Morning Glory Baby Quilt

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I finished up the Morning Glory baby quilt that is made with bright colorful batiks! Don’t you think this will make a wonderful quilt for a little boy?

Morning Glory baby quilt

I used a batik 10-inch layer cake for the Morning Glory blocks. This batik collection was from Island Batik and came out in 2018, I can’t remember the name of it.

Be sure and check out all of these beautiful layer cakes.

I had to lay out the blocks on the floor in my quilt room….time to put up a design wall even if it is temporary!

Each block uses four 10″ squares and a background fabric.

Morning Glory baby quilt squares

Once again I was a rebel and didn’t use batting in this baby quilt. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a bunch of fleece that I bought for some photography stuff and figured this would work well as batting for a nice and warm quilt.

This is the same fleece that I used in the Morning Glory pillow tutorial.

I am really hoping this will be a baby quilt that will go along on picnics and to parks and the thickness will be great on the grass.

I went ahead and washed the quilt so there will be no surprises with the batiks bleeding. I always put a Shout ColorCatcher in the washing machine, if it is a large quilt, I’ll use two. They really work!

Morning Glory baby quilt front porch chair

Morning Glory baby quilt

36″ x 54″


  • 1 layer cake or 24 – 1/4 yards of different colors
  • 3/4 yard cream
  • 1/2 yard teal binding
  • batting
  • backing



You will need 24 10-inch squares

Cut each 10-inch square in half twice so you have 4 – 5-inch squares. Take one of the squares and cut a 2-inch piece, then sub-cut to a 2-inch square.

Take the rest of the scrap and cut it into 3 -2½-inch squares for your scrap projects.

Cut blocks for the quilt

Background fabric

You will need 24 5-inch squares

  • Cut 5-inch strips from the cream background fabric.
  • Then sub-cut into 5-inch squares, you should be able to get 8 squares from each strip.
  • Cut 48 – 2-inch squares.

Always use a ¼-inch seam allowance when sewing.

Follow the directions in my Morning Glory quilt block tutorial to make the blocks. I have plans to write a pattern with directions for several different sizes of quilts.

Be careful to make sure all the sections are right before sewing the block together….otherwise, you may end up with a block like this!

Block sewed wrong
Morning Glory baby quilt on bed

To make this a fast project, I sewed my binding on by machine. If you have never tried that, be sure and take a look at my machine binding tutorial.

Add binding to the Morning Glory baby quilt

It was a windy day when I was trying to take my photos and I had to put double the amount of clamps on the corner of the baby quilt so it didn’t fly away.

Back of the Morning Glory baby quilt

Not a happy dog! No longer does Mr. Mickey like to pose for quilt photos! He is on a bench…..for about 10 seconds then he was gone.

Not a happy dog on the Morning Glory baby quilt

Now, this is a wild and crazy-looking block! That is actually a corner of four blocks. I wanted to show a closeup of the simple meandering free-motion quilting I did on the baby quilt.

Strange looking design from the Morning Glory baby quilt

I keep thinking that I want to put something in the center of the quilt blocks, maybe for my “next” Morning Glory quilt project, I will. What do you think?

Adding applique to center of Morning Glory quilt blocks
Morning Glory baby quilt in tree

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  1. Hello Connie. I love this Morning Glory Quilt. Such nice brights colours for babies and kids.
    Batik materials are gorgeous in anything and everything that people make! Thanks also for the instruvgions how to make this quilt!!

  2. Such a cute and colourful baby quilt.
    I bought some polar fleece for batting baby quilts. I guess this is similar or the same as the fleece you used. I also have some flannelette which might be okay for backing. If not, cotton batting would be ideal.
    Thanks for sharing this great tutorial and for another lovely photo of Mr Mickey.

  3. The quilt is absolutely beautiful Connie! I love the batik you picked. And Mr. Mickey looks as if he is guarding the quilt.

  4. Love the colors and pattern, but I think you are right it would be cute with a flower in center. Maybe the accuquilt flower die would work.

  5. Connie, I just learned we have another great-niece or -nephew on the way and I’m thinking this will be a great pattern to use to welcome the little one. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your time and talents.

  6. I love this quilt design and I really like the idea of putting something in the center of the blocks. I think I’ll try it and fussy cut a print to be put in the center.
    I have some construction vehicle prints that would work quite well putting one of the vehicles in the center of each block.

  7. Love your quilt. I made three blocks and put them on my blog with a link to your post. I like the idea of a flower in the center of each block. I may try that.

  8. I just want to say thank you for all your tutorials and to wish you a HAPPY Anniversary.

  9. Love the pattern and have ear marked it for a later date. I did notice that on the photo where you had snow-balled the corners that the light aqua was snow balled incorrectly. Hope you noticed it also and had it changed!!

      1. I think I’m going to try turning all four of the center squares so that the “incorrect” snowball makes a slightly different design.

  10. LOVE this quilt. Made this in pastels for a baby quilt but 45 x 45 as that was all the fabric I had of that family. Boy do I miss fabric stores. I had to order online and it took forever and I’m not sure but I might have bought a Llama too.

    Mr. Mickey – your public adores you and loves to see you!

    1. Very lovely colors in this Morning Glory. Is it difficult to sew fleece as a batting? I like the flowers in the center. Big squares of white drive me batty.

      1. What a pretty quilt. I think the flowers in the centres would be nice for a girl and maybe a truck or something else for a boy. I know, I know–sterotyping, but it would still be cute. Just like Mr. Mickey. He’s such a sweetie💓

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