Pelly the Pelican needs food

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I got a call yesterday……Pelly needs more fish!

Pelly the Pelican needs food

When they checked on him Monday, his foot was better and they were able to put him in an outside cage. He has a big pool that they put his food in and he is doing well feeding himself.

The small Blue Gills that we sent with him were the perfect size for him and they are all gone. They sent an email around the campus for fish and also asked me if we had any more.

Looks like Saturday we are going fishing for Pelly. He may be gone but….we still need to support him. I am really hoping that they will let us bring the fish to them and…..get a little visit with Pelly. They aren’t sure what they will do with him as he has really imprinted on humans.

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  1. I just caught up on what happened to Pelly! I am so sorry to hear to hear that. I am glad though that you found a place for him and you get to visit him. Speedy recovery, Pelly!

  2. i bet pelly will recognize you right off, how sweet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:))best wishes pelly, enjoy those fishes,,,,:))

  3. Maybe a zoo like that one I mentioned might be a better fit since he's so friendly and possibly turning him into the 'wild' won't work well for him. You might mention that place to them. I don't know if they'd take him but it's worth a shot. OR you could just tell them you'll take him back now that they've fixed him up. LOL

  4. Thanks for the update on Pelly. I hope you get to see him and that they find a permanent home for him where you can see him there too (but maybe not have to feed him).

  5. So glad Pelly is feeling better! That will be a great chance to go see him when you are delivering his dinner!

  6. Hi!!!!! Surely they will let you have a visit too!!!! Glad he is feeling better though!!!!! I hope there is a perfect home for him soon!!!!!

  7. I love to hear a Pelly update! I am hoping that he will learn to fly soon and will meet up with some Pelican friends

  8. I'm sure you are glad to hear he is doing so well. Maybe he can go to a zoo or petting zoo somewhere when he is ready to move on.

  9. Perhaps you can support him with the book into which this story should turn. With your photos and short messages, it would be a perfect child's story

  10. Oh my!!!! You need to get busy and get Pelly some food! Make sure you get plenty of fish for him! :

  11. Kind of like sending a kid off to college huh? Get rid of them but there is a call home, I need money for pizza or books.

  12. You are going to have to figure out a way to hook that fishing line to your sewing machine. I wish I could send a few grandkids to you to fish. They would love it.

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