Mondo Bag and Haircut

Mondo Bag and Haircut

Notice anything different about my blog?? I finally updated my header and I think all the old photos of me are finally gone. I had a couple people teasing me about sometimes I had short hair and sometimes long. Well here is it…..short and gray!

Here is also my finished Mondo Bag. I think I would like it better in a different colors. Since I always seem to carry a black purse I really should have made one in black batiks…..I like the sound of that!

Mondo Bag and Haircut

I used a wild batik for the lining that looked different on both sides. This is actually the “wrong” side but I thought it worked.

Mondo Bag and Haircut

I decided to put 2 pockets in my bag. If you have made this bag are your pockets kind of on the diagonal?

Mondo Bag and Haircut

Yep, that is a pretty wild looking bag!! It was a fun pattern to try out and it sounds like many of you have made one already.

Mondo Bag and Haircut

I first showed you this bag in last Mondays It sure looks a lot different now doesn’t it! 

Is this a new table runner pattern????  Nope, it is the start of a tote bag but I thought I might get a giggle out of you if you thought it was a runner. When I’m not out in the living room using the quilt frame this is the little project I’m working on now.

Batik Mondo bag at Freemotion by the River


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  1. Sorry. It should read “It takes 12 for each octopus leg.” (not 1) I couldn’t figure out how to edit my post.

  2. Thanks for the comment about the pocket being on the diagonal. I had already thought I’d create my own pockets because I couldn’t figure out how helpful diagonal pockets would be. I’m planning 2 zippered pouches to go into the lining inserted much like I put pockets into regular “straight” totes. I have made embroidered and quilted 5″ squares. It takes 1 per each “octopus” leg. But I’m not putting mine together from the bottom up. I’m offsetting each panel 10 inches, sewing the side seams, making a tube zigzagged top and bottom. Then the bottom 4 squares (which I made with upholstery fabric) get sewn side to side much like the original pattern has you do the long legs. Figuring this out enabled me to have all my work on point and to know which way as UP. And since mine is a sewing/quilting theme, I purchased fabric with aqua and chartreuse sewing machines. That was a task getting them to look like the were all lined up and straight on the horizontal. Reading back over what I’ve done, It sounds as impossible as the Mondo pattern seemed the first time I read the directions.

    I have found the Mondo bag to have lots of opportunities for creative designing of the squares. I drafted 4 panels out of Christmas wrap with 1″ squares lined off on the back. That enabled me to try out may different possibilities for the on point business, and to even figure out how to do 4 10X10 10 minute blocks which turned out to be on point. And then what size to make the embroidered squares to fit inside the “cathedral window.”

    Now I’m wondering what would happen if I used strips or tubes the length of the panel. Or even a bargello panel done from bargello strip set. I’d probably be ignoring a lot of marks on the fusible pattern, but I think the results would be dramatic and impossible to figure out how it was done, once it was done.

  3. It's a very cheerful bag, Connie! And I like your hair short, red looks really good on you! 🙂

  4. Connie love the new blog headers and your new do too!!! Everything looks fabulous and love the bag also!!! Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Connie love the new blog headers and your new do too!!! Everything looks fabulous and love the bag also!!! Happy Thanksgiving

  6. I made a Mondo Tote in a class at Expressions in Threads in LeClaire. I omitted the pockets—my teacher explained to me that they would be diagonal within the bag, and I decided to skip them. I'm also not crazy about fusible fleece—you can feel the bumps of glue inside the bag. I bought an extra piece of the fusible foundation material, and when I make another bag, I am going to try to use my regular Warm & Natural batting and to do some quilting instead of using a fusible. I am planning to make another knitting bag over the holiday weekend. It is the "Trendy Tote" from Patterns by Annie. She recommends using Soft & Stable inside the bags instead of batting. My understanding is that it is a thin layer of foam sandwiched between two layers of tricot. I have also heard this is the same stuff that the Vera Bradley company uses. I am a little leery—I am totally a creature of habit, and it will be hard for me to not use a cotton batting like Warm & Natural. Have you used Soft & Stable or made any bags from patterns by this company? The main reason I chose this pattern was because of the zipper treatment—I prefer a bag that zips closed. I almost forgot—I really like the bright batiks you used in your bag.

  7. Love the new header, but I liked the old one too. I like the New You!. I wish I liked pictures of me better! I am my own worst critic.

  8. Love the bag Connie and I'm a big fan of your new hair since you first shared a photo and the header looks great 😀

  9. I'm going to make one of those bags! I wondered how it was all going to fit together. Yours looks really nice. I like the look of your blog. Your hair looks very nice.

  10. I really did think it was a table runner or topper you were making. Love your hair – you don't look a day over 29, Connie.

  11. Oooo I like the new blog header and the new YOU! The bag turned out great too. Yes… one in black and maybe add white to it! I love black and white together…sooooo classy! Thanks for showing us the new you!! 🙂

  12. I have been wondering how your bag was going to come together and it looks great! As does your new blog header and YOU!

  13. this bag really turned out wonderful. I love all the great colors. I like how you changed your blog header. very pretty

  14. Great bag- I could fit LOTS of stuff in there! And I agree with everyone else- love the short "sassy" hair 🙂

  15. I love the new blog header and that bag is epic. It would look amazing in black. I love your new profile photo, you are beautiful.

  16. Love the new header and pics.I noticed the update as soon as I saw your post. I agree with everyone you are lovely. Great bag.

  17. I love the bag and the new header. You still need to ditch the photo that goes with your FB link. 🙂
    You look wonderful with the short "do" and much younger, too. That's always nice!!

  18. I agree with everyone else…you look great and I love the short hair on you. The new header is so fresh looking with those great projects.

    That bag is awesome. I am still trying to imagine how it is sewn together. Black would be really fun too.

  19. Yes, I love the new header too. ANd I am a fan of short hair, so I think it looks great. I made the Mondo smaller – but with larger blocks. I didn't try pockets, just made a few items for inside instead.

  20. Long hair, short hair, blonde or gray, you are still as cute as a button!! Love that bag, Connie. I never would have guessed that's what it would turn out to be!! Your header is lovely. Good job!

  21. Hi Connie! You look so good with your short hair! I don't have fb but picked on your sidelist still one photo with long hair! This bag is gorgeus and I love the colours! Very exciting pattern! x Teje

  22. You are one gorgeous lady!

    Love that bag and I agree, one in black batiks would be yummy! I love black fabrics and batiks are my fave!

    The new banner is very nice! I love your photos on the river! When we relocate, I want some water out my back window whether it is a pond, river or lake.. just some water! 🙂

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