Pineapple Tree Appetizer

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Pineapple Tree of Fruit -

I bet you figured I had made a Pineapple Tree quilt….fooled you!

Yesterday my brother’s girlfriend made this awesome Pineapple Tree as a appetizer! It tasted just as good as it looked!


Lucy with Pineapple Fruit

Here she is holding it outside so I could get a picture, she’s a cutie!

Pineapple Tree of Fruit -

I just had to take it in photoshop and erase the background and play with it.

There is a real pineapple as the center and look at the size of the strawberries. She got everything ready the night before.

Pineapple Tree of Fruit -

I’m going to have to post some pictures of Builder Bob’s kitchen in the basement as it is 90 percent done, we had the food in here as it was so hot yesterday.

Batik quilt blocks

Just a little bit on my design wall table to share today. I am working with the scraps from Intertwined by the River…..have to use up the last scraps!

Batik quilt blocks

This is another leftover project that I worked on a bit yesterday morning……….you’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see what it is going to be…….any guesses??

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  1. Oh my gosh! That pineapple tree looks amazing. That would have been enough for me – no burgers needed. Nothing else, just lots of veggies and some fruit with ham. yum.

    I'm going to guess you're making a dish mat for Builder Bob's kitchen in the basement?

  2. The pineapple thing makes me so hungry! I just want to dig right into it! Love your scrappy bits.

  3. I love that pineapple tree, I have a grad party next year and think that is genius! Love your quilt and I think it is a book cover.

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pineapple tree! Must make this for the next birthday of my daughter! Thanks for sharing! Liz

  5. Springchild83 says:

    Wow the pineapple tree looks lovely! 🙂 I'm thinking you're making a book cover, looks like there's a spine there down the middle 🙂 I always love your stippling, I'm just building up the courage to try myself!

  6. Wow, love the appetizer! Your "scraps" project looks good.

  7. that pinapple tree is awesome Connie,lovely post,enjoy your day.xx

  8. Super cool pineapple tree – a lot of work too. Um let me see -a sewing machine cover?

  9. Wowzer and YUMMO! That looks so yummy. Bet there was none left.
    Hmmmm, I'm guessing a book cover [either real or Kindle].

  10. Love the pineapple! (You're also clever with your photshopping! Wish I were better at that kind of stuff!)
    Whatever your project it, I'm sure it will be pretty because your blocks and colors are!

  11. Chatty Kathy says:

    Except for the pimento-stuffed olives, that's an awesome pineapple platter (don't fret, just my weird tastes….I love almost all olives but those). I'm sort of agreeing with the ladies above about your project; but we'll wait and see.

  12. I love those pinks! I am thinking a little case too.

  13. I'm guessing a kindle or iPad cover. It is really pretty.

  14. Your pineapple tree looks absolutely Yummy! Your scrappy piece is wonderful,too. Maybe a tote bag is on the way.

  15. The pineapple tree appetizer tray looks so yummy! Love what you are doing with your 'scraps' Connie…perhaps a table topper?

  16. Very nice piece Connie….I always love to see your quilting; so much texture there. I haven't had a chance in days to sew to quilt…Had 3 of our grandsons stay the weekend; planted my vegie garden this morning…large!! then planted a few flowers….lots more to do; but maybe one day this week.