More cute Diamond in a Square photo blocks

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  1. I would love to see a video of how to put the pictures on fabric. Will you be doing one in the future?

  2. Such cute puppy blocks! I had no idea wool mats came that large! What a perfect pressing set up!

  3. I love your quilt blocks but especially love your beautiful sewing companion!

  4. Patty Adams says:

    Really cute blocks!
    Rusty isn’t sleeping on the job, he is just resting to keep his energy at the max point so he will be ready for action when you need him! He is such a pretty guy, and is so happy with his family. He deserves the good life!

  5. I like your blocks. I made picture quilts for each of my girls when they finished middle school but haven’t made one in ages. Thanks for the reminder. I love your ironing pad.

  6. Sherry Ellison says:

    Connie dear you have made a perfect puppy face square out of a partial print that would have been scrap. I adore this. I see Pillows and even more I see tote bags that allow these Uber cute photos to be seen by everyone. The possibilities are limitless!

  7. I love any and all of your patterns – and this one is perfect for the quilts we make for the kids nursing home for the nice Eye Spy space to start!!!! Yes, Rusty must be your muse! If you ever give up quilting you can always design work spaces! Great quilting weather here – misty and muddy! Thanks!

  8. Penny Meyers says:

    Oh how I’ve missed your patterns and newsletters these past few years. For some reason I just quit getting your newsletters. I think you’ve moved since I last heard from you. You had moved to your dream home, your new sewing room was beautiful, and your mom had moved in with you. Then you were talking about moving closer to your daughter and everyone but their dog was giving you advise. That’s when I quit hearing from you. I’ve used your scattered pattern several times for charity quilts. They go together so fast and look like I’ve spent hours working on them. A charity quilt should look as nice as something you’d put on your own bed, as far as I’m concerned and this quilt is great if you have to have it done quickly. And I’m loving the new little quilt patterns I recently gotten from you. Hope I start receiving your newsletters again. Penny

  9. Betty J Siegel says:

    Very cute. Where did you get the dog pictures?

    1. I created the images in Midjourney which is a AI software. I am thinking about possibly putting the blocks on Spoonflower so people can buy them already on fabric.

  10. I love this. I might well try this. Sometime soon or in the near future.

  11. Connie Brooks says:

    Hi Connie. Very cute blocks! I love that Rusty is your companion, guarding you from all that he sees – as he sleeps. Thank you for the quilting techniques and the Rusty photos. Love your sewing studio.