wax that helps fabric slide when FMQ. I'd have to ask a friend who uses it for the product name.

  15. Tanya Quilts in CO says:

    I am glad you went with a flannel backing they make quilts so much more cozy!

  16. Kevin the Quilter says:

    What a perfect bright and cheery gift! I love flannel backings! And, what a difference a day makes with the weather! It has been snowing off and on here since yesterday afternoon!

  17. That's a beautiful quilt and I love the flannel back. I'm all about warm quilts right now. lol I agree with Vicki that it will probably keep bleeding. I'd keep those color catchers handy for a few washes.

    I was looking for your post this morning to see how much snow you got. Not too bad. None here, but my bird bath was frozen over again and I had to chip the ice out so the birds can get a drink.

  18. That's a pretty quilt! If it bled that much in the wash it's probably going to keep bleeding. You might want to give it a long soak. Let me know if you want the link to my process.

  19. It's soooo pretty. I've never thought about flannel for the back of a baby quilt so more I want to try it!

  20. Karen - Quilts...etc. says:

    pretty quilt! for some reason I have never used flannel I guess I am always afraid I will need to buy way more than I need because I assume it will shrink a lot.

  21. Hi Connie! I love this quilt! Wonderful mixed design and the Fabrics are so beautiful! I can pick there few of my favourites and the rest of them I would like to get. x Teje

  22. I'll bet it feels fabulous. I love using flannel for backing on quilts. The colors are so pretty. I am surprised there was so much color that bled out of it.