Morning Glory Quilt Block tutorial

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Looking for a fun quilt project? How about making some easy Morning Glory quilt blocks with this easy tutorial.

Get out your scraps for this block! I like using batiks and often times mix them with permanent press muslin which is what I am doing here.

I have made the block in two different sizes, the small size would make a perfect baby quilt or table runner and if you are looking for a fast and easy larger quilt then pick the large block.

Morning Glory Flower block

Can you see a flower when you look at this block? I also see a kitty cat, just add eyes and a little nose.

4½-inch unfinished block size

Morning Glory quilt block tutorial

Put four of the blocks together for an even neater block.

Morning Glory four blocks put together

Block directions

Directions are for the smaller quilt block.

Cutting for one section of the block

  • Cut one – 2½-inch square of cream
  • Cut three – 2½-inch squares of your print choice
  • Cut two – 1½-inch squares of cream
  • Cut one – 1½-inch square of your print choice
Morning glory quilt block cutting

Adding small squares

Fold your small squares in half diagonally. You could also draw a line using a Dritz Heat Erase pen. They come in assorted colors.

Morning glory quilt block tutorial fold small squares

Lay the small squares on top of the large squares with right sides together.

Stitch a diagonal line just a hair from the fold. Trim leaving about a ¼” seam allowance. Fold and press.

Here are the steps for the block. Arrange the blocks as shown and then sew together. Use an ¼” seam allowance throughout.

Morning Glory quilt block tutorial visual

Cutting the Morning Glory block

Choose two different prints

  • Cut four – 2½-inch squares of cream
  • Cut six – 2½-inch squares of your print choice
  • Cut six – 2½-inch squares of second print
  • Cut eight – 1½-inch squares of cream
  • Cut two – 1½-inch squares of your print choice
  • Cut two – 1½-inch squares of second print

Block size – 8½-inch unfinished – when place in a quilt the block will be an 8-inch square.

Sew four blocks together to make the Morning Glory block.

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Here are two blocks.

Morning glory quilt blocks

You can also use your scraps for the blocks. In fact if you have 5-inch squares – you can cut three 2½-inch squares and one 1½-inch square!

Make scrap blocks

Here are four scrap blocks.

Morning Glory blocks

Large Morning Glory block

Notic how much bigger this block is! If you have a 10-inch layer cake you can use it for a quilt of blocks this size.

9½-inch unfinished block

Directions below are for the large quilt block.

Cutting for one section of the block

  • Cut one – 5-inch square of cream
  • Cut three – 5-inch squares of your print choice
  • Cut two – 2-inch squares of cream
  • Cut one – 2-inch square of your print choice

I think I’m going to work on more of the bigger blocks today for a fast baby quilt. Want to join me? I’ll share more soon.

Here are a couple of ideas of how you can use the Morning Glory block.

Samples of the morning glory quilt block

Here are a few more ways I have used this block:

PDF Morning Glory Quilt Block

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! This blog post has been converted to an optional PDF that’s optimized for printing.

Morning Glory quilt block PDF
Get the pdf

Download a PDF of the Morning Glory quilt block tutorial

Be sure and check out my other quilt block tutorials.

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  1. I love your tutorials. Thank you. Your latest portrait with Mr. Mickey is just lovely.

  2. Robyn Lidstone says:

    Thanks Connie for another great tutorial. This is a fantastic block with lots of scope for lovely colour combinations. It’s versatile for many different quilts and projects too.

  3. Angie in SoCal says:

    I really like this creative block. So often designers use old traditional blocks with a new name. I’m going to make this one. Thank you! And thank you for the pdf. So many ads sometimes make me lose interest. But I do understand why you have them.

  4. Doreen Sherk says:

    Thank you for sharing this block, I have been looking for a new pattern for my colourful bits and bobs of fabric with springy colours.
    Thank you for sharing
    Doreen Sherk

  5. Love, love, love this pattern and made it for the dog’s bowl. Yes I love my dogs. They only get the best. I remember 1,000 years ago, we used pretty blocks like this as the pillow panel of a q-willow (a quilt pillow). I always like those because I could tuck my feet in the panel part.

  6. Debra Stallings says:

    Thank you. This is such a pretty block.

  7. What a lovely and easy block and I love what a beautiful quilt it can be turned into. Thanks Connie, I appreciate what a wonderful gift this is in these trying times.

      1. Terri Michael says:

        Enjoying your site and patterns, love it. Do you have quilt that actually uses scraps of leftover material that doesn’t always match? When I see patterns titled “scrappy” they appear to closely same color etc. Any quilts you have done with random fabric scraps? Love to see it.
        Also do you have idea on adding easy pattern to backing of quilt to expand the length/width?
        Much appreciated!

  8. I can just picture a bunch of these in yellows and golds for sunflowers. Thanks for a cheerful block idea, Connie.

  9. Marji Oliver says:

    I love this idea for using up scraps. I’m going to look through my materials to see what I can make. We love cats in this household and it would be fun to make that the theme. Thanks Connie!

  10. Vicki in MN says:

    That does look like a fun one to try Connie! I think I would do the larger block-you know to get done quicker, LOL Thanks for the instructions. Happy Easter!

  11. Barbara Firesheets says:

    Thank you for the Morning Glory block tutorial. Looks like a nice easy block to make. Happy Easter!

    1. I love this. I think I will try it tomorrow.

  12. This looks like a great quilt for those fabrics not big enough to use, too big to scrap quilt and when I was looking at it it also looked like a kitty cat. Nice diversion from making masks. Had to get really creative with the elastic and used garden wire for the nose bridge.
    Today is family conference call. 18 families across the U. S. – lots of noise! Happy noise. Ages 15 months to 74.
    Thanks for the new pattern – (was that Mr. Mickey supervising Bob the Builder?)

    1. This is a perfect scrap block! The garden wire works great for the nose bridge and yes, that was Mr. Mickey supervising Bob the Builder!