New home demolition continues

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We spent all last week demolishing most of the main floor of our new home, boy are we tired! It has been about twelve years since we did a major remodel like this and oh my gosh is it a lot harder this time around!

New home demolition continues

Builder Bob does the hard physical part and I do most of the hauling to the truck. I have averaged between 17,000 to 22,000 steps a day.

Opening up the Kitchen

Here is what the kitchen looked like before we opened it up. The stove was in the middle of the room and that had to go. 

Kitchen before gutting it

Curio Cabinet

There was a curio cabinet and an extra counter that we didn’t want. We figured it would take no time at all to remove these….boy were we wrong! Everything was built in place and nailed and nailed and nailed or screwed. 

Kitchen curio cabinet

It took the better part of one day just to remove the curio cabinet! You can see in this photo that it still wasn’t all gone.

Kitchen curio cabinet

Kitchen counter

The next thing to remove was the counter. That should be easy right? Nope, it was built in place also and the cabinets were actually hand made; that took most of another day. Thank goodness Builder Bob has lots of patience…and muscle! You can already see what a difference this makes.

Counter in kitchen removed

Remove the stove

Removing the stove and cabinets wasn’t quite as hard to remove (says the person not doing the work). What do you think? I love how open it is! There were heat vents under the cabinet we removed so right now there are holes in the floor that we have to keep covered with tools.

Kitchen opened up

Original plans

Our original plan was to move the entire kitchen to the front of the house and add my quilt studio to the back with a door somewhere close to where the kitchen window is. 

We had been working on the kitchen for three days by this point and honestly, the idea of moving all of the kitchen cabinets sounded exhausting! I was looking at the kitchen at this point and decided I really liked it and maybe I don’t need  a quilt studio added on. Are you shocked??

There are two bedrooms upstairs that I can use; the steps are a killer right now but maybe they won’t be so bad when I’m not going up and down them twenty times a day.

For right now we’ll go with this plan. Maybe I’ll end up with a She Shed out back later on.

upstairs steep steps

Our Bedroom

This is a view of what was the living room and will now be our bedroom. There was a curio cabinet in here that Builder Bob removed and then cut out the wall where he will frame a door to our master bathroom and closet.

Our bedroom

Master Bathroom

This will end up being our master bathroom and closet. There were two paneled closets in this room. Normally when you see these in an older home they aren’t put in that well and are very easy to remove……not in this house! This was another whole day job.

Bedroom closets paneled
Both doors that are in here will be walled up. 


The original bathroom will become a guest bathroom with just a stool and vanity. Removing the shower was much harder than we expected and we found out there is a concrete floor which will have to be removed. Ugh!

Demolishing the shower

Laundry Room

We also tore apart the laundry room. There was a door going into it that we removed and opened up the wall more. The wall that the vanity was on will be cabinets. One will be for my laundry room and the other will be a small pantry. The washer and dryer are now gone, we’ll buy new ones.

Demolishing the laundry room
Sometimes we need to relax

Sometimes we just have to sit and relax for a few minutes with the dogs. I bought two  36″ exercise fencing playpens on Amazon so we could make a temporary fenced in area for the dogs. This works out great right now because we have been able to leave the front door open and they can go outside when they want. 

I actually bought two more sets of the fencing and have them at our house on the river. I connected them to the bottom of our deck steps so they can get to the grass to potty when we are on the deck.

Break time with the dogs

 Many times it is too dangerous for them to be inside while we are working so we leave them out on the porch with access to outside; little Sadie doesn’t care for this!

Dogs on porch

We have made eight trips so far to the Transfer station! By time we have the back of the truck full we actually look forward to the drive as we get to sit and relax!

Trips to the transfer station

Time to put things back together

It is now time to start on the remodel which is the part Builder Bob likes.  Right now we have our HVAC contractor removing and replacing some of the duct work, putting in new cold air returns and heat registers. Our plumbing contractor will cap off the old plumbing and hopefully be able to jack hammer out the concrete in the shower.

Next week Builder Bob will start framing. We have our Drywall contractor coming up on Tuesday to see what he needs to do and we are hoping he’ll be able to start on our house by the end of May. 

Time to head down to my quilt studio and work on quilting my Island Batik baby quilt for this month!

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a HUGE JOB! It’s amazing how much more is required than we initially think. I hope you guys do some hot Epsom salt baths, get a few massages and don’t forget to ice!! I’m so impressed with all your hard work. Can’t wait to see the results. Lots of applause👏👏👏💞😚

    1. Thanks Kathy, we are finally to the point where contractors are doing the sheet rock/painting and then our floor guy will come in. New counter tops and sink are also ordered! For now we are down at the river house keeping the water out of it.

  2. Wow you have your hands full! It sounds wonderful I can’t wait to see pictures when it’s all back together. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow, Connie! You and Builder Bob make quite the demolition/remodel team! You did a lot of work in just one week. I wouldn’t be able to move for a month after all of that! LOL I love the openness you are building into the home. I know it’s a lot of work, but I’m sure you’ll be proud when it’s completed and you guys are living there close to your daughter and family! And look on the plus side, after doing all this demolition, you know the house was well-built! That’s always good to know! Looking forward to the next photos! Have fun and be safe in all this building!

  4. Wow! Great job on the demolition. Quality was so much better years ago and now you both have a much harder job…however the house looks well-built and cared for so that is very good news. Your hard work now will pay off later…I know from experience. Sadie and Mr. Mickey will adjust in time. Sadie just has to be the little Diva! Epsom Salt Soaking baths are well earned. Blessings and continued strength for your remodel dear.

  5. I am SO thankful our builders a are doing the hard work, that looks tremendous what you have done already. Leaving kitchen plumbing in makes sense, our kitchen is OK, a little bit too small, but workable. I am so glad we have a one level home, and if you find those stairs too hard, maybe build a studio attached to the house? Getting machines etc up would not be so easy, but it would be warm and you could leave everything all laid out from one day to the next. Hope you have a day of rest, and no more rain to add to the water level.
    XXX Jean.

  6. Wow, Connie, you two have certainly got a tiger by the tail, but it will be worth it in the end. Even though it is proving more difficult to remove some things, it has to be comforting to know how well built everything is. Don’t forget to take some well deserved time outs for yourselves.

  7. Happy Easter! What an amazing job you two are doing. it looks like it will be wonderful when finished. Has anyone thought of a gift certificate to a local spa to soothe those aching muscles? Hope so.
    Peace and blessings…

  8. Wow, that original kitchen was a mess, who would put ceiling mount cabinets in the middle of a room? Weird! I agree, your remodel design is much better!! We had those idiot corner round steps in our home too, DH tool the angled ones out and replaced with larger landings at that level and made a huge difference in being able to negotiate those steps.

  9. Great progress on your new home remodel. “Out with the old and in with the new”. When finished, you will have a custom interior that will be suited for relaxing living. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I don’t know whether you are really considering a detached “she shed’ for your sewing room. If you are I thought it might be helpful to hear my experience with one. In short I would never have one separate from the house again.
    We don’t get snow but we do get rain in winter – lots of it. It became such a chore to run between the house and the sewing room in rain that I ended up with quilt stuff and machine back on the dining table and spread in whatever cupboard I could find space. And the frustration of finding, at 10 o’clock on a bitterly cold, wet night that I’d left something I needed out in the sewing room! The older I got the more it became, ‘Oh forget about it’ and start or do something else. Result, lots of half finished projects.
    There were other inconveniences too such as not being able to be in my room when I had to stay in the house to wait for a visitor or tradesman, forgetting to turn on the heating or cooling an hour or so before I wanted to use the room in winter or summer, not having a toilet in the room or space for a fridge to keep the milk cold for my coffee etc etc.
    The best day was when we finally sold that house and bought one where I could have my room back inside the house.

    1. Hi Carol,

      Those are great tips! We were going to build on but it will be cheaper to build off the back of the garage. Bob already knows he has to make a way to get to it without going outside. It has to have a furnace and bathroom. We’ll see what we can come up with or……we’ll be looking for the next place with a main floor studio.

  11. I hope that the frame and foundation of the house were as well built as everything you have taken out!! Must have been built by a belt and suspenders man!! It is going to be so wonderful when you are finished…and it is great that you have another home to go home to so you aren’t trying to live in that mess!

    1. The man really took great care of the house and the foundation and frame look good. It is good to have another home to go to but I can’t wait to finally be up there with all of my quilting stuff….and a comfortable chair or couch!


  12. That is a lot of rearranging, but I sure am liking the open feel you are giving the house! And looks like you will have more head room with removing drop ceiling. How fun to see your plans taking shape! (after all the physical labor!)

  13. OMG that is alot to take on! You start a big project and think why, then you get thru it and oh how rewarding.
    Kudos to both of you.

  14. Hello Connie, The two of you should be extremely proud of yourselves not only for being able to do all of this hard work in removing so much for the remodeling you have planned. But also for the huge amount of money you have saved yourselves in doing this yourselves. I am sure that you are both feeling the effects of using muscles that you have not used in awhile and just doing a lot of bending up and down and so much more, yet look at all the benefits you have now provided to your heart and bodies! Just trying to help and being a friend who is very proud of the two of you! I love the way that you thought of being able to protect the fur babies. Where we are now, our dogs are fine with protection while we are preparing to move. Thankfully, where we are moving to we have a lot of relatives who will be willing to help with the fur babies if our new home does not have a fenced yard. I look forward to seeing more of your house remodeling as the next steps are taking place! Have a wonderful relaxed day!

  15. Oh my! When you remodel, you really remodel. We have always worked on our homes, but not to the extent that you are. We did cut 31 holes in the plaster walls when we put A/C in our home that was built in 1926. I stood with the shop vac as my husband cut the holes so that we could protect the hardwood floors. We doubled the size of the house in 2000. We hired a company to do the work, but we lived with the mess for almost a year. We had a path around our bed so I could get to my side, and a path to a chair so I could watch HGTV. It was quite a year. Our shower was in the basement and our bedroom on the 2nd floor. More than once I was called into a meeting with the architect and contractor as I was returning to the bedroom wearing a robe and with a towel around my head. It was really hard to leave that house! But now we live in AL close to our oldest daughter. It was just the time to make that move.

  16. what a job! it is the tearing out that takes forever we find also – I hope it all goes well for you!! just watch out on those stairs that you don’t take a tumble as you get older.

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