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Cute little dog sitting on quiltIsn’t she the cutest little dog! We are having so much fun with her and of course spoiling her. Sadie had her stitches taken out the other day and finally got a bath. I actually took these photos before the stitches were removed, you can see the ones on her head.

I have big plans for her……all the neat photos I’m going to get of her sitting on my quilts.

Well, that is going to take some work…..when we get home from our trip to Minnesota she might be going to modeling school as she is not enjoying a camera in her face…..come on Sadie….look at me..Cute little dog sitting on quiltOkay, lets try that again..Photo of dog on a quilt looking away from the cameraand then of course she decided this was just too boring…and she is out of here!Dog deciding there isn't going to be a photo of herThis was kind of cute, notice how one ear stands up all the time and the other one flops…..precious!

Here is another post about Sadie, sharing another post again and another one and……one more!
Sadie in the sun
We’ll keep working on the photos…I got this post ready before we left but I just want to update it and say that Sadie is really enjoying traveling! All the doggie smells in the parks and motel outside areas…….she is in heaven! We brought 2 of her little beds and she moves from one to the other in the car. No car sickness or anything!

Yesterday she got to meet grandma Campbell and did they hit it off! We are going back today and I’ll have to get some pictures!

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  1. Such a cutie!! You will get the hang of the photos. I have the same problem with Jack but just taking lots of photos helps. Quantity is the key word. lol

  2. great model! animals and babies are the same when it comes to modeling on queue! (why is queue spelled like that anyways??)

  3. I have been lax in reading blogs and am just now catching up. Love your little Sadie! She reminds me of my rescue dog I acquired in February.
    I always love seeing your quilts and projects but love seeing now if they are “Sadie Approved” 🙂

  4. She’s adorable Connie. You are already learning the thing all photographers learn ~ never work with small children or pets. LOL The photos where they aren’t doing what you want them to are usually the cutest shots though.

  5. Oh, Connie……she is just toooo cute!!! Where did she come from and what happened to her little head?
    When she feels more at home, since I’m assuming you haven’t had her very long, you will probably never keep her off your quilts or out of your pics. lol
    PS I have secretly been searching for a little dog. Ours have been gone for 6 1/2 years and I think I am almost over the loss and it is time to love a new little doggie. When I saw secretly, I mean I have not mentioned the search to my other half. He won’t agree to get a dog but if I bring one home he will love it dearly. Men are so funny!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Sadie already looks adorable on quilts, stitches and all. Connie it is so heartwarming to know that she found a home with you! She’ll be the perfect model once life settles down.

  7. What a cute dog. She’ll get used to the camera I’ll bet. Do you know her breed (or breeds)? She probably knows already that she hit the jackpot with her new home.

  8. Sadie is very precious and she has been through so much since you and Builder Bob rescued her. She is quite the trooper to have gone through so much surgeries. She is probably just curious and therefore can’t sit still for very long. Sadie and your quilt look beautiful. Modeling School…Yes Please…

  9. Oh, so cute. She is lucky to have you to take care of her now. She will look adorable on your quilts. Can’t wait to see more photos of her in the future. Love it!!!

  10. I had to laugh. I know about camera shy dogs. My Lucy, a Black Lab, will actually stand up and show me her tail! Almost every time. The reverse side, I used to have a sweet Jack Russel who managed to get in every picture. Even if he was not the subject we would get them developed and there he would be…head popping up somewhere in every photo. My Flip, what a character. Your Sadie is a sweetie. Love my dogs!

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