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Monarch Sofa Quilt

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Rusty gets a new quilt

I decided that Rusty needed a new quilt on “his” couch so I made this Monarch Sofa Quilt. If anyone else tries to sit here, he is right there!

I used the Monarch batik collection by Kathy Engle for Island Batik. This is the same collection that I used for my new quilt Mirage. I decided not to use any of the yellow batiks and instead just keep to the red tones.

Monarch batik collection made into a couch runner

Sleepy Rusty

I think he is pretending to sleep hoping I won’t take anymore photos of him. LOL I was actually placing his quilt on the couch and he jumped up on it before I was done.

Rusty laying under the Monarch quilt

Sofa Runner 28″ x 80″

There isn’t a tutorial or pattern as all I did was use the leftover 2-inch strips from Mirage and then cut more as needed to make a piece of fabric for Rusty’s quilt.

I made the quilt/runner 28″ x 80″. I should have made it wider as many times when Rusty jumps up on it his foot catches on it. I really didn’t want it to hang over the front like his old quilt did. I even quilted this on my longarm! Two passes and it was done.

Strip pieced quilt for the sofa with a quilt on it

Bed Runner

This could also be used as a bed runner. Have you ever made one? I did several years ago when they were all the rage but I much prefer a regular size quilt that can be functional as well as beautiful. There is no way you can lay under a bed runner!

Use it as a bed runner

Now to make new pillows

The pillows were Mr. Mickey’s favorite and now Rusty has claimed them. Every morning when I get up he is sleeping on the couch with his head on one of the pillows. I plan on making some covers for them out of the Monarch batiks.

Monarch sofa quilt and pillows

A peek at my next quilt project

Here is a peek at my next quilt project! This is a design I made several years ago and never wrote the pattern for it so I made it again using the Monarch collection and the pattern will be ready soon!

Rusty and a peek at my new quilt

Island Batik Log Cabin Blog Hop

The Island Batik Log Cabin blog hop continues this week! Be sure to visit my post that lists all of the ambassadors that are sharing their quilts made with collections from Island Batik and then visit Island Batik’s blog for another giveaway..

Island Batik Log Cabin Blog Hop

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Sherry Ellison says:

    Hi Connie: Your colors all coordinate so perfectly. Rusty is so much more comfortable with being photographed. Love the quilt for Rusty. It also looks stunning on the white bed with the floral art above the headboard. Happy Sewing Dear…XO

  2. Carol Johnson says:

    I am greatly inspired by your lovely quilting and the tender way you love and care for sweet Rusty ❤️. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  3. Oh la la! Hot and summery! Brings all the sunshine in (and it accents Rusty’s beautiful coat). Those fabrics are so lovely you just want to never cut them! Lovely work! I have seen runners before. In my youth they were put at the end of the bed for you to sit on taking your shoes on and off without touching the quilts. In the hotels, it’s so you can put your suitcase down. Or it’s just pretty!
    Thanks Connie and Rusty!

  4. Rusty has a very pretty runner! The colors are so beautiful! My sister and I made many bed runners two years ago for a retreat center. We made these instead of making full bed quilts and we had a good variety. I, too, prefer full quilts, but the runners added a good splash of color in the rooms.

  5. Looks great Connie. If you haven’t noticed yet, the blue-ish colors in the fabric match the blue glass in the side glass on either side of your door.
    I really like those colors

  6. Beautiful sofa cover. I like the idea of making a Bedrunner like this. I have so many leftover strips from projects, that making this would be very easy and simple.
    Thank you for another great idea.
    Glad you’re finally getting some sunshine. The Easter flowers/Jonquils/Daffodils ( they have many names) are starting to bloom here- a sign of Spring is near. The birds are also coming back as harbingers of Spring. God’s Spring glory will soon be blossoming all around.

  7. Rusty loves his quilt because he knows it compliments him! He is such a beautiful dog, and so happy — you can see it in his eyes! Love the quilt and all of the bright colors. Island Batiks are gorgeous!

  8. Rusty looks so happy in his forever home! What a blessing to him and to you!!!

  9. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Awww, how special for Rusty!! It seems he really loves it. And, as a bed runner, that goes fantastic with the picture above the headboard! Love it! I think Rusty loves your new project too – look at that big smile! (at least that’s what I’m calling it!!)

  10. What a marvelous idea to put a runner on the couch. I would never have thought of that. Rusty looks so cute. I’m sure he loves having a quilt of his own. I also can’t wait to see more of your “sneak peek”. It looks great!

  11. That runner is such a great idea for the sofa and I LOVE the color pop on the bed. I’m sure Rusty is appreciative of having his own quilt. I know my dogs love curling up on the sofa quilts. The pillow is also beautiful. I can’t wait to see more of it.