Morning Glory Table Topper

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I finally took the time to quilt the four Morning Glory quilt blocks I made earlier this year. Where does the time go!

We have a beautiful oak tree in our front yard and the acorns have been steadily falling. It is just a few every day and I try and keep them picked up when I have the dogs out there.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with them, I only keep the good acorns. You should see all of the ones that the squirrels chew open and then throw away.

Morning Glory table topper with acorns

Morning Glory Table Topper Tutorial

17″ x 17″

The table topper is made using four of the 8-inch Morning Glory flower blocks and a small sashing between them.

I used some of my Island Batik fabrics that I received when I was an ambassador for them and also added premium muslin for the neutral fabric and sashing.

Here is a diagram of the table topper that I did in Electric Quilt 8. In a perfect world, I would have made two blocks of each color selection. Instead I just grabbed my batiks and made block sections.

Morning Glory table topper diagram

Below you can see what the actual table topper looks like. I had mentioned when I made the Morning Glory baby quilt that the center of the blocks needed some applique flowers or something.

I was in a hurry to “finally” finish this so I just drew little flowers. I used a water-soluble marking pen to draw them.

Note: When you use a water-soluble marking pen be sure and wet your quilt BEFORE you iron it. Ask me how I know!

Morning Glory table topper tutorial

Here is a closeup of the free-motion quilting. As usual, I am using my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine for all of my piecing and quilting.

I used a turquoise Aurifil thread to outline each petal and went around each one twice. I didn’t worry about being perfect.

Closeup of quilting on the Morning Glory table topper

I think this table is just a little too small for this table topper!

Table topper on a tiny table

I normally like to have Mr. Mickey sit or lay on my quilts but for this one he wasn’t having it so I this cute little kitty helped me.

Cat on the table topper


  • 1/4 yard cream
  • scraps of assorted batiks
  • 1/4 yard teal batik for the binding
  • 1/2 yard backing and batting

Make the blocks using my Morning Glory block tutorial. Each block consists of four sections to make a Morning Glory blocks that is 8½-inch unfinished size.

Cut your sashing strips

  • 2 – 1½-inch x 8½-inch
  • 1 – 1½-inch x 17½-inch

Sew the 1½-inch x 8½-inch strips to two blocks. Then add another block to the other side to make your rows. Now add the longer 1½-inch strip between the rows to complete your table topper.

Add your batting and backing and quilt as desired. Then add your binding.

If you are looking for fabrics, be sure and take a look at these Fat Quarter bundles. There are batiks and other beautiful fabrics.

Here is a list of the Morning Glory tutorials I have done.

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Morning Glory table topper ltutorial

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  1. Thank you so much Connie for the free tutorial, LOVE the flower details in the centre ….

  2. Thank you, Connie, for sharing your expertise with these lovely projects. Your work is outstanding.
    As a beginner, I have put the Coffee and Cream runner on my “to do list”.

  3. I love this table topper. The fabrics and the quilting are perfect together. Thank you for the tutorial.

  4. Those fabrics are so pretty. I love the way you quilted it, too. I really like the Frixon markers, but I’m low on them. When I looked on Amazon, it seemed they were all listed as pens. The ones I have are felt tip. Is there a difference? I’m betting the squirrels are jealous of your acorn collection as well as the Blue Jays. I feed the jays peanuts all the time and was curious about what else they eat … acorns!!

  5. Connie, it’s just beautiful. You make even the simplest pieces come to life with your quilting, too.

  6. I sure enjoy your blog. Your quilting is inspiring, but I also like the stories you share about what you’ve been doing, like the updates to your new house. Your posts have been especially appreciated during these hard months since the virus showed up. Many thanks!

  7. I used some new pens to mark lines in large HST, took them to the machine but they didn’t look sharp so I ironed them. Oops – they were IRON OUT pens. Back to the table to REDRAW them. I love the way the flower pops with the middle stitched like that. Thanks for sharing this.

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