Hunter Star Table Runner

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Hunter Star Table RunnerHere is my newest table runner made with the Hunter Star block.

It is a good thing I took these photos a couple days ago because right now my yard is muddy slush as we have had some warmer weather and some rain. What a different 2 days can make!

The snow was very, very wet…..perfect snowball weather!

Hunter Star Table Runner

I used my AccuQuilt Hunter Star 12 inch block die which can be used with the GO Baby or GO to make this table runner. I usually write on my dies so I know what size to cut my fabrics. My measurements are a little bigger than the actual size of the die I will cut.


Hunter Star Table Runner

There is a right way and a wrong way to line up your blocks pieces. Take a look at this photo to see how to correctly align the pieces.  This is one of the things I love about the AccuQuilt dies.

Hunter Star Table Runner

The sections are very easy to put together.


Hunter Star Table Runner

Almost done…..

Hunter Star Table Runner

I made 3 blocks and I used a pink batik I had in my stash and some of the Marblehead fabric that I used to make this quilt. I just have a little bit left of it.

Hunter Star Table Runner

I used 2 1/2 inch strips for my binding and sewed it on by machine on my 15-91 vintage Singer.

Hunter Star Table Runner

Closeups are always fun to see.

Hunter Star Table Runner

I’m using my a quilted piece of fabric for the background in this photo.

Hunter Star Table Runner

A post isn’t complete without a peek at the back. This fabric is another of my oldies but I love the soft, delicate flowers……it works for me! The colors are very good in this photo.

Hunter Star Table Runner

I have to say that this has really been a fun block to make and I’ve been playing in Electric Quilt 7 to come up with some other projects.



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  1. beautiful runner, I love the star block. I have a Sizzix so it's probably about time I invested in some quilt block dies!

  2. Kathy ... aka Nana says:

    I just got a Go. I have a question that reading this blog brought to mind. I usually buy yardage (like at least 2-3 yards) … I don't do scrappy, so I rarely use my stash (but if I do, I'm usually pulling large pieces … fat quarter size or so). I just don't know how to prepare my fabric for cutting … I mean, I can't put the whole 2-3 yards on the die at one time. It seems to me that if I'm going to take the time to cut my fabric into small enough pieces to fit on the die, I'm really not saving that much time and could probably just go ahead and cut manually with my rotary cutter in about the same amount of time. Obviously I'm doing something wrong … do you have any advice or pointers or can you direct me to a tutorial or source for help? Thanks so very much!

  3. LA Paylor says:

    wowie this just goes to show, pink looks good in any pattern! The hunter star is so stern a pattern and looks just terrific! Cool method too
    LeeAnna Paylor

  4. Oh that is beautiful. I will tease you though and call you an overachiever… all finished – wow!!! Impressive 😉 The white caps are crazy!

  5. Julie in GA says:

    I love your Hunter Star runner!

  6. Lynn - JnL4God says:

    Very nice – your Quilting is great,. Not that good at FMQ yet but I'll keep practicing. 🙂

  7. Lovely block and the pink fabrics work brilliantly!

  8. What a great way to put your pink scraps to work. The GO is so handy for turning scraps into useful pieces.

  9. That really is pretty. The Hunter Star is a great block and your AccuQuilt sure makes it look a lot easier. I'm terrible about flipping pieces the wrong direction. 🙁

  10. That's a beautiful table runner. I love the block you've used. Thanks for sharing about the making process.

  11. Your pink table runner is so pretty. It reminds me that I have a UFO of this one, in similar colors, made using Deb Tucker's Hunter Star method. Maybe I will have to dig it out…if I can remember where I put it!

  12. Siouxzq64@gmail.com says:

    Pretty pink! I have a hunter's star on my to do list. Great pictures of the ice on the river.

  13. I somehow missed that this die would work with my go baby — thanks for the tutorial and that great tip

  14. Very pretty Connie. I really do like it even if it's not purple like I said on FB. LOL That water looks really neat with the whitecaps, but they'd look a lot nicer if the temps were closer to 65-70 degrees.

    The Hunter Star is one of the blocks I really like a lot.

  15. Hi Connie, I love the colours of your table runner, the bright pink really makes it pop. Thanks for the tutorial as well. Susie x

  16. Karen in Breezy Point says:

    Thanks for the tips–i just got my die and haven't tried it out yet. We used to live on the Mississippi where it never froze (we were located a few miles downstream from the Monticello power plant!).

  17. gramma val says:

    Wow that is beautiful. I would like to say thank you for your blog and all your wonderful inspiration. It is one of my first go to's in the morning and I hope you know how much I appreciate it!…Val from Canada

  18. wow this is lovely. I am going to have to find this pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Ranch Wife says:

    Your table runner is lovely and I've been eyeing this die for some time. The Hunter Star block may be my favorite of all time. I'm thinking its time to hit the 'buy' button.

  20. Vicki in MN says:

    I really like your choice of colors-very springy and we could use some of that right now!! We only ended with 9" yesterday, but lost power for 8 hrs last night. BTW I really thought that was snow in yesterdays shoot until I read your post!

  21. Accroquilt says:

    Very nice table runner! I like it!

  22. Lovely table runner. I do like the Hunter's Star pattern.

  23. lovely runner! and great how you did your stars in white like that….

  24. Another lovely project with your GO. I have the Hunter Star special ruler and used it once – too complicated. Now I just use my regular ruler and cut the angles or paper piece them.

  25. That looks awesome!!! I really love that Hunters Star.

    The winds are so nasty. I think I could take the cold if there weren't winds to go with them. It won't be long until all of the snow is gone.

  26. It only took sewing one on wrong to realize there was a right and wrong way for the triangles to line up. I'm so glad I bought this die. I have always loved this block.

  27. It really turned out great. A Hunter Star quilt is on my bucket list for some day. I still need to dump out my pink scraps and do something with them.