Oh Baby Quilt and Dad is coming home!

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Baby quilts make a wonderful gift for a new baby and so much fun to make. A baby quilt also works well as a lap quilt.

Dotalicious Quilt Sadie

Miss Sadie was being quite the little comedian! Isn’t she just the cutest!


Miss Sadie looks like the perfect little model doesn’t she! It actually took quite a few photos to get a perfect one like this. She likes to tease me……


and tease me! It usually takes Builder Bob standing behind me to get a good shot. We sure have fun with her!

Oh Baby! Crib Quilts

This month the Island Batik ambassadors were challenged to make a baby quilt using some of the beautiful batiks that were sent to us. I had a charm pack of the Dotalicious collection that I thought would be perfect for a baby quilt.

Just take a look at all of those neat batiks! It was really fun to work with them.

Dotalicious Batik fabrics Island Batik

Dad is coming home

We just found out that dad will get to come home on Saturday so I have a few things to do to get ready for him. I need to go buy a rail for one side of his bed so he’ll hopefully be able to pull himself up to get out of bed. Last week he was back down to his normal weight but for some reason he has continued to drop and is now at 113 pounds!

Getting him to drink water has continued to be a battle. He isn’t a big eater either so I’ll have plenty of Premier Protein drinks for him. Thankfully he likes them and they are a great source of protein.

I have a feeling I’ll be moving one of my sewing machines upstairs for a while so I can keep an eye on him. Tomorrow I go in and arrange for the visiting nurse and whatever other help we can get. He still has the wound that needs to be changed twice a day and the catheter is still in….that may change today when he goes to the urologist.

Life got in the way and I never wrote a full tutorial or pattern for this quilt. It has now been 3 years, my dad has passed and we have moved. Someone asked about this baby quilt and when I saw the blog post, I knew this quilt pattern has to be called Miss Sadie.

Update – October 2020 – Miss Sadie isn’t doing well, she had 4 seizures last night and is having trouble breathing. I’m taking her to the vet this morning.

Block tutorial

A charm square pack works perfectly for this quilt.

Adding neutral batik to charm squares
  • Cut one 1½-inch x 5-inch neutral rectangle and sew with a ¼-inch seam allowance to one side
  • Press toward the dark fabric
  • Cut in half as shown
Creating the blocks for the baby quilt

You can add a 1½-inch x 6-inch neutral rectangle to the sides of the block. I am actually working on a pattern doing this a little differently.

The next thing you do is flip one section around and add it to another one. You can mix and match the charm squares or make each block with both pieces of the charm square like I did.

Two ways to make the blocks

I hope this gives you an idea of how the baby quilt can be made until I can write the pattern.

Oh Baby! Crib Quilts

Check out some the quilts that other Island Batik ambassadors made this month!

Dotalicious Batik baby quilt

When dad came home Miss Sadie spent a lot of time laying next to him and keeping him company. Bob built a ramp so she could get up on dad’s bed anytime she wanted.

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Jackie Mills says:

    Do you have the instructions or PDF of the directions to the OH Baby quilt? I make baby quilts for charity and this seems like an easy pattern for our group. Could you send them to me? Thank you. Jackie Mills

  2. Such great news about your Dad, Connie! Hope the transition goes well.

  3. Cute quilt, I am glad to hear your dad is getting out of the hospital. Caring for him will be an adjustment but you will not have the drive to the hospital or the long days there with him.
    Take all the help you can get from others.

  4. The quilt is adorable. And that is good news about your dad. Hope the routines settle in soon and you can all find a new normal.

  5. Connie Dear what wonderful news to know your dad will be coming home. It will still take a lot of your time but at least you will not have to do all that driving back and forth. Sadie is such a little sweetie.. It has been a great union since you and Builder Bob rescued her. Blessings My Friiend…<3

  6. What a pretty colored quilt Connie. I really like it. Sadie cracks me up. She’s too adorable.

    Good luck with your Dad Connie. I really hope things will level out for you and once he’s there, you will hopefully fall into a new routine. At least you won’t be doing all that driving to visit him now. That’s a good thing, right?

  7. Cheryll Emanuel Kaczkowski says:

    First the quilt is adorable. Second the dog is priceless, what a sweetheart! And now, your dear Father. So good that he will be able to get out of this level of care. While I think everyone does better out of the hospital to recuperate (I am a nurse:) it does add a bit of responsibility to the family care giver. Having a visiting nurse, physical therapist etc. make that transition easier. Not just because they assist with care but because your Father will know that there is medical person coming to check up on him. If he becomes a bit stubborn about care or eating or drinking you will have some back up to solidify your position. At 95 my MIL can give us a run but having distinct routines has helped her adjust, she also has dementia. Best wishes to you and your family during this time. It is an opportunity to get to know him better, as a person, as one who needs you to be his strength while he heals. Once everyone settles in you will find work-arounds that help you do what you want as well.

  8. Connie, please tell your Dad that I said it’s about time he came home! We have missed him around here AND we are starting to get fall cupcake orders and I need a taster for some new flavors.

  9. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    I’m so glad you dad is coming home to your house!! I moved in with my dad 18 months ago (760 miles from hubby and home) to care for him. It is hard to be the care-giver and I’m so glad you will be getting some nursing help with his wound care! Tempting them to eat and drink properly is so very difficult. My dad lost his sense of smell and with it went his sense of taste, so he just eats to live and definitely doesn’t drink as much as I think he should. I hope your dad is as easy as my dad!! Continued prayers for you both!!

  10. Lori Smanski says:

    so glad to hear your dad is doing better enough to come home.
    I love that baby quilt. I will be making another baby quilt soon and this would be perfect.

  11. Your quilt is just lovely! So glad your dad is able to come stay with you for good care and love.

  12. Barb Jansz says:

    So happy to hear your dad is able to come home. Bless you and Builder Bob for your special love and devotion to him.

  13. Susan Spiers says:

    Glad to hear about your Dad! Sadie is so sweet-WONDERFUL PICS!

  14. Cute baby quilt and I have bad news for Sadie – her tease photos are adorable – especially the one following the “good” photo.
    So glad your dad is coming home. I hope it will lift everyone’s spirits to get back to a more normal routine. Good idea to take a sewing machine upstairs.

  15. Adorable quilt. I hope your father does well. Bless you for caring for him.

  16. Beautiful quilt with those gorgeous Dotalicious batiks;) Glad to hear your dad is improving and coming home. Yes you need to move a sewing machine upstairs for your needed therapy!

  17. Chris Smith says:

    Connie, I am so happy to hear that your dad is coming home! Yay!!!