Peeping Chick or Quilt Spy

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You never know who….or what wants to see what your creating in your quilt studio! The other day I was quilting up a storm and heard this tap tap tap on my window. I figured it was Builder Bob outside with Sadie so you cam imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw this! Instead of a peeping Tom….I have a peeping Chick!

Was she spying on me……seeing what new patterns I’m working on…….who knows!

neighbors chicken watching me quilt

Our neighbor raises chickens and sometimes they come in our yard but this was a first! I thought maybe it was having a snack as my bird feeder is there but she seemed to have no interest in it.

Thank goodness I had taken the screen off for the winter…….if she had pecked at the screen…..she might have been dinner! I went to find Sadie but by time I returned the chicken had decided to head home. This was a first!

neighbor chicken peeking in the window

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Craftsy Packing in the mail

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  1. I often have deer come up to the window in my studio. It’s almost as if they’re asking for me to make them a quilt. 😉

    1. Oh gosh, I would love to have deer come up to my window……how neat!

  2. The adventures in your new studio! How fun that Chicken Little wanted to join you in your quilting. Too funny dear. <<3

  3. too funny, we’ve had to coop up our 4 chickens after a neighbor 2 houses down sent me a nice little email about chicken poop on her porch and if it happened again they would be in her stew!

  4. Jeanne Brown says:

    I think itthe chicken is a spy , she wants to see what you are doing.LOL

    1. I’m waiting to see our neighbor and accuse him of having his chicken spy on me LOL!

  5. Oh my gosh Connie, that’s hilarious. I would have screamed at first.

    1. Down here you never know who is going to walk in the door or…..peek in the window LOL! Builder Bob is always inviting everyone to just drop over!

  6. That is too funny. Could she see her reflection in it? I know that our newer windows have a strange reflection from the outside. Birds tend to fly into them all too often. Sadie would have gotten a chuckle out of her.

    1. She probably was looking at her reflection. It was sure funny though and I wish Sadie could have seen her!

  7. Too cute! I think maybe she was looking at herself in the reflection… priming for her next date with the handsome rooster… I used to have xhickens–they were so funny at times with their shenanigans. Funny she wasn’t interested in the bird feeder… had to be a fella…

    1. LOL, it was a nice sunny day…..she probably was looking at herself!

  8. That is too funny! After church today, my husband found a cardinal looking at himself in the car window.

    1. If your weather is anything like our……the cardinal probably thinks it is spring Missy!

  9. Your chicken visitor was much better behaved than the raccoon I found in my deep window well last summer. It was muddy and he had scratched a muddy mess into the window itself. We can’t get all of the scratches cleaned off. My husband put a ladder into the window well and the raccoon eventually climbed out on his own.

    1. Oh my gosh Sara that must have been terrible! We had a possum fall into a large plastic garbage can (after it came into the garage through a doggie door) and couldn’t get out. We actually hauled it about two miles down the road and let it go. A day later we had 2 possums around…..go figure! This was about 10 years ago.

  10. If she was looking at her own reflection, she probably won’t see it when the screen goes up.

    1. I sure hope so Pat, I wouldn’t like to have to replace a screen…..they are expensive! We had to replace 6 last year from the hail storm.

  11. Judy Nichols says:

    Maybe that chicken was the quilt police….I’ve heard they sometimes have undercover officers…lol

  12. Oh that is too funny! I have some chicks myself ad they are always looking in my door wall. Funny little critters.

    1. I thought it was pretty funny and hope she comes back……well……only until I put the screen on. LOL

  13. That chicken may have been enjoying its own reflection in your window, or perhaps it thought that fancy lamp was another chicken! Funny either way 🙂

    1. I never thought of that Kathleen! It probably was looking at itself!