Neopolitan Dreamin Quilt

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I have been having fun with the Strip Tube Ruler and this is a 50 x 68 quilt made using a Jelly Roll of Botany for Moda that I have had for some time.

I was finally able to take a photo outside, unfortunately, the sun was too bright but I wanted to share a picture of my quilt by the river.

Neopolitan quilt by the riiver

Neopolitan Dreamin

The colors in this quilt are beautiful, I really like the combination of orange, green, yellow, brown, and teal.

quilt on a tree limb

I followed part of the directions that come with the Strip Tube ruler.

It uses 2.5 inch strips and also a 4.5 inch strip to make a tube. I used 2 different neutral colors for my large strips. I used a ¼-inch seam allowance.

I sewed two sets of 2 – 2½ inch strips together, then sewed all 4 strips together to make a tube. I am using my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine which I used for all of my sewing and quilting.

Here you can see that I sewed 2 – 2.5 inch strips and then a 4.5 inch strip into a tube (please ignore the fold line on my 4.5 strip….guess I didn’t press it out).

Using the strip tube ruler

Then you use the template to cut out your blocks. The Strip Tube Ruler by Cozy Quilt Designs really makes it easy to cut your blocks the right size.

Cutting with the ruler

You can see that some of the blocks are half of the neutral color and the others are made from the 4 different jelly roll strips.

Neopolitan quilt blocks made with the strips of fabric

When I was putting this together I didn’t really have a plan….so it went on the floor in my quilt room and the kitties were locked out. Once I figured out the center I started making more tubes to see how far the Jelly Roll would go, I ended up using all of it other than a couple that were too neutral.

laying out the quilt blocks

Many times I find it easier to piece a quilt top in sections. This is the way my layout looked before I sewed the sections together.

quilt top in three sections before final piecing

Here is the quilt top before quilting, doesn’t it look beautiful on the deck railing by the river!

Quilt top on deck rail by the river

Using my good old 15-91 Singer sewing machine I did a medium size free motion meandering on it. It is always a good idea to have an extra table behind your sewing machine to support the weight of the quilt.

free motion quilting with my vintage 15-91 singer sewing machine

I lucked out and found this striped fabric in my stash that happened to match perfectly for the quilt binding that I applied by machine with my tutorial.

binding for quilt

Our bed is a king size but I just wanted to show the quilt on a bed.

Neopolitan quilt on king size bed

I used some of the left over pieces from the tube ends to add a strip on the back.

back of the quilt with extra blocks in it

I have enough leftovers to make a pillow too or I could make a table runner like this 45 degree strip tube runner.

Strip tube quilt blocks

You might like my Petunia Strings tutorial which goes into a little more detail on strip blocks.

Neopolitan quilt on rock

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  1. This is beautiful! Oh I am in love with it.

    (You are going to cause me to comment on every post aren't you?)

  2. That is such a pretty quilt, in a likewise beautiful location there on the river. I love that you quilted it on your 15-91 Singer!

  3. That first photo is gorgeous.

    The ruler has definitely got my name on it! I loving making string quilts and it would really really come in handy.

  4. Hi Connie, thank you for sharing "How to put a signature on your blog" I loved that, but can you tell me how you sign your pictures.
    I do like your tutorial, I see I have to have this ruler sooner than later.

    Take care

  5. Hi Connie! I love this quilt! Pattern is great and those colours so beautiful! How nice you were able to take it out for photos!
    x Teje

  6. Really cool quilt Connie! And thanks for the tutorial on how to use the ruler to get those fun blocks!!!

  7. Beautiful quilt Connie. I love the fabrics, I love the pattern, i love the quilting and I love your outside photos!!!

  8. Just saw a program on tube quilting on our local PBS but your layout is totally different. I love it!

  9. Gorgeous, Connie. Just gorgeous.
    You are so smart to figure all of the pieces out, you design your quilts so very nicely.

  10. what a great quilt!! I think I'm going to try this for one of my hands2help quilts. Thanks for sharing and the great tutorial. I pinned it so I can come back to it in a few weeks.

  11. Very nice tutorial on your tube piecing. Looks fun with that handy ruler. I'm impressed with your quilting on the Singer. 🙂 Isn't it fun when you find that perfect binding (or backing) fabric in your stash? It makes me happy!
    Thanks for sharing!

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