New Year’s Day in Quilt Studio

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How do you celebrate New Year’s Day? Popcorn and some beer in the new quilt studio with the cabinets almost all the way installed. This area is going to be for my AccuQuilt Electric cutter but last night it turned into a snack area. I think I may have trouble getting Builder Bob to stay in his man cave. Everything is coming out of my first quilt room.

Update: This was our river house and I moved to the large studio in the basement that Builder Bob built for me. There have been many moves since this time and you can find out about all of my quilt studios here.

New Year's Day in the Quilt Studio

I don’t do well with hidden spaces where you can cram things and….forget about them. I couldn’t believe everything I had when I started emptying out cupboards and drawers.

New quilt studio DIY work in progress

Seriously??? Books and fabric in the upper cupboards??? I guess I haven’t opened them in a while.

New quilt studio DIY work in progress

I have decided I have a serious quilt-hoarding problem! I’m not even going to show you the photos of all my fabric. I emptied out my large shelving unit and stacked some of the fabrics in 3 piles along a wall. I thought they were leaning a little but thought they would be okay. Nope, about an hour later I had fabric all over the place. Empty cupboards ready to be taken apart.

New quilt studio DIY work in progress

Builder Bob hauled all the cabinets downstairs by himself.

New quilt studio DIY work in progress

He is very ingenious! In order to install the top cabinets without another strong guy….yep, I’m a weakling….he put up a brace board that we could sit the cabinets on and I just had to push on them while he attached them to the wall. He will have to wait for help to bring the countertop down….which should be today.

New quilt studio DIY work in progress

Popcorn, beer and a movie in my new quilt room! Priceless!

New quilt studio DIY work in progress

We have decided to put in carpet. We went back and forth on it….we thought about waiting a while and then finally last night we decided to go with it. It will be a low-nap jute back carpet and have it installed professionally.

New quilt studio DIY work in progress

I know I shouldn’t be hauling much downstairs and into my room as it will all have to be moved for the carpet but….I couldn’t resist setting up my 15-91 Singer and some tables. I even did a little sewing! Builder Bob will build me a big table but I want to wait about a month to make sure what kind of setup I want. In the meantime, I will use tables that are easy to move. They have already been moved 3 times since last night.

We are now off to buy carpet!

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  1. Going to look lovely when Builder Bob is ever finished. Love the updates on the dogs as well as you two. Be positive and everything will work out for the best.
    I have been following you for a long time but never had the nerve to post anything. Take care!!!!!

  2. Going to look lovely when Builder Bob is ever finished. Love the updates on the dogs as well as you two. Be positive and everything will work out for the best.

  3. Your new sewing studio is really starting to take shape. Can't wait to see it all finished with the carpeting in.
    I'm a lot like you with not knowing exactly how I want things to be until I start working in the room. I also need to see what I have and not hidden away. If I can't see it, I don't remember what it is and how I want to use it.
    I definitely envy you with your big area. My area is a very small room (10' x 10'). I put some shelves in and a tall cabinet and I don't have much room for a sewing table. My computer is also in there and I usually have to move a lot of stuff just to cut out fabric. Then when I sew, I have to move all that back on the table. I enjoy your blog and thank you for sharing your tutorials, your family and your finished quilts and table toppers. I hope you have a very blessed and healthy 2016.

  4. Wow! What a wonderful studio you will have! I have the same problems of putting things in cabinets and even drawers and forgetting about them. Hoarding right along with you!

  5. Great progress Connie. I think we are all fabric, book, and other quilty stuff hoarders. I know it's hard to resist a bargain and then before you know it there is more stuff than quilts made. Hey it's our hobby and it's cheaper than therapy or drugs, lol!!!

  6. Congrats on your almost finish! Isn't it amazing how cabinets become a black hole of UFOs? I squirrel things away in them and rediscover them years later. Happy New Year!

  7. It's coming along beautifully Connie! You are already feeling rejuvenated but this wonderful studio, aren't you? Your Hubby is so great!

  8. I think your new Studio will be heaven for you. I had the same problem in 2009. Long arm in the den, fabric in the "music" room……So we added on to our 2 room Studio (one for me one for hubby). I went from "scattered" to 500 square feet – both rooms combined. I thought that I was in heaven. Now 6 years later, both rooms are full and it is time to quilt more. I have started out the new year by clearing out things that I would never work on, etc. All in all, my guy did all the work too. We spend most of our time in our 800 Square Foot "Playhouse/Studio" We are lucky because we have 5 acres, but another building was not what we wanted. Great having an Engineer around isn't it? You will be in heaven when it is all through. I have been reading the development of the new Quilting Studio. Enjoy 2016 in your new home.

  9. progress looks great. have you thought about carpet tile? there's a website that sells left over carpet tile for a bargain and you can lay them out like quilt blocks, also if one gets wrecked you just replace that one!
    I will say I don't like my carpet, I lose pins in it all the time and that's hard with little kids, my old room had wood flooring so I could hear every needle drop! but if you are in a basement you may want carpet?
    anyways, I'm totally telling you what to do with your room- paint and floors. lol sorry

  10. Connie it is looking great. Finding Fabric and books you haven't seen for a while is fun also. Nice size room .I'm always holding things on brace boards too. When my hubby builder put more cupboards up high in the laundry to make more room for linen and my quilts.

  11. Looking great already. Great hubby to do all that for you! He's awesome. That storage wall looks great. I tried clicking to check it out more, but the picture wasn't much larger. 🙁 I wanted to see exactly what you had done there since I'm still trying to decide what to do in our other bedroom where all my stuff is hiding out on tables filling the entire room. 🙁 And now on top of all the fabrics and supplies on tables, we have 3 chairs in there. ugh.

    Do you have a larger picture of that wall you can send me so I can take a peek at it larger? Please? 🙂

    I wondered about painting the floor with what the wear and tear would be over time with rolling chairs and tables even. I like my wood floor, which is a solid wood flooring and one we can sand down if it starts looking bad and refinish it again. I was concerned with the thin stuff they sell that looks like wood flooring and how that would wear with my chair rolling back and forth. I think you will probably be happier with carpet down there only because it will add some insulation from the cold weather since you're in the lower part of the home.

  12. How fun to find treasures as you set up your wonderful new studio. Celebrating a New Year with snacks and a movie is priceless. 2016 will be an amazing year…

  13. Thanks for showing us the insides of your cabinets. You make me feel normal. I know I have too much fabric and too many things started, but when you think of all the time already spent on UFOs and money spent on the fabric, it's hard to think of getting rid of any of it. Your space looks great!

  14. How FUN!!! I'm really happy for you…thanks for sharing and keeping us posted on your progress. 🙂

  15. I was really glad to see this post! I've been rather busy lately and haven't been able to keep on my readying. I was wondering how you were doing with your river. Sounds like your moving closer to being done! Redoing my sewing room has been moving up to the top of my list. I just sort of thew it together when we moved in here last year and it needs some help. Happy New Year to you and Builder Bob!

  16. Just wonderful! I discovered a lot of stuff when I moved that I'd completely forgotten about. Guess I'm like you; I don't do well with things I can't see. I'm still trying to get everything out in plain sight. Good luck with that!!

  17. What fun! You are going to have a beautiful space to work in! Thanks for sharing and Happy and Healthy New Year! Hugs

  18. Been following your progress, it won't be much longer till it's finished. I hate big projects, but it is nice when it's all done.

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