My Quilt Room

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Would you like a peek at my first quilt room at my river house? I can’t really call it a quilt studio as it isn’t very big. I am grateful for the space I do have and the idea that I can stop quilting and not have to put everything away like I would if I was using the kitchen table.

My Quilt Room
My Quilt room

My quilt studio

We are walking in the door and we’ll turn to our left to take a look at my cutting table. Below it is a file cabinet and a container of Warm & Natural batting scraps, muslin scraps which I am into constantly, and below it a box of cotton Cluny lace.

Cutting table
Cutting table

My mini ironing board – the plywood is for a bigger one but I haven’t gotten around to making it yet. If I need a bigger one I set up my ironing board in the other room. Below is another old singer and scraps cut in different sizes. The other drawers hold my threads and miscellaneous supplies. I see some rulers in a stand too.

Ironing board
Ironing board

Now we are coming to my sewing machines, Simon seems to be trying to figure out what that Ghastlie thing is on the wall.

Lights for my sewing machine
Lights for my sewing machine

Notice I have lots of light. Builder Bob even put in some fluorescent lights….my eyes are getting old.

To the left of Simon are shelves with templates, more rulers, and of course, my much-needed magnifying glass which I’ve been using a lot lately to thread my machine. I don’t like to sew up against a wall and with the 2 machines like this, I get a big working space.

Sewing machine setup
Sewing machine setup

When I sit at my sewing machine I am looking at this wall that Builder Bob built me. The cupboard came from our old kitchen……it can hold a lot of stuff!

Bookcase and cupboard in my quilt room
Bookcase and cupboard in my quilt room

Builder Bob built these bookcases for me. They are 16 inches deep. Notice the big cupboards along the bottom…..they are full of miscellaneous….have you noticed I like that word.

The top shelves hold all of my old fabric – lots of country blue, navy, burgundy, mauve, hunter green, and browns – colors that were very popular when I was making table runners, basket lids, centerpieces, and wall-hangings 12 years ago.

Bookcase holding my quilt fabric
Bookcase holding my quilt fabric

Working our way around the room you see my closet (completely full) and 2 bookshelves with books, my GO! Baby, Sizzix Big Shot, and dies. Boxes of fabric strips, thread, and on top……UFO’s.

Bookcases in my quilt room
Bookcases in my quilt room

My room is 11.5 feet minus the 16″ bookcase x 13 feet minus the closet and door and I am using every inch of it. I am thankful I have a quilting room but my last one was almost 4 times this size. I think that is why I quit sewing when we moved here… we used this as a spare bedroom.

Since I have used almost every inch of space when I work on something everything is on the cutting table then gets knocked to the floor or put on the sewing table and then gets knocked to the floor.

Notice in the first photo that there is stuff on the floor – 2 projects for next week. I am one of the crazy people who can’t work start on something new unless everything is cleaned up so my room really does look like this most of the time.

When I decided to start quilting again I warned Builder Bob that quilting would be all I wanted to do…..he was warned. I focus 110% (according to my best friend) on whatever I am working on.

Would you like to see what my next quilt studio looked like? This is when we moved everything out of this room and Builder Bob started setting up my basement quilt studio.

My Quilt Studios

When I updated this post I decided to add all the links to the various quilt studios I have had since 2011. What a change since then!

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  1. Thanks for the tour Connie! It proves that quilters can make any space usable and workable. Just another comment about Rusty. My rescue dog Oakley was very reluctant about going into a basement ( he wouldn’t-for anything). Eventually, I figured out that he had been left in a basement for long periods of time. That might be a reason that Rusty doesn’t want to go either. Not even with his new Mum as a companion.

  2. Dawn Nelson says:

    Happy to hear Rusty seems a little better. Am anxious to hear how his vet visit went today. In our home in CA my sewing room for 25 yrs was a 10’ x 10’ minus a wall of shelves 16” wide and a small closet for storage. Cramped doesn’t describe it. My view overlooked our pasture where the deer, wild turkeys and quail congregated each afternoon. Here In OR I overlook our street and yard and I’m in heaven with a room 18’ x 26’ and a half bath. Finally have the room so three years ago I purchased a used Handi Quilter then a year later upgraded to a new computerized HQ. Didn’t take me long to fill up the room with the longarm, a huge table for my domestic machine, a huge cutting table and some storage. Am living the dream! Only took 30+ years. You have a lovely large room now as well. Stay warm!

  3. It is amazing how we can function with whatever space we have. I used to have three wonderful large rooms for sewing, art and crafting. Now I have a very small space and it is a challenge but it works if I just try to cope. Prayers for Rusty, Mr. Mickey and Builder Bob and for you dear to stay strong. Blessings, XO

  4. I always love to see how other people organize their sewing rooms! I live with my daughter. I have an 11.5×11.5 bedroom. Half of it is bed then my recliner, then my sewing table (desk). I have cubbies along one wall to put fabric in & books & quilts etc! In the summer it’s too warm to sew in my room so I have a she shed With air conditioning & I can sew or craft or paint out there! My space is small but I managed to piece 2 king size quilts in there, so no complaints here! It’s my happy place! 🥰💕

  5. WOW impressive use of space. I see some people who need to put their machine away because lack of space, growing up a I had space 5 x 16 which was supposed to be a “powder room” but am blessed with the entire lower level of a bilevel house now. You could teach us about storage as well as quilting. I would never have thought to put “lesser” fabric up top. Thanks. Big hugs to Rusty! What a trooper! And to Mr. Mickey big hugs too.

  6. Count your blessings if you have a sewing room! I cut, sew, and quilt on my dining table, which also acts as my office with my computer. I move the computer and lay out my cutting mat to cut fabrics, then put that away and set up my sewing machine to sew. When I need to use the computer, I put that back in place and move the sewing equipment and accessories. I iron in my kitchen area, but must move the ironing board to use the stove and oven. However, I still get lots of quilts made and figure I’m building muscles with moving all the equipment and parts. Sewing is worth it!

    1. You go Sue! I really like the idea of building muscles, I always have my ironing board in a position that I have to get up and use it. I never want to sit in one spot too long.

      1. I like getting up to use my ironing board, too. My sewing room is about 10′ x 10′ and has fabric and accessories along the walls and take up much floor space. The closet has craft materials and all kinds of WIP. I would like a bigger room to make a bigger mess, but this is still my happy place. At least I don’t have to put things away every evening.

  7. You’ve certainly expanded your sewing space over the years. Your old “small” room was about the same size as I currently have. Before I sold my condo and moved here 8 years ago, I used my master bedroom which was a bit larger and I often expanded to another bedroom for cutting, etc. And I had a huge space in my kitchen and dining room that I could use if I needed to baste a quilt or lay something out. Since the move, I really just have that one room, but I still feel fortunate to have it – even though I often drool over photos of your large spaces. LOL My room is an absolute mess right now and I really need to clean it up. It makes working so much nicer when it’s at least somewhat tidy.
    I’m glad to hear that Rusty seems to be more comfortable now and I hope his situation continues to improve. He is so lucky to have you and Builder Bob as pawrents.

  8. Connie,
    I enjoyed the tour of your room. I also am using every inch of my space. Here are some older pictures of my room on this webshots ablum. I did a post last summer on my re-organization of the closet on my blog. Most of the time my room is full of creative explosion.
    Mary in AZ

  9. Thanks for a peak at your sewing room. Is there ever enough space? It's great to have a room dedicated to sewing where you can leave things 'as is' while you have a work in progress. I am having the same issues with light as you mentioned. Ugh.

  10. Solstitches says:

    I loved seeing your sewing space and although you say it is a lot smaller than what you had before it still looks big to me.
    Love the way your fabrics are all easily accessible. Mine are in boxes and not organized at all.

  11. You are certainly well organized and won't need to purchase any mnore fabric, right? Chuckle…enjoy sewing your new project! Will look forward to seeing it and the tutorial!

  12. Dirt Road Quilter says:

    Even though the kidlets have grown up and moved out, I haven't made a space of my own yet. Still trying to get used to the empty nest. What a great creative space you have though and one of these days I hope to set up something similar. Still missing the kids though.

  13. Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives says:

    I love peeking inside crafter's studios and craft rooms.
    Yours is large and roomy and so
    organized. I will take some ideas
    from you on organizing mine.
    Thanks for letting us in.

  14. Thanks for sharing your lovely sewing space. I'm pretty ashamed of mine now! It's a mess 24/7. I like to call it organized chaos! You would probably have a heart attack if I posted pictures!

  15. So organized and colorful! I feel right at home! Mine is colorful, just not organized… It's like a tornado hit…

  16. what a great sewing room. I love all the light and all that fabric.. drool…lol

  17. Denise :) says:

    Wow — what lovely space and light! I love light! My space is small, but it's mine and I think I make the most of what I've got! 🙂

  18. Step-parent's Cove says:

    Connie, I don't have a sewing room yet. We are in the market for a larger home, so I can have a craft room. I can't wait! Thanks for allowing me to see your room. I enjoyed the tour. Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. I think your sewing room is great. I have not posted pics of my room in awhile; it is filled to the brim, but I love it. I really like the way you have your light set up. What kind of machine is the vintage one? Thanks for sharing. I love to look at how others have organized and arranged their sewing space. Bernie

  20. I love it when quilters show their quilting rooms. I quilt in a spare bedroom too of the same exact size. Before that I was in the basement and I had much more room but no windows. I do prefer the nice big windows I have in the bedroom.

  21. Thanks for sharing pictures of your sewing space. I love the vintage machines and the way you have your fabric visible on those neat shelves. Great lighting, too!

  22. Nope not posting mine, I can't stand the pitying looks.. ROFL Wow look at your stash!! My fabric fits in a tiny tiny book case but hey…. soon it is going to have a little Baby to sit on the top of it. Your room looks lovely, maybe in about 10 years time when I have built up my stash, I will show you mine…. Linda xx

  23. HI! Connie, that was great ,I did enjoy visiting your sewing room.It looks very industrious in there the place where it all happens!!.The shelves are very neat. My husband made my ruler stand also. I have to be cleared away to start new projects the same .