New tires for my machine and other goodies

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The other day I dropped my Dad off at physical therapy and visited my local quilt store. I told myself all I was going to buy was new tires…….bobbin winder tires for my old Singer sewing machines.

Last fall I bought a couple 15-91 Singers (my favorite) and as you can see….the tires are old and cracked.

Well……I just had to take a look at the sale fabric………..and…well, you know…….

I thought maybe the green would look like turquoise with my Easy Street quilt……if not it was a good addition to my stash…..then I saw this lime fabric which I knew would match perfectly so I added a couple yards of that to my pile. When I got home I started thinking that if I use this for a border I am going to have to do some fancy quilting on it. It would be great for feathers……back to practicing my feathers!

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  1. Hi Connie, I was wondering if you had an online place where you bought pieces and parts for your 15-91? I bought one last year, and it's in great shape, but would like to have a place I can go to get parts if need be. Thanks.

  2. Love that line green – That other green might make a good inner border – you know the skinny one?

  3. Looks like a great sale , I have some old machines so it is nice to know these parts are available . I can see you doing some great feathers in that lime green border .

  4. Singer 15-91`s are my favorite too. Thank you for the heads up on Mdm. Samm`s new Hop. I just emailed Jane.

  5. Where did you get your 15-91s? My daughter is wanting an older singer for straight sewing….is this one she should look for? Can you share why it is your favorite, etc?

  6. Hi Connie. It's always fun to hit a sale ; ) I have an old treadle machine that needs a belt. I don't imagine I'd use it so it sits there…