Pelly the Pelican at Raptor Center

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Yesterday I received an email with a precious gift in it! Janeen from Quilt Art Designs
saw my last post about Pelly with this photo and…..made me a paper-pieced
quilt pattern of Pelly!


I have a few things to finish and then I can’t wait to work on this fun design!

By the way, you just thought you were done seeing photos of Pelly! The following pictures came in a text message from Michelle at the Macbride Raptor Project. Look how big he is getting!! She also included a short video of him squawking and having a fit…..more food, more food! I can’t figure out how to get it off my phone…….does anyone know how? I have an android phone.

Most of the photos were like this…….pouting in the corner! You can always find more Pelly posts by clicking here for my monthly review of posts.

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  1. Oh that is just fabulous. I know that it is something that you will treasure always.

  2. Love these photos, poor Pelly!! He must be starving!
    To get the photos off I agree with the USB or email. My phone also has a micro SD card in it that you can plug into your computer. You have to remove the backing case and pop it out. USB is easiest, if the charger is a USB connector etc. Otherwise email.

  3. How wonderful quilters are…..that is such a great gift of a pattern. He has grown so much.

  4. MooseStashQuilting says:

    What a precious gift!

  5. Vicki in MN says:

    That's too funny-Pelly's pattern- as I saw that posted on another linky and I thought of you and Pelly, not knowing it was Pelly!!

  6. Kati from Kati's Quilting says:

    Such a nice thought making a pattern after him! For downloading the photos you can either email them to yourself (if you have 2 email addresses), or when you connect your phone to your computer via usb you can copy the photos (mines are in the DCIM library by default) to any folders on your computer. You just have to select the photos, ctrl+c, then select computer folder, ctrl+v. Hope you'll be able to do it!

  7. I saw Pelly the Pelican PP pattern done by Janeen yesterday on Craftsy and wondered if she had done it for you! She did a really good job, too! Pelly is really getting big and looks like he's feeling a lot better! You and Fisherman Bob did a wonderful job of giving him such a great start in life.

  8. BarbCarol says:

    How clever Janine is. Gotta try that. And, Pelly looks very happy.

  9. Createology says:

    How very sweet and thoughtful of Janeen to make a Pelly Paper Piecing Pattern (say this three times fast?). He is getting big and owes it all to you and Fisherman Bob for giving him such a great start in life. Pelly Blessings…

  10. Shouldn't Pelly get some sort of royalties (fish) for the privilege of using his picture for this pattern!? 😉

  11. What a wonderful pattern. I know you will make the most of it. I wish I could help you with the videos but, alas, I've become a regular dinosaur where technology is concerned.

  12. Very cool pattern. How fun.

    Picture off phone you can do a couple ways Connie. If you open the picture there should be an icon somewhere that will allow you to send a text message with that picture attached. Just send the text to your email address and you should get the picture that way. Otherwise you'd want to email the picture to your email using the email account you have on your phone, if you do.

  13. Valerie Reynolds says:

    Oh Connie…what a wonderful idea for a pattern!! Such good memories it will hold!

  14. Quilters are the best–always doing something for someone else to help preserve precious memories.I love your stories about the river, and the beauty of nature. A true farm girl at heart.

  15. Oh yes! I just love your new Pelly paper piecing pattern…say that 5 time fast LOL Janeen is just awesome…what a gift!

  16. That pelly pattern is so sweet. Can't wait to see what you make with it.

    And it really is fun to see the photos of him thriving.