Moving to the country!

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We are on the move again! When we moved to our house here in Maquoketa, our plans were to remodel it and then add on a quilt studio. The remodeling happened first and then we waited for the river house to sell which took longer than we thought it would.

Finally it was sold but now everything is crazy because of Covid and storms. All of the contractors are booked out for over a year and the prices have really gone up. I’ve been told to be patient but at my age……I don’t want to wait two years LOL.

House in the country

I’ve also been house-hunting, looking for the perfect home quilt studio. Last week a house on the golf course was listed and looked like it would work. It had a finished walkout basement. We immediately scheduled an appointment to see it.

Funny story – we have had two storage buildings since we moved up here and finally emptied one out so Bob went to let them know.

Hermes Auto and Upholstery is who we rented them from. We also get our automobiles worked on by them and – Brenda does upholstery, sells quilt fabric and Accuquilt supplies. She has a wonderful selection of fabrics and is a registered Handi Quilter dealer.

Anyway, Bob mentioned we were going to look at a house and she mentioned that an acreage out by them had just come on the market and told Bob about it. We immediately made an appointment to see it.

We looked at the house by the golf course first and it would have worked for me but not for Bob. I have to admit that both of us already had our hearts set on seeing the house in the country.

Country Acreage

It is the perfect place for us! 4 acres with woods, lots of trees, a large building out back for storage, and a beautiful house with the perfect quilt studio!

I will have a walkout basement which will be perfect for Mr. Mickey, there is a beautiful octagon deck and I can just imagine all of the beautiful quilt photos I’ll be able to take.

Back of the house in the country

This is probably the photo that caught my attention first, what a beautiful room in the basement and look at those bookcases! I was imagining all of the quilts I could put on them. A fireplace would be a perfect backdrop for photos!

basement with fireplace and bookcases

I have to admit that when I walked down the basement stairs and saw this room, at first I was disappointed. It looked bigger in the photos and I wasn’t sure if it would work for a quilt studio.

Bob had gone down before me and heard me sigh. “Honey, come look at this.” he said. I walked through another door and there was the perfect quilt studio!

Perfect Quilt Studio!

Only a quilter/crafter can look at this room and see the potential and ignore the clutter made with moving. This room continues around to the left and is the whole width of the house. The cupboards that you can see will probably be taken down and used in Bob’s man cave.

Future quilt studio

I don’t want to show too many pictures of the house but can you see that there is a 3-season room off of the living room? We will be adding heat to this so we can use it all year long.

There are 4 bedrooms and 2 fireplaces. It is in move-in condition and not far from town. We made an offer on it right away and it will be ours! Closing will be November 13th and I can’t wait!

Country house living room

Storage Unit

The storage unit we thought we didn’t need anymore….Bob had fun calling Brenda and telling her that we bought the house and….needed the storage unit back again.

We want to get our house on the market so the broken gazebo with the tarp came down, the doggie fence was removed and now I need to make at least one bedroom upstairs look like a bedroom. The upstairs bathroom has also been quilt storage.

My daughter and granddaughter started helping me last night and we will work on it more today. We packed up 6 bags of quilts and pillows last night. Kimberly is quite the expert at folding and filling the bags! These will all go into storage until we move.

Storing quilts

Our plan for today is to empty the quilt shelves and tear them down. We will probably fill another 20 or more bags of them. The plastic is 6 mil, Bob has had a large tube of this for years and now we have the perfect use for it.

Quilt storage racks

I have to take Mr. Mickey for a quick walk and then it is time to work on my quilts!

Did I mention woods?

We will have a small amount of woods and there are already some trails. While walking on the trail, there was a small deer close by. There are apple, plum, pear, and oak trees in the yard which means lots of wildlife!

Deer on the trails in the woods

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  1. Hi Susan:
    My quilt space is small and for a number of years I attended a quilt club. I managed to make many quilts. We live in the country and love it. Wish you all the best with your quilting.
    Hi Connie:
    So sorry you and your grand daughter have had a touch of covid. Glad you are taking it easy for a bit. You and Builder Bob want to be able to enjoy your new space.
    Your new home and quilts are really lovely. Hope you have many happy, healthy years there. All the best.

  2. Hi Connie. What fun you will have setting up your new quilt studio! It looks like a lovely property. Good luck with it all. I am working in a small space with my quilting but still love the creative process of quilting. I just finished a toddler quilt using the Midnight Glow pattern. I’m pleased with it. Thanks for your interesting posts!

  3. love following your posts
    sorry about your doggie we had to do similar with our cocker not easy
    look forward to more quilting ideas

  4. Without even seeing pictures of the rest of your house, this one looks absolutely perfect. I am envious. Having some woods on your property is even better. Moving is a big job and exhausting, but with your daughter’s help, I’m sure it will all go smoothly. At least you have a few weeks to get ready. Your new quilt studio looks awesome. Wish I had more room so I could get a little better organized, but oh well, at least I have a quilt studio, small as it is.

  5. Well, Connie, you are so luck to have someone to cool for you, now I know how you get so much of your lovely work done. Don’t be too fussy with the kitchen, let him do what he wants, as long as he keeps on cooking nice meals.
    Sorry to hear about Sadie , It breaks you heart when you see them like that.

  6. Congratulations! You are so lucky to have found the perfect house for your new quilt space. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. So happy for you 🙂

  7. I love this all came together. This is going to be so good for all of you! (Humans and companions) Thanks for taking the time to share the photos, so that we can share the fun. xxx

  8. aww this looks great! and oh boy you have a lot of quilts! I donated a big pile recently but still have a bunch….
    can’t wait to see more of your progress and move!

  9. Congratulations on such a wonderful find. You will love the quiet of the country I’m sure. Enjoy the move and make it into a wonderful adventure. I am so happy for you.

  10. This sounds perfect for you and Bob the Builder! Not having your studio the way you want is frustrating. I sometimes look at the studio spaces of others and am jealous. I love our home on the island, but if we were ever to have to move, I would want a double sized room (so many new england rooms are smaller than 12 x 12)! It will work out, do it one step at a time and the bigger place will fall into order before you know it.


  12. Congratulations on finding a place that works for both of you. The basement looks like a perfect place to set up your quilting studio.

  13. HOw wonderful! This is a fantastic Forever Home to fulfill all your needs. And by now, you’re an expert at moving, lol!

    1. So happy for you Barb and builder Bob and pups, lt will be exciting for us too to watch your new Studio unfold. I would help you pack up your quilting stuff anytime, I Love the feel of fabric!!!

  14. What a Find! A dream house for sure. Glad you are using clear bags for the quilts, read about someone moving had several black trash bags with quilts thrown out!

  15. It’s perfect for you and your husband, Connie! Hope everything goes well with packing and moving. I can’t wait to see your new studio. The house is besutiful!

  16. I am thrilled that you and Builder Bob have found such a wonderful home with plenty of room for your quilt studio and his man cave! Not having to climb stairs to an upper room above the main level is much safer for you. You will love the walkout lower level, privacy, and natural setting. You’ll have deer coming over to munch on some fresh apples. We are in town, but find our location very private. Our wildlife consists of everything from spectacular birds to newborn fawns. Piecefully yours 🙂

  17. Congratulations Connie and Builder Bob: it is great you both have your own space. A lovely woods to walk in. A place to quilt and a place to tinker. Well done. We live in the country and I love it. The trees are gorgeous both summer and winter. Right now the colour is breathless. Beautiful golds and reds with green mixed in,.
    Never worry about the move. Just take one day at a time and it will all work out. Happy for you both and your family. Will you be closer or farther away from your daughter?
    Enjoy. All the best.
    Shirley in Canada

  18. Congratulations! I’m so glad for you and happy you didn’t take the one at the golf course. I’d be worried about the balls. And, you have a bright spot to end such a miserable year, hope just a little of the joy can rub off on the rest of your fans!

  19. Wow how exciting! can’t wait to see you get settled in
    Good news about Sadie doing ok. How I would love a quilt studio but I make do with the spare bedroom 😄

  20. There is always a treasure just right for you around the corner and sounds like you have found it. A wonderful new adventure in life. Happy for you. Nga mihi

  21. Congratulations! They say that “all things come to those who wait”, and now you both have found the perfect setting. From the photos it looks as if it needs very little work, and that is a very big plus.

  22. Congrats! I’m so happy for you all. It’s wonderful especially at our age for everyone to get the perfect home for all. Soon my husband and I will be building our forever home! We’ve saved and researched everything that is most important for each of us. After all these years it’s funny how our wants and needs have changed from our 1st home together.
    I am so happy for you and look forward to all the creativity that will be flowing out from you and shared with us! Thank you helping me feel as normal as I can possibly be during all my times of need. I truly feel I have a friend on the other end of the computer. I’m always happy to see how you are, good times and in bad. Please take care of yourselves as you make your journey into your new home. Stay safe.

    1. Connie, it sounds great! Also, looks like an ideal spot for your two pups. Wishing you all the best.
      Vermont Hugs,

  23. So happy you found your perfect quilt studio and the rest of the house to go with it!!! Watching you move and set up the studio is going to be exciting this winter!!

  24. Connie, the home and quilt studio look perfect. I am so happy for you. Boy do you have lots of quilts!! When we bought our home 14 years ago, the selling points were a 14 X 22 room in the basement perfect for my sewing room and a workshop added to the back of the garage for my husband. They continue to be our favorite parts of the house. Good luck with your move!

  25. That is so exciting, Connie. That will be an incredible studio and will come much quicker than building one. You’ll love the woods too. Congratulations.

  26. Congratulations! So happy you found the perfect place for your studio. The property looks interesting and I am sure there are berries for making pies.

  27. I’m SO excited for you!! The house is beautiful & PERFECT! And the acerage is lovely; with such large windows you & Bob will have much to view!!!! I wish I could be there to help you with this wish come true!!!!!

  28. So happy for you. It looks perfect. We too have wildlife in our backyard and it very relaxing to watch. With your all season room you’ll be able to quilt and take in nature as well. May your current home be on the market a short time. Peace.

  29. Congratulations! What an awesome space. It’s my dream, and like you, I don’t want to wait much longer at my age!!!!
    I green with envy!!

  30. Congrats on finding the perfect spot – it is beautiful. You will have an amazing quilt studio, and the great outdoors to enjoy.

  31. Congratulations!!! Hope you don’t mind that we are all a little jealous! Elbow room inside and out. Moving into your dream house!

    1. Congratulations on finding such a lovely home in such a beautiful setting. Very inspiring.
      I’m so glad Miss sadie is spending her senior days quietly. I’m no expert, but have had many dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, & every one of them has let us know when it’s time to go. They know, & will let you know as we’ll. Love her & love Mickey everyday. Take care.

  32. Congratulations Connie. The pictures look fabulous. I see you have a lot of quilts. I just gave away two of my finished quilts to a man that has two kids. I just don’t have the room to keep all my quilts that I make. While I’m making them they are mine and I love them but once they are finished it is time to set them free. Now I am working on another quilt for the fall. It will be a tablecloth for my dining table. My husband started making squawking noises about how much money I was spending on fabric and how much time I was spending on the actual making of the quilts. He even went so far as to go on Amazon for a price of a “fall” tablecloth. He said my time was not being compensated especially since I give everything away. Some part of me knows he is right, but if I don’t work on my creative side, what will I do? LOL. I know there is housework but who wants to do that? Keep me updated on your progress. I love looking at the photos. Regards Ellen❤️😎

  33. Конни, очень рада за вас! У вас все хорошо складывается! Успехов вам во всем!

  34. Sounds and looks like a great home! Congratulations Connie. It is a seller’s market now and you should be able to sell your current home quickly. And lucky move in date of Nov 13th, which also happens to be my birthday, lol!

  35. Sew exciting! It looks just perfect for a studio. Make sure you have a recliner or daybed down there just in case you get tired. I love the chrome shelving you have in the old room. I use those and put wheels on each one sew can move around. They are sew sturdy and the best.
    Wish I could come and help you move. I want to dig thru all your stuff, then you can come down here to La. and dig thru mine. My building is really due to be cleaned out and straightened. Walking in clutter does not make me happy. Good luck with the move.

  36. Your new home looks wonderful! I’m so happy for both of you. It looks like Bob will need a ride-on mower. I’m a little jealous. We’ve been putting off a move to the west coast because now is not a good time for it.

  37. Congratulations!!! “Happy wife . . . Happy life!” I am sure both of you will thoroughly enjoy this beautiful location – and it is beautiful and peaceful.

    Stay safe and be careful while packing and moving!

    (air) Hugs!!

  38. Hey Connie!
    What wonderful news! I am so happy for both you and Bob! You choose a lovely new home/quilt studio. Good for you! 2020 is starting to pick up a bit! I bet Mr. Mickey will love walking in the woods. He will have lots of new sniffs to smell! It’s green with so many trees and beautiful! I can’t wait to see how you set up your new home. It’s just perfect! Have fun!

  39. Congratulations on your new quilting room, I mean home! How wonderful to find a home that gives both of you a space of your own and space for your grandchildren for sleepovers. You are so deserving. To have your own forest to escape to during the time of Covid is a gift. I wish you both and your fourlegged children much joy in your new home. You give so much to the quilting community, thank you,

    1. To say that you hit gold would be an understatement. Just how lucky can you be? Envy is a deadly sin, so I am not envious ,well just a teensy bit. Be safe, be happy and be quilting again ASAP.
      My best wishes to you both ,your fur babies and your well practised packing.!

  40. I grew up visiting Maquoketa every summer. My grandmother lived there across from the hight school. My dad and his huge family was raised there. I still have a ton of family in the area. I’m on the east coast now but I just love Iowa. Small world!!

  41. Oh Connie!!!! As much as I hate moving, that quilting studio looks AMAZING!!! And 4 acres to only need to share with the wildlife is fabulous!!! I’m so excited for you!! Your home on the river was so lovely (as was the view), but the flood mitigation and protections was a constant concern. I think you will enjoy the views of your woods and I’m looking forward to seeing the property as a backdrop for your quilts!

  42. So happy for you! I never did think the house you are selling was quite the right fit for you. This one just looks like it should be yours! Happy packing!

  43. Although I am a new comer to your blog and website, I have been following your sorrow at not have a suitable sewing studio. I am so pleased for you that you have found the perfect home with a very large studio. Also that Mr Mickey can walk out the house.

  44. I knew this is what you’d say in your Saturday email. I’m so exited and happy for you. Moving is a tremendous amount of work, but in the end it will be well worth it. Your new space looks awesome. Y’all are going to be so happy and content in your new location, even Mr. Mickey. He’s going to adjust and love being a ‘country dog.’ Take it one day at a time, keep packing, and soon you’ll find yourselves in your lovely new home!

  45. So happy for you. Looks like you have found the perfect place for both of you! Here in Michigan houses are often sold the same day they go on the market and for cash!

  46. What a great space. Hope the move goes well. Have fun setting up your new space in November. We moved once in November and I rushed the unpacking since my inlaws were coming for Thanksgiving that year. I got 3/4’s of everything unpacked and set up before they arrived. It was worth the extra effort.

  47. Connie, it looks beautiful! And the perfect studio, too. You could defintiely still use the other room for quilt photos, especially the fireplace. Congratulations!

  48. Connie, you have found the perfect needle in a haystack! What a great home for you with everything you want. I don’t blame you for not wanting to wait 2 years to a contractor to work on your home…time is precious and you have quilting to do! I didn’t realize you were in Maquoketa. I was thinking you were farther north, above me in Dubuque. I hope moving goes smoothly for you!

  49. Congratulations on your new house. It looks lovely and has lots of potential to suit your needs. You’ll be busy for a while until you get settled. Happy moving.

  50. I can’t stop smiling. This little piece of heaven will be your forever home! Congratulations and Spirt hugs coming from me.

    I know you will knee deep in alligators/quilts, if you can find a few minutes of time check in with us and tell us how its going.

  51. You lucky duck! It’s great to have a “MY ROOM”. That’s why we bought our home. “My room” is 12’ x 17’ with a 40” x 56” cutting table. It’s perfect for my needs.
    Congrats and I hope you don’t get too much snow before your move. Your new home and studio will certainly be filled with family, fun, creativity and LOVE! Enjoy.

  52. So happy for you. I know what it is to finally get the sewing studio of your dreams. Unfortunately, mine came late in my life, I should have gotten it when I was in my 20’s, 30’s, not to mention my 50’s or 60’s. I am running out of time before I run out of all the ideas I have for future quilts. Enjoy it to the fullest. Tomorrow is not promised.

  53. So happy for you! Your new sewing space will be wonderful. Sounds like it will be the perfect house for you. I know moving is hard, but just keep thinking of your future in your new space.

  54. Oh Connie I am so happy for you as this means once you get moved in your creative genes will kick into high gear!! Oh the fun ahead:)

  55. What a great house! I’m getting married in a year and we’ve been looking at houses. Not easy to find affordable acreage with woods in the country. Happy moving!

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