Must Have for Quilt Photography

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Must have for quilt photographyI spend a lot of time taking photos of my quilts and quilt projects and I thought I would share something that I use a lot.

Must Have for Quilt Photography

I probably spend almost as much time on the photography and editing of my photos for blog posts as I do actually making the quilt project!

I like to get up as high as I can when I’m taking the photos and a step ladder is the perfect way to do this.

Notice my sliding design wall that Builder Bob built me in the background? I have so much fun using it when I’m working on projects!

My quilt studio is in the basement and we have a dropped ceiling so my design wall isn’t your standard 8 foot tall.  It is about 80 inches tall and 8 foot wide. My cutting table is on wheels and I can easily move it out of the way to take photos.

Must have for quilt photography stepladder with me on it taking photos

I had been using this ladder forever and never liked the narrow steps. When I would try to stand on the second step, I would wobble and sway all over the place.

Not safe! The older I get, the more I worry about falling. Of course I am kind of a klutz so I should be careful.

If I wore shoes while taking photos maybe this ladder would be alright but I am one of those people who immediately takes off their shoes when they get home.

step ladder with very narrow steps

I think I prefer to use my new ladder this way so I’m not bending over the top part. Most of the time I don’t need to get any higher than the second step. 

Must have for quilt photography stepladder with me on it taking photos

Recently I showed the faux brick wall and ladder that I bought and use for my photography.

Quilt Photography Backdrop DIY for quilts setting up the backdrop

I really like using them and when I showed the Island Batik log cabin quilt yesterday, it was on that wall.

If you don’t have a design wall be sure and check out my post where I use my garage door for quilt photography!

I also use foam core boards and bead board for my quilt photography and shared a post on that.

Photographing Quilt Projects and Kaffe Fassett Collective Fabrics

This is the light weight 3 step ladder that I bought so I could safely take photos of my quilt blocks and other craft projects.

Notice that the steps are nice and wide so you feel secure putting your entire foot on it. It is also perfect for changing light bulbs and other things but it always comes back to my quilt studio!

Step ladder used to take photos in quilt studio

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  1. Bonjour Connie!
    Merci pour toutes ces belles photos et vos tutos !

  2. Great tips, Connie.
    One of my New Year’s resolutions, is to take better photographs. I probably need a better camera!!! “”eehee”

  3. These are such great tips…all your photos are marvelous. I can’t go above three steps now unless I have something to hold onto. You are so right that the new step ladder is definitely safer and actually, I think everyone should use such.

  4. Connie, this is just a terrific post.You are so organized and clever. I haven’t been reading blogs much lately – just a lot going on – and I realized I hadn’t read many of yours of late. I’m so glad I decided to do a little catching up tonight. I love your “brick” wall and ladder. I really need to do something about photographs. I used to have a fair amount of lighting equipment but gave it away when I moved a few years ago. You kind of have me revved up now. lol Maybe I’ll try to get going in January – turn over a new leaf. I would never dare to get on a ladder, though.

  5. Oh no, not me! You will never see me standing on a ladder like that. I may stand on a chair over a project or to clean but rarely. Mostly I use the floor and stand above but for large quilts, if they are small I hang them from the gutter on the front of my home (because I can reach it without climbing) and large quilt I let the garage door up and hang from the bottom of the door using cloths pins. I love the design wall.

  6. Hi Connie! Oooh, I love seeing other people’s setup for their studio. That ladder is something that I have been meaning to get for ages. I need one for my darn kitchen cabinets – I can’t reach the top shelf well any longer. It would come in so handy for taking photos, too. What a great idea – the faux brick wall!!! Fabulous ideas. I’m going to PIN this so I can remember some of your suggestions in the future. Thank you for sharing! Happy Tuesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Monica Kostak says:

    I love my ladder…mostly i use it in cleaning but i did take a photo utilizing it for a better shot of a finished quilt top over the weekend. I forget i have it and yes it is very similar to yours–for photography AND housework lol 🙂

    My husband fell 8 ft from a ladder in August. After 2 surgeries and physical therapy he is getting around on a cane right now “Ladder” is a bad word in our house right now……

  8. Vicki in MN says:

    I have used my garage door before with big bar magnets from Harbor Freight. I only wish the door wasn’t on the north side. I really would love to have something in the house where I could hang and photograph quilts, but so far I haven’t found the ideal place. Your new ladder definitely looks safer!

  9. Diana Nelson says:

    I hd a ladder similar to your old one and boy I hated the wabbling that mine created. Also the steps on my old ladder were also narrow and that also was a problem. I have a basement with only eight foot ceilings but for some reason when I got my basement finished my contractor was able to get my ceiling high enough that I can put a quilt that is 90 inches high on it which is so great. Don’t know how he did it and I didn’t ask I was so happy I have a tall design wall.

  10. Great post Connie! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  11. What great ideas Connie! I love the faux brick wall and ladder. Your quilt just pops right out! Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration with us:)!

  12. Not only do you make stunning designs and quilts, you take amazing photos. Thanks for sharing your photo tips.

  13. Good tips Connie! The garage door is a good idea, especially since I have no space inside to take good photos.

  14. LOL. I very much recognized that pose of leaning wayyyyy over the quilt to get a good squared photo! I’m lucky that my newer camera has a flip screen, so I can flip the view screen 90-degrees to the object I’m photographing – it doesn’t require quite so much leaning (I can hold the camera up higher) and still see if I’m squared up. 🙂

  15. I love the deep steps on that ladder! I bought the white brick background awhile back and have used it and love that, too! Problem is taking it down and rearranging the living room to have room for it, lol! But it’s all good. Thanks for the tips!

  16. Connie Dear you are so adorable! Safety is first and foremost so your new ladder is much better. I recently got a new safer ladder for my tall pantry and closet shelves. Falling is NOT something any of us want to do. I love seeing you and your amazing design studio you and Builder Bob have created. Blessings My Friend…XO

  17. Nice post! What’s your lightbulbs? I had white light bug narrow it didn’t work well now I have wider natural lightbulbs buy it seems yellow, bug I guess it’ll be fine in editing.