Petunia Strings Quilt by the River

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I’m never good at naming quilts but since I love this photo of the quilt in the flowers I guess I’ll call it Petunia Strings by the River. I actually finished this quilt 2 weeks ago….about the time I was changing my header and blog name and I never got this post done.

Petunia Strings Quilt by the River

Click the following link for the tutorial for Petunia Strings.

Petunia Strings Quilt by the River

Someone asked if I have Builder Bob underneath my quilts when they are by the river…..nope, we have a bell down there that works perfectly for draping a quilt over… of these days the wind will probably come up and I’ll have a quilt end up in the river. Luckily it isn’t very deep right next to shore.

The quilt size is 66 x 76 after washing. I know I wrote the original size down….somewhere…but I can’t find it.

Petunia Strings Quilt by the River

To quilt this I just did a simple meandering using ecru cotton thread on the muslin strips and a oatmeal Bottom Line thread on the prints.

Petunia Strings Quilt by the River

I used 2 batik jelly rolls and muslin for this quilt. The borders are pieced from various strips and my binding was also done using the strips. The back is muslin and I used Warm & Natural for the batting. There was some stretching when I quilted it and the borders didn’t lay perfectly flat but after washing and drying it looks pretty good.

I think I bought the batik jelly rolls at Hancock Fabrics. I know I made a Dish Rug with a leftover block and posted it but I can’t find the post…….hmmm…I’ll have to look for it. I do remember the Dish Rug bled onto the muslin when I washed it and I was worried about the batiks. The problem was that I washed it with towels and gulp….it sat in the washing machine for a bit. My fault, then the next time I washed it the dye came out of the muslin which really amazed me! I had no trouble washing my quilt as I removed it from the washer as soon as it was done.

Use the leftover blocks to make matching string pillows

Petunia Strings Quilt by the River

If you look close you can see a skier in the background in the next photo.

Petunia Strings Quilt by the River

This quilt is a old UFO, last week I had to go see my “computer guy” as I couldn’t get my old photos off of my DVDs. Thank goodness he was able to help me and the date I finished this flimsy was November of 2010.

Notice how small Simon and Bella are? They showed up at our house the summer of 2010….a month a part. I think it is so neat to have these photos to follow their growth. If you missed yesterday’s post you can see what they look like now……here.

Petunia Strings Quilt by the River

Someone asked about the Sharpie pens – were they ink or paint – that I used to make my Doodle Art. I just used the permanent ink Sharpie pens that you can find at any office supply. I bought mine at Walmart and with school starting you might even find them on sale!

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  1. Beautiful quilt Connie. Those colors are awesome. We'll pretend I can see into the future and I'll comment on the pillows you made later and say those are beautiful as well and the quilting you've done on the center is wonderful. Great work as always.

  2. This is gorgeous! Love those mitered corners in your blocks … I bet that's hard!! 🙂

  3. Connie — thanks again for making another lovely quilt. Love the colors, the design and the quilting.

    You continue to inspire.


  4. I read your blog every day but don't always post a comment but wanted you to know how much I enjoy seeing your projects and the activities of your little household. Thank you for sharing and brightening my day every morning. I am not sure how my morning would go with out you and my chai latte. Your quilt is gorgeous. I love almost anything done in batiks. They are my go-to fabric of choice. I usually wash them with Tide color catchers a couple of times after I am done. I saw a post last week somewhere in blogland that showed how to make your own color catchers that are reuseable.

  5. Petunia Strings by the River is a lovely name for a lovely quilt! I almost spit out my cereal when you said some of your readers wondered if Builder Bob was under the quilts LOL!!! I got a vision of him under there, making faces and doing funny things that no one could see :*) Your kitties have certainly grown – such beauties!

  6. Connie you are so clever ,i always love the quilts that you make and this one is no exception,the furbabies like them also,lol.xx

  7. Great quilt – love the name! OMGoodness but the kitties have grown. Cute to have these pictures of when they were younger.

  8. Petunia strings is perfect! What a beautiful quilt and what a beautiful picture… Wow the kitties sure have grown. Do you think they are related? They sure look alike. So glad you took a little time to read on the deck yesterday. I have a feeling a change in weather might be in our future. Thanks for sharing as always so make my day.

  9. I love this quilt. It is so bright and happy. And I love the water in the background. I have a fear of photographing by the water (creek, pool, or bay) because I feel I always have ti chase something so it won't go in. But then I think it will be a fun one time photo op.
    You are right, this is the time of year to update your sharpie supply. They are all on sale.

  10. I typically don't care for quilts with alot of batiks in them because I can't see all of them well but I really like this quilt. The muslin is perfect and the balance is just right.

  11. I love the colors in your beautiful quilt! These blocks look like fun. I might have to try some thing like this.

  12. Isn't it a great feeling to put paid to a UFO? This one is lovely as usual, I especially like the border treatment using up all the bits you have.

  13. This simple pattern is so striking in the colors and fabrics you used. Absolutely beautiful to me. Naming a quilt…do what you like. I usually focus on the pattern or the person it is for, or what ever disaster/ event/joy is happening in my life.
    I throw a color catcher in with all my projects….before them I had a few disasters.

  14. I guess I've been lucky; I never had a batik bleed-not yet anyway. The quilt is beautiful and looks so cozy. I'm sure you're glad it's done.

  15. That is really gorgeous. I love the colors. I think I have those same strips. Hmmmmm. Your quilts always look so pretty with the river setting.

    The kitties have really grown. We never realize it when we see them every day.

  16. LOVE it. Love the kitty comparison too. Does muslin hold up well for backing? I love it and have wanted to try using it. Thanks for the info on the sharpies. I do plan to try this and realize I "assumed" it was regular sharpies, good to know before I attempt it, LOL.

  17. Hello Connie, Petunia Strings Looks stunning with the river in the background,love the colours. Simon and Bella have grown looking lovely and healthy I thing they must be so spoilt.

  18. Look how trim those two are – you must spoil them. I would have thought they were brother, sister – maybe. I remembered your shore side bell, so knew that was your quilt holder. I have never made a batik quilt – wallhangings, yes. I think the 'bleeding' is my concern. This is very striking and love the photo in the flower bed.

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